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September 24, 2020 1 Comment

Grains: Are They Good For You, or Bad?

Are you looking to know everything about Grains: Are They Good For You, or Bad? You’ve just landed in the right place.

Cereal Grain is no doubt the leading source of providing us with food energy. There are a total of three main types of foods that we consume; Wheat, Rice and Corn. 

Despite too much usage of the grains, the health effects of grains might give you a shock because they are controversial. 

Some people think that grains are the primary source of getting energy for the body and a few groups of people believe that they cause harm. 

In the US, the recommended amount of eating grains is 5-6 servings for women and 6-8 servings for men. 

However, there are many health experts that say “We should avoid grains as much as we can.”

Due to the popularity of the Paleo Diet (Which eliminates Grain), a lot of people around the globe are considered grains “Unsafe” for their health. 

But, we can’t say “Grains are too bad for health or too good for health.” Both parties have good arguments. 

Let’s figure it out!


What are Grains?

Grains are small, hard and dry seeds that grow on a plant known as “Cereals.”

They are the primary source of getting energy for human bodies and provide more food energy than any other foods in the world. 

Grains have played a vital role in history as well, and because of the advancement in the agricultural department, they are eaten in every corner of the world. 

Today, the most commonly produced and consumed grains are “Rice, corn and wheat.”

There are other grains as well but they aren’t produced as big size as the three listed above. The names of other grains are barley, oats, sorghum, millet, rye and many others.

With the help of such grains, different companies are making different products such as slices of bread, pasta, breakfast cereals and a lot more. 

There are junk foods as well in the shape of “Pastries and Cookies” and you can’t make them without the contribution of grains. 

Let’s now talk about more things.

Whole Grains vs. Refined Grains

Just like other foods, there are different types of grains as well. 

The most talked types are “Whole Grains and Refined Grains.”

Let’s talk about the difference between both of them:

Whole Grains consist of three main types:

  • Brans: It is the hard outer layer of the grain and it consists of three main things: Fiber, Minerals and antioxidants.
  • Germ: It is the nutrient-rich type of the whole grains that consist of Carbs, Fats, Protein and minerals.
  • Endosperm: This is the biggest part of the whole grain and that consists of carbs and protein.
  • If we talk about the refined grains, then they mitigate brans and germ from it and you only get “Endosperm” in it. 

    Grains are Highly Nutritious

    There’s no doubt that refined grains aren’t healthy and poor in nutrients, but there are some grains that are good for your health. 

    Whole grains are considered as best and high in different nutrients such as Fiber, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus and selenium. 

    But, this is completely dependent on the “Type of Grains” you’re going for. For instance, whole grains and oats have similar kinds of nutrients, whereas Corns and Rice aren’t very nutritious, even if they are in the whole form. 

    Some refined grains are often filled with different nutrients as well because they intentionally add those nutrients in the refined grains so that you get nutrients that are lost during processing. 

    Refined Grains are Unhealthy

    As discussed above, refined grains are like whole grains but all the healthy nutrients are removed during the process. 

    Nothing is left during the process and you end up eating only carbs and a few proteins to get energy from refined grains.  

    The fiber and nutrients are kicked out during the process and you only eat those that have no calorie because it is classified as “Empty Calorie.”

    When you remove fiber from the grains, you’re risking your digestive system because fiber is too good for your digestive system. 

    If you’ve any digestive problems, you can try our product to counter “Digestive Problems” in no-time. We have hundreds of positive reviews and thousands of satisfied customers all around the globe. To check out the product, you can simplyClick Here or go to our “Product Section.”

    This is the reason why we are witnessing a lot of people are suffering from “High Blood Sugar Levels” when consuming refined grains. 

    When we eat refined grains, our blood sugar level rises way too quickly and starts to give us a feeling of fullness. But, after some time, the blood sugar level starts to lower down and we become hungry again. 

    There are many studies that suggest “Eating Refined Grains can lead you towards overeating and that’s why a lot of people are suffering from fatty bodies and obesity.”

    What’s more, refined grains are linked to feeding us with different metabolic diseases as well. They can drive our insulin resistance and they have a connection with heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Read theresearch here

    From a nutrients point of view, there’s nothing positive about the “Refined Grains.”

    They are low in nutrients, harmful and fattening. So, it’s always better to avoid “Refined Grains.”

    In short*You can go for the whole grains but not for refined grains. 

    That’s all from the topic “Grains: Are they good or bad?” and if you still have any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below. 

    Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Enzyme Vitality!




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