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October 03, 2020 5 Comments

What to eat when you’ve diarrhea

Are you looking to know everything about what to eat when you’ve diarrhea? You’ve just landed in the right place.

Whether you’re facing diarrhea on an occasional or regular basis, or because of the IBS conditions, diet and diarrhea have always strong links. 

Even if you’re facing the issue for a very long time and it’s impacting your digestive system, a change in diet can surely save you from “Diarrhea and loose stool.”

When you’re experiencing diarrhea, there are certain foods that are easy to digest and can help your digestive system to get back on track. 

But, there are certain foods that you should avoid. 

Let’s talk about the foods that you should eat when you’ve diarrhea. 

Foods to Eat when you’ve Diarrhea

When you’ve diarrhea, there are some foods that can ensure your quick recovery and can play a critical role as well for your digestive system. 

This is where we discuss BRAT food. Do you know what BRAT food is? 

BRAT stands for “Banana, Rice, Apples, Toast.” These foods are completely bland and they won’t trigger your digestive system when facing such conditions. 

Other foods that you might consider during the tough period are:

  • Cooked Cereal
  • Soda Cracker
  • Apple Juice

You also need to take care of “Drinking Enough Water” in order to stay hydrated because you need to replace the fluids you’re losing on a continuous basis. 

Also, you can try other liquids as well when facing Diarrhea and the list is as follow:

  • Decaffeinated Tea
  • Clear Broths
  • Coconut Water

After you start to witness improvements, you need to add the diet that you avoided slowly. For instance, you can add boiled egg in your diet after you feel that you’re improving. 

Now, let’s talk about the foods to avoid when you’ve diarrhea. 

What to eat when you’ve diarrhea

Foods to Avoid when you’ve Diarrhea

When you’re experiencing diarrhea or improving it, there are a large number of foods that one should avoid. These foods can stop the campaign of improving your diarrhea and worsen the condition. 

Foods to avoid when you’ve diarrhea are:

  • Milk and Dairy Products
  • Fried Foods
  • Processed Foods
  • Spicy Foods
  • Pork and Veal
  • Sardines
  • Raw Vegetables
  • Rhubarb
  • Onion 
  • Corn 
  • Citric Food
  • Alcohol 
  • Coffee

These are the foods that one should avoid until and unless you start to witness positive changes and you get back to normal. 

It’s time to talk about the Treatment and Remedies. Here we go!

Treatment and Remedies

Many cases of diarrhea can be fixed without consulting a doctor by modifying the diet, heavy fluid intake and usage of different medications. 

But, in some cases, the diarrhea gets worse and it is because of bacterial infection. This condition can only be treated with the help of antibiotics. 

Taking medicines right after you witness diarrhea can help you get back on track without any problem. Yes, changing in the diet is equally important. This will help you get your digestive system in shape in the future too.

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If the condition gets worse, you might be admitted to the hospital.

When to See the Doctor

Diarrhea can be treated with different OTC remedies and change of diet. But, if you’re facing the issue for long, then you might have to go to your doctor. 

You need to call your doctor if: 

  • Diarrhea lasts for 2 days without any changes
  • You get dehydrated

If you get dehydrated, then you’ve to head towards the emergency room for the prompt treatment.

Other symptoms of diarrhea are:

  • Black or Bloody Stools
  • Abdominal Pain (Severe)
  • Fever

If your child has diarrhea then following are the symptoms that you need to look for before “Heading towards the doctor.”

  • No improvement in 24 hours
  • Have a dry mouth or tongue
  • Crying without tears
  • Have black or bloody stool

So, these are the things that you need to take care of “When you consult the doctor.” Most of the time you can get the digestive system better by changing the diet and taking medicines at home. 

Bottom Line

Our diets are the main concern when it comes to diarrhea and the treatment of diarrhea. 

When you’ve diarrhea, you don’t need to create a panic situation. Just follow the BRAT diet for 3-4 days and you’ll witness a lot of improvements. 

After you experience positive changes in your stool, you can add diets like “Scrambled eggs and lean ground chicken” to your diet. 

Always remember, sticking to the diet can help you recover faster and better sooner. If you want to get back to normal eating, then BRAT is the way. 

If you’re facing severe diarrhea, then you should contact your doctor ASAP. They will guide you the best. 

So, that’s all from the topic “What to eat when you’ve diarrhea” and if you still have any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 

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