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October 01, 2020 1 Comment

Can Aloe Vera Juice Treat IBS?

Are you looking to know everything about Can Aloe Vera Juice Treat IBS? You’ve just landed in the right place.

Digestive Problems are very common these days and to treat them, a lot of people use Aloe Vera juice because it has so many health benefits. 

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Aloe Vera has been used as a common ingredient in soaps and moisturizers, but it has hidden health benefits as well. 

A lot of people are unaware of those health benefits linked to Aloe Vera.

Some people have suggested that Aloe Vera Juice can treat IBS. In this article, we will review the statement by some “Groups of People” in the light of science. 

So, without wasting any time further, let’s rock and roll!

Before we get started, it’s important that we know “What is IBS and What is Aloe Vera Juice.”

Let’s talk about them first. 

Can Aloe Vera Juice Treat IBS

What is IBS?

IBS is a chronic condition that can cause you “Digestive Health Problems.” The symptoms of IBS are abdominal pain, bloating, severe gas, diarrhea and constipation.

The symptoms that you experience and the severity varies from individuals to individuals. There is no shred of evidence that let us know “What caused you IBS and there’s no treatment for it as of now.”

But, if you experience any symptoms that we discussed above, you shouldn’t wait for the symptoms to turn into a bad shape. Contact your doctor right away and let them suggest the best advice to you. 

What is Aloe Vera Juice?

Aloe Vera is very famous because of its refreshing properties and different health benefits. 

Extract of the Aloe Vera has many uses such as “Cosmetic and dealing with different health problems.” Aloe Vera is considered as a great medicine for your skin as well. 

Traditionally, Aloe Vera pieces are used to treat wounds and burns in different parts of the world. 

It is now common that people extract gels from the “Aloe Vera” and use it to treat different skin conditions.

What’s more, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties as well. It is widely being used in the toothpaste, soaps and moisturizers. 

In the US, green parts of the aloe Vera can be used in different juices. The juice can act as a treatment for many digestive issues such as “Constipation and Diarrhea.”

Aloe Vera and IBS

There were a lot of people who were claiming that “Aloe Vera” can treat conditions of IBS such as “Constipation and Diarrhea.”

It isn’t a hidden fact that Aloe Vera has “Anti-inflammatory Properties” and can be used to reduce Gastric problems which can contribute towards IBS symptoms.

People with IBS can fix their problems by changing their lifestyles, diets and way of living rather than medications. 

This includes adopting a diet that is rich in fiber and excluding the diets that can trigger pain in your abdominal and cause you bloating as well. 

Most commonly when people face IBS, they reduce the intake of FODMAPS. FODMAPS are a type of carbohydrates that are difficult to digest for the body. 

But, it is still unclear whether Aloe Vera is low FODMAPS food or not because we haven’t seen any confirmation from the official medical websites. 

There are only a few studies that suggest the effectiveness of Aloe Vera for treating IBS. 

There’s no doubt that Aloe Vera has a lot of health benefits but the research work is still lacking. We don’t have enough pieces of evidence to believe whether “Aloe Vera is a perfect fit for treating IBS or not.”

Even, this isn’t clear that “If the Aloe Vera is easy to digest for the body or not.”

Let’s talk about the side effects now. 

Side Effects of Aloe Vera Juice

There are two types of Aloe Vera juices available in the market. One is purified and the other is unpurified. 

Unpurified Aloe Vera juice might have different side effects and you should know them. 

  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhea
  • dehydration or electrolyte imbalances
  • low blood sugar levels
  • allergic reactions
  • interactions with other medications

If you witness any of the symptoms given above, you should stop drinking the juice straight away. 

According toresearch, drinking unpurified Aloe Vera juice for too long can cause you cancer as well but the study was being made on Animals, not humans. So, it still isn’t clear whether the unpurified juice can have the same effects on humans as well. 

Juices that are made with the whole leaf of “Aloe Vera” have severe side effects and you should only drink them in moderation. Excessive drinking of the juice might lead you towards many health problems. 

The US FDA never regulated Aloe Vera Juice and you should only buy them from the reputed places. If you find anything fishy after drinking it, consult your doctor and never try it again. 

Bottom Line

Aloe Vera juice is used in the soaps and moisturizers. It can be used for the treatment of IBS, but we need a lot of research work before we believe in the statement. 

For now, we don’t have enough evidence and consuming a lot of Aloe Vera juice can cause you different problems as well. 

That’s all from the topic “Can Aloe Vera Juice Treat IBS?” and if you’ve any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below. 

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