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March 05, 2020 1 Comment

What Does Vitamin D Deficiency Cause ?

Vitamin D Deficiency can lead to a host of side effects and problems. Let’s discuss them in this article of top 10 tips for Vitamin D Deficiency problems. Also where can I get vitamin D ? 

Vitamin D is one of the most important components that are needed for our bodies to function properly. The hormones in vitamin D supplements are a major factor in cell production and vitality. If you are asking yourself “How do I know if I’m vitamin d deficient?” This can be easily measured by a blood test. 

The truth is millions of Americans have vitamin D deficiency and may not even know it. Low vitamin D levels can lead to many health problems and so let's discuss 10 vitamin D deficiency side effects below.

This article is especially close to my heart because when my hair started falling out, I felt tired and depressed. The medications that were being prescribed to me weren't working. There was still something missing until my blood tests came back at having a vitamin D level of 8. The standard range for vitamin D levels in the blood are 30 - 100 ng/ml. 20ng and below and your trouble starts - I had a vitamin D level of an 8, which is pretty dangerous from an immunity stand point. 

Below are the symptoms that are accompanied by such a low vitamin D level. 


Can vitamin D Make you Tired or Give You Energy 

Most people associate feeling tired with lack of sleep, not enough caffeine in the morning, thyroid issues or anemia issues that may make you feel sleepy but vitamin D deficiency can make you feel extremely tired and just not motivated. 

If you are not producing enough natural vitamin D your oxygen levels may drop which make it hard for your blood cells to function properly and have adverse effects on your overall energy levels. A quick way to get some natural vitamin D is to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes a day outside in the sun. Next time you feel tired, instead of drinking 3 cups of coffee a day or chugging energy drinks, you may want a doctor to order some labs to check your vitamin D levels. 

Consider a high quality vitamin D3 supplement, but start off at 500 iu and work your way up as needed. Too much vitamin D can be toxic but in extreme amounts. Most healthy adults can consume 1000 to 4000 iu of vitamin D a day without problems or side effects. Also it's important to remember that vitamin D is a fat soluble supplement which unlike other vitamins that come out in urine, it works great when taken with a meal that has healthy fats in it. 

There are hundreds of research studies that show many people who feel lethargic, are sick all the time and suffer from issues like the common cold, bronchitis and pneumonia all have one thing in common. They are all linked to low levels of vitamin D3 in the body. If you are one of these people consider taking 1000 iu of vitamin D for at least 6 months and then get your levels checked, companies like quest diagnostics have made it easier for you to order labs right from your phone without a physician order. I love the idea of having the right to order labs that I think may feel necessary and later get them checked with my Primary Care doctor. 

Can Low Levels of Vitamin D Cause Depression ?

Many people who go to a doctor feeling depressed or a lack of motivation, should take it very seriously. The first question we recommend you ask your general medicine practitioner or therapist is if your vitamin D levels are within the normal range. This could be critical because prior to taking medication for depression, checking for a deficiency of vitamin D3 can be quick and help you feel better prior to jumping to an actual medication.

It's not medical advice, its basic science, Vitamin D is needed in the blood to create oxygen to increase your cognitive function and mental state and overall health. The older you get and the harder it is for the body to absorb vitamin D naturally. There is an association based on research between aging and low vitamin D levels. This is especially important during winter and if you live in a state or city where the sky is grey and you don’t get enough natural sunlight. 

Which Vitamin D is Best For Bones ? Vitamin D3

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone loss and rapidly. Hundreds of studies show people with vitamin D deficiency or low levels of vitamin D are 5 times more likely to have pain in their legs, back, joints and need surgery on different parts of the body. 

Most commonly hip surgery. Vitamin D not only increases bone health but its an essential supplement for calcium absorption. This mineral is an underrated way of preventing broken bones and osteoporosis. The association with bone mass and vitamin D are evident. I love the idea of taking a quality vitamin D3 supplement in combination with magnesium which is one of the worlds most significant mineral deficient health minerals. 


Can Vitamin D Lower the Risk of Severe Immunity Effects of COVID-19 

Could Healthy levels of vitamin D in the blood can potentially help you if you are diagnosed with Corona Virus? Many groups of different scientists and researchers have seen data that the patients that became the most ill from covid 19 had amongst the lowest blood levels of the essential Vitamin D and more data continues to show that places around the world had a a significant increase in death with those patients that had Vitamin D deficiencies. 

This is a large talking point on why experts around the globe are now saying how significant it is to keep track of your blood levels of Vitamin D which helps support the immune system by preventing it from protecting your body on a cellular level and also the important tissues in your bone. While this research has not been peer reviewed, they need more scientific data to prove that vitamin D is directly correlated with a lower rate of death in patients diagnosed with corona virus symptoms. The truth for now many experts believe is that this vitamin wouldn't hurt if taken in moderate amounts if you are not getting the adequate amount of sun everyday to support your immune health

Can Vitamin D Deficiency cause hair loss ? 

When I saw myself losing hair, I thought it was just stress related. After doing the research I learned how essential vitamin D was to keeping strong and healthy looking hair. The results of low levels of vitamin D are actually more prominent in women and going years without proper vitamin d supplementation can lead to autoimmune diseases that can wreak havoc on your overall health. 

Can Vitamin D Cause Joint Pain ? 

Do you ever wake up in the morning and everything hurts? It might not just be your mattress or lack of exercise. It may be the role vitamin D has in keeping your bones strong. 

One study took 150 participants with chronic pain and checked their vitamin D levels and they all had one thing in common. They all had vitamin D levels below 30. The nerve cells that send signals to the body and brain are largely controlled by Vitamin D levels. The deficiency in vitamin D may make you more susceptible to pain because of the lack of nociceptors in your body. So more natural sunlight and a high quality vitamin D supplement is an essential health supplement.  


Do you bruise easily 

If vitamin D levels drop too low in your body it can play a significant role in not healing your body properly.  From a simple bruise to a broken bone, a lack of vitamin D may be the reason you can't recover. 

People who are vitamin D deficient may have a hard time fighting infections, recovering from a major surgery and even something as simple as a cut on the hand. Vitamin D creates new cells in the skin which essentially heals body tissues and helps with healing the body. Inflammation is a major factor in hundreds of diseases and supplementing with vitamin D may be your ticket to getting back on track with your next vitamin D test. 

Do Low Levels of Vitamin D affect sexual performance ? Does Vitamin D cause erectile dysfunction ?


Just not in the mood or can’t get an erection ? 

Evidence suggests that people who are low in vitamin D are not only less interested in sex, men particularly may suffer from erectile dysfuction also known as ED. 

This important mineral can play a huge role in your blood flow and arteries, which essentially helps with better erections in men. The lack of blood flow will affect your ability to either get or maintain an erection. If you are especially on the younger side and are suffering from lack of sexual performance or erectile dysfunction. 

This may be a great time to talk to your doctor about your Vitamin D levels and the link between Vitamin D deficiency and less sex drive or ED. If you are shy about having this conversation with your doctor, there are now several online services that can confidentially talk to you about the problems you may be having with low sex drive and vitamin D deficiency. 


What's causing my insomnia ?

Vitamin D deficiency can ruin your sleep patterns. Its terrible - you feel exhausted but you are tossing and turning. The worst part is, you tried melatonin already, you exercised and you worked all day so your tired but cant seem to fall asleep or stay asleep. The problem might be in this powerful vitamin D supplement. 

Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency can also cause sleep apnea ? Sleep apnea is the process of your breathing and oxygen levels to drop while you sleep essentially interrupting your natural breathing. Experts suggest that thousands of people who had sleep apnea also were consistent with low levels of Vitamin D. The inflammatory response associated with vitamin D can create a significant role in immune health and sleep cycles. What are the benefits of vitamin D ? You see it is an essential part of healthy living. 

That is all today for the top 10 reasons you should supplement with Vitamin D. We hope that you found this article engaging and helpful. Do you know anyone with the symptoms we spoke about in this article ? Consider sharing it with them, or comment below. We would love to know if you use vitamin D or what did you discover changed in your body after using a premium vitamin D3 Supplement. 

For more amazing articles on healthy living visit our blog and for premium and organic health supplements online, visit ourproducts page on our website orAmazon store. To your health! 

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