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March 01, 2020 1 Comment

Herbs that can help you with weight loss!

which herbs help you lose weight

Everyone would love to lose weight without putting much effort, but what to keep in your spice cabinet is what people are looking for. They are the hidden gems that may help you lose weight without you even knowing. In this article we will list a few herbs for weight loss that you may not know were so powerful. 

There are many herbs and spices that have been shown to fight cravings, boost fat burning process and assist the body with weight loss. 

Excited to read which of the herbs can give you that extra boost? Scroll down and these herbs may help you lose weight starting today. 

Let’s get started!


what are the benefits of fenugreek

A common household spice is known as Fenugreek and it is derived from “Trigonella foenum-graecum,” a plant that belongs to the legume family. Largely known as an herb for appetite suppression. 

Several studies found that “Fenugreek” can help you control your appetite and reduce food intake to keep your weight loss campaign going. We focus so much on how to lose weight, but what about just not feeling so hungry all the time, the secret may be hidden in your spice cabinet. 

According to astudy, if you’re using “Fenugreek daily, it will increase the feeling of fullness, reduce hunger and food intake, Thus you will lose weight because you will start to consume much less calories. 

Let’s have a look at the health benefits of Fenugreek that are backed by science:

  • Balanced Cholesterol
  • helps with digestive problems 
  • Reduced menstrual cramps
  • Reduced appetite and hunger control
  • Reduced fat and increased fat burning properties
  • Maintain Liver and Kidney function 
  • Reduce fever and soothe muscle pain

Aren’t the health benefits great? So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try now and say hello to “Smart Life.” Healthy living is in the food you consume largely. 

“Summary:Fenugreek is a spice that is known to reduce appetite and food intake to support weight loss.”

Cayenne Pepper

is cayenne pepper good for you

Cayenne Pepper is a type of Chili pepper, popularly used to bring spicy flavor to most of the dishes we eat on a daily bases. (Mostly used in America and Asia)

It contains different compounds but the most important one is “capsaicin,” which gives Cayenne Pepper its signature heat and provides other health benefits. 

According to astudy, “capsaicin” is used to boost your metabolism and increase the process of fat burning throughout the day. It is also known as a super antioxidant and can help with cardiovascular disease but more research is needed. The antioxidants in cayenne pepper have become so popular that people are making drinks like green tea with cayenne. 

Capsaicin may also reduce hunger to promote your weight loss goals. 

Onestudy shows that, taking a capsule of Capsaicin can be useful if you want to increase the feelings of fullness and decreased total calorie intake. 

Now, it’s high time that we should discuss the impressive health benefits of Cayenne Pepper and let you guys know “What are you going to get when using Cayenne Pepper.” 

  • Boost your metabolism. The “Capsaicin” compound present in Cayenne Pepper metabolism-boosting properties
  • Can help reduce your hunger
  • May lower your blood pressure
  • Can actually help you with better digestion
  • May help you in relieving pain
  • May reduce cancer risk
  • Easy to add to your diet, who doesn't like a little bit of spice added to their food

“Summary:Cayenne Pepper can be used in the diet easily and keeps your weight loss campaign going by adding value in it.” 


can ginger help with stomach problems

The most used and famous “Spice” in the world is Ginger and it has many health benefits including; weight loss and improving digestive problems. 

Ginger is a spice made from the rhizome, and often used in folk medicines as a natural remedy. According toresearch, ginger has the capacity of aiding weight loss and improving your digestive system along with nausea and several other health benefits we will discuss below. 

Onereview of 14 human studies showed that, including ginger in your daily life significantly decreases your body weight and belly fat. 

Anotherreview of 27 Human Studies showed that ginger might help lower your weight by boosting your metabolism and fat burning process. 

Now, it’s time to give health benefits of ginger a brief look: 

  • Ginger contains a substance called “gingerol” which is used to aid many diseases including; digestive problems, antioxidant powers for your body, motion sickness remedy and nausea
  • Ginger can be a natural remedy for “Morning Sickness”
  • Ginger will reduce your muscle pain and soreness as research suggests this is why you see turmeric supplements all over the internet with ginger plus turmeric in supplement form. 
  • The anti-inflammatory effect present in Ginger can help you with Osteoarthritis (A common health problem) especially in individuals who are aging
  • Ginger can lower blood pressure and improve heart disease risk factors dramatically in moderate amounts
  • Ginger is  recommended for you to use ginger to treat Chronic Indigestion and bloating
  • The ginger powder is beneficial to reduce menstrual pain 
  • Ginger may lower your cholesterol levels
  • Can potentially help prevent cancer with a substance called “6-gingerol”

So, these are the health benefits of ginger that no one would want to ignore if they are on a diet for “Weight Loss.”

“Summary:Ginger is a spice, commonly used in folk medicines, may aid in weight loss. Studies also show that it improves your metabolism and fat burning process. It also decreases fat absorption and appetite. 


the best ginseng supplements online

Ever heard of the term “Ginseng” before? If not, then it’s a plant with health-promoting benefits and Ginseng is considered as “Staple” in traditional Chinese medicines. Used for thousands of years for energy, vitality, immune support and even as an athletic performance supplement the benefits of ginseng are unbelievable. 

Ginseng can be categorized into several groups; Japanese, Chinese and American, all of which belong to the same subfamily of ginseng plants. 

Many studies also suggested that this powerful plant can help you aid “Weight Loss” and “Digestive Problems” because of the compounds present in it. 

According to onestudy, if you take Ginseng twice a day for 8 weeks, you may end up witnessing reductions in your body fats and changes in your macrobiotic compositions. 

But, we need more high-quality studies and large scale research work to compel humans to use Ginseng as your “Weight Loss” supplement. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Ginseng that are backed by science:

  • Provides you with antioxidant support to fight inflammation
  • It may benefit your brain functionality 
  • May boost your immune system
  • May have the potential to fight against different diseases, especially cancer
  • May fight tiredness and increase energy levels 
  • Can be used to lower blood pressure
  • Can be used to enhance sexual performance 
  • Reduces appetite and provides mental clarity

So, these are the benefits you’re going to enjoy with the help of the “Ginseng” supplement or plant, but if you want proper research to see the contribution of this plant in “Weight Loss,” then you should read more about it. At Enzymatic Vitality we have a host of supplements for weight loss, digestive health and overall immunity, both on our and onour Amazon store. 

That’s all from the topic “Herbs that can help you weight loss” and Enzymatic Vitality team is hopeful that you’ve liked the content. 

Have any questions in mind? What herbs do you use for weight loss? We would love to hear your thoughts - Feel free to contact or comment down below because we are here to help. 

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