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March 06, 2020 2 Comments

What is metabolic syndrome? How can you treat metabolic Syndrome Naturally? 

Metabolic syndrome is a health condition that has affected millions of people throughout the world. There is an estimated 23% of the population living with metabolic syndrome symptoms without even knowing it. 

Most people if you asked them what metabolic syndrome symptoms were couldn't tell you. People that fall in this category tend to have belly fat, diabetes and are at high risk for heart disease. So what causes metabolic syndrome ? Metabolic syndrome happens when someone has specific risk factors, which make up a huge part of the population in the world. Lets list a few below

  • People who suffer from hypertension also known as high blood pressure
  • People with diabetes or high levels of glucose in the blood 
  • Obesity and people with large stomach bloating or waist lines that are above the normal threshold for their age and height
  • There is also evidence of people with high triglycerides and metabolic syndrome
  • Another huge factor is people who see their HDL levels (good cholesterol) drop below 40

If you checked 3 or more of the items we discussed above you may have metabolic syndrome and might not even know it. Most people are not educated on what metabolic syndrome symptoms are and how to treat them naturally. People with metabolic syndrome are usually taking some type of medication for diabetes, cardiovascular health - like high blood pressure or cholesterol medications like statins. The American Heart Association  has reported that 23 percent of people living with the diseases associated with metabolic syndrome might not even know they have it. 

What helps metabolic syndrome and what are the risks of this health problem

The majority of people living with metabolic syndrome have some sort of obesity or poor diet. Additional risks for metabolic syndrome may be largely associated with genetic factors. 

For example: If your Mother and Father both have heart disease, diabetes or obesity problems, chances are you may be at risk for metabolic syndrome, but there is still hope. Healthy diet along with high qualityberberine supplements can really help with metabolic syndrome. 

This is largely due to the effects berberine hcl has with assisting the body in maintaining healthy weight levels along with blood glucose protection. 

More research is needed but Berberine 1200mgs shows promise for people who suffer from metabolic syndrome and blood glucose problems. People who do not exercise at all are also at risk for metabolic syndrome so start slowly if you have to but get your body moving. 


How do you know if you have metabolic syndrome and who can diagnose metabolic syndrome ?

This process starts with sitting down with your doctor and talking about the medications you are on and ask them if you have metabolic syndrome. Your Healthcare Provider may want to have you perform several blood tests to check for the disorder.

Have you ever needed to have fasting labs done ? This could be a great time to ask your doctor to check your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose levels as well as how consistent your weight changes. The most important way to find out if you have metabolic syndrome is to be open with your physician about the tests necessary to get an accurate diagnosis. Metabolic syndrome diet may consist of fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats and proteins that are rich in omega 3’s and poultry. 

What are the symptoms of metabolic syndrome ?

The symptoms of metabolic syndrome may be fairly easy to find by looking at some of the health factors below and speaking with your Physician. 

  • Glucose problems or diabetes symptoms
  • Higher risk for heart attack or people who have suffered from one
  • High levels of Bun and Creatine (kidney problems) 
  • Increased risk or if you have already had a stroke
  • Evidence of fatty liver which may be revealed by measuring your AST & ALT which are the levels conducted to quantify  liver health and/or liver disease in lab results along with an Ultrasound your doctor may want to order. 
  • Diagnosed heart disease or high blood pressure

People with metabolic syndrome may suffer from diabetes which also causes additional health problems like, problems with nerves and/or neuropathy usually symptoms may start in the legs. Loss or worsening of vision and pain in the joints. 

How do you treat metabolic syndrome? 

Once you have been fully diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. How do you treat metabolic syndrome ? The main plan should be to focus on ensuring that you make a plan of action in several different areas of your health goals. You may be surprised that most of the discussion may be around activity, exercise, walking at least 5 days a week at the minimum and just lifestyle changes. 

If you smoke tobacco and don’t have the power to quit, consider using a nicotine patch and chewing gum. You may want to take a high quality Berberine Supplement which has been used for thousands of years to help with blood glucose, ampk activation for cardiovascular health and digestive health problems like bloating and acid reflux. 

Your healthcare provider may want to put you on a beta blocker to reduce blood pressure. One commonly used over the counter pill is low dose aspirin to help potentially prevent stroke or heart attack. But what if you want a completely natural approach to metabolic syndrome supplements. You may want to consider the 3rd party testedBerberine for metabolic syndrome by Enzymatic Vitality. 

The high levels of antioxidants found in this powerful herb for metabolic syndrome can be a game changer. Research suggests taking 1200 mgs of Berberine supplements after each meal roughly 3 times a day. 

This ampk supplement online for blood glucose is powerful and has very little side effects. If you are unsure, always check with your doctor prior to taking any dietary supplement, but Berberine may be a great addition to help with metabolic syndrome symptoms. 

If you want to know how do you treat metabolic bone disease ? You should speak with your physician about possibly adding vitamin D3 4000iu along with a premium berberine supplement online.

What are the long term effects of metabolic syndrome ?

The future for individuals with metabolic syndrome can possibly be reversed if significant changes are made in diet, exercise, medications and alternatively if you are looking for a natural approach to organic health supplements. The management of health and symptoms can be managed by talking with your physician, however the body is an amazing machine that can regenerate itself in many areas. 

For example, my uncle was diagnosed with high blood pressure and hypertension. He changed his diet, started moderate exercise, kept track of his sodium intake and lost weight and he is no longer taking beta blockers. If you want to change the way you feel today, it will be a direct result of the actions you start tomorrow. 

How can metabolic syndrome be prevented? Can you reverse metabolic Syndrome ?

There is certainly great positivity that metabolic syndrome can be potentially reversed if long term changes take place. The basics start with having your labs checked every 3 months to ensure your cholesterol levels, blood glucose and vitamin D levels are all kept in check and monitored closely. 

Exercise by itself has helped millions of people come off medications, this is not medical advice but public knowledge. Some people may not have the opportunity to do high intensity workouts if they have heart disease but walking can be just as powerful if done consistently over a long period of time. There is no magic solution to chronic illnesses but diet and exercise andgeneticslargely control the outcomes of our health conditions moving forward. So make a choice today to make changes and consider tomorrow a new start for yourself.

That is all from our topic of “Metabolic Syndrome”. What metabolic syndrome supplements work the best? That’s subjective but we believe our3rd party tested AMPK Berberineshould be the first one you start on your journey to good health.

Do you suffer from anything we discussed in this article? Did you check off at least 3 of the items we discussed above? If you're looking for natural alternatives to health and wellness check out our blog and ourAmazon store as well for organic supplements to buy online. What steps have you taken to prevent diseases or health conditions ? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading! - To Your Health Enzymatic Vitality

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