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March 07, 2020

When the body is fueled by nature in this Amazing article.

Health Super foods and nutrition

You might be confused when choosing the best health and nutrition tips from the internet, right?

Because there are so many options available that one can go for, but the question that pinches your mind is that “Are these Health and Nutrition Tips” are actually evidence-based? What organic supplements online are even worth buying ? 

You get “different nutrition and health tips” on thousands of websites, but why aren’t they attaching “Science Research” with it? 

With the demand of so many Enzymatic Vitality followers, we have decided to write an article on “Health and Nutrition Tips” that are actually based on “Science Research.”  We took data that shows promising results that are actually researched. 

Let’s get started!

Avoid Refined Sugar Calories and is Refined Sugar Bad For You

is refined sugar bad for you

Sugary drinks are one of those “Fattening Items” that give your body  “Stubborn Fats.” It converts in your blood into fat which loves to stay in stubborn areas that we really don’t need. When your reading a label look for “high fructose corn syrup” this is one of the bad sugars. 

That’s all because; your brain doesn’t count calories for “Sugary Drinks” the same way it does for “Food.” Here’s theresearch!

Therefore, when you drink or eat “Sugary Items,” you end up taking more calories than required. That white bread will convert to sugar in your blood, while brown rice is highly recommended, the research states that the fiber along with easier digestion. Brown rice is the way to go. 

According to astudy, sugary items are highly linked with type 2 Diabetes, Heart Diseases and many other health problems. As you know, one problem leads to another. First you get diagnosed with high cholesterol and need medication for that condition in which now possible side effects of medication will leave you with other health problems. Remember, your “liver” the body’s filter - along with your kidney’s need to process everything that goes into your body. 

Keep one thing in mind; sometimes certain “Fruit Juices” are as bad as “Soda Drinks” because they contain just as much sugar hence the reason why we want you to stay away from drinks that have high fructose corn syrup. So, taking anything in excess amounts tends to bring negativity to your health. Give thisresearch work a look too!

What are the benefits of nuts 

which nuts are superfoods


Nuts are probably the best along with “Dry Fruits” that you ever come across. They are high in fats, but extremely nutritious and healthy. Research suggests that diets rich in healthy fats like nuts and avocados can reduce the risk for heart disease. 

If we call them “Fully Loaded Antioxidants”  with Vitamin E, Fiber and other nutrients, then it won’t be wrong because there’s science behind the reason we recommend healthy fats, another reason the keto diet is trending is because of the high concentration of healthy fats and low carbs. 

 According to a fewstudies, Nuts can help you lose weight and may fight against diabetes as well. So next time your hungry reach for some unsalted pistachios, or a handful of almonds. You would be surprised how full you feel after just eating a handful of almonds with 8 ounces of water. 

Few studies also suggest that eating nuts daily can boost your metabolism. Instead of large meals that make you feel sleepy, snack often which will keep your metabolism running which will lead to” natural weight loss”. 

So, making a “habit” of eating nuts daily can bring positive changes to your overall health. 

Say “No” to junk Foods

are donuts bad for you

Fast Foods and Processed junk foods are extremely unhealthy. If you were alive during the time when fast food restaurants had the option to supersize the meals you would be on track to understand that this was banned for good reason. People were becoming Obese and obesity may lead to diabetes and heart disease according to research. 

These foods trigger your mind to eat more, and you end up eating “Extra Calories” which may result in “Excessive Fat” on your body which can lead to inflammation and metabolic syndrome.  Additionally, it may promote “Food Addiction” in some people. 

The cravings for junk food are real, they even dictate people’s mood, but there is hope. Once you start feeding your body organic food and greens, the adjustment in time makes you crave these junk foods less. It takes time - I remember when I would load my coffee with cream and 3 spoons of sugar and one day I had enough. I slowly dropped down to the point where one spoon felt too sweet for me. The body adjusts to whatever macro nutrients you give it, but this doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and consistency. 

Junk Foods are always low in fiber, proteins and micro nutrients but high in unhealthy ingredients like sugar and refined grains. 

So, it’s always better to say “No” to Junk Foods because they provide you “Empty Calories.” 

Start Eating Fatty Fish - Omega superfood to improve your mood !

what is the best type of salmon

Yes, eating healthy fatty fish means that “You’re saying hello to protein and healthy fat”, along with necessary omega 3’s and necessary antioxidants while getting the protein for muscle retention. 

One of the best fish that contains “Protein and Healthy Fats” is Salmon; you can start eating this fish to enrich your body with “Omega-3 fatty acids” and Various Other Nutrients.

According to astudy, all those people who eat fish twice or three times  a week are more likely to have “Lower Risk of Several Conditions,” such as heart diseases, dementia and depression. 

How about sharing more benefits of eating fish? We guess, it’s worth writing a few of them below. 

  • Fish is high in important nutrients- protein, iodine, vitamins and minerals
  • Lowers the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes
  • May boost your “Brain Health” due to the amino acids that help you think clearly
  • Help prevent and treat depression 
  • A great dietary source of Vitamin D

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest fish market and get something fresh, it may be pricey but the cost of eating healthy is much cheaper than the cost of being sick, would you agree ?  Buy that salmon with confidence. Do you ever wonder why people in Alaska have the lowest rates of heart disease and metabolic syndrome in the world ? This is largely due to the wild salmon and blueberries they eat on a regular basis, so follow what works! 

How much sleep should I get ?

Sometimes we take all the “Right Health Diet and Tips” in order to stay healthy, but overcome the problem of insomnia and how to treat insomnia and “Quality Sleep” which is incredibly important for you to stay fit and healthier. 

You cannot overstate the importance of “Quality Sleep.” 

Poor sleep can lead you towards many health problems including insulin resistance, disrupt your appetite hormones and reduce your mental and physical performance. Here’s the completeresearch!

If you’re getting “Quality Sleep” then you’re raising the risks of Weight Gains and Obesity. People who slept for less than 7 hours a day felt more hungry the next day and craved junk food. The mind functions at a lower capacity and your body uses sleep to repair itself. 

So, getting quality sleep along with the quality food should be your “Foremost Priority.” Throw in anorganic antioxidant supplement and you are well on your way. 

Should I Drink Water Before or After a Meal ? Drink it all day !


Do you have a habit of drinking the water right before a meal? If not, then you should adopt this habit for weight loss purposes, detoxification and because drinking enough water can have numerous benefits. 

Surprisingly, it burns the calories that you don’t want to keep and can benefit your weight loss campaign along with helping with constipation. I

f you're living in a cold weather environment then drink even more water because being cold tends to keep people away from drinking water. If you feel like it's too cold, try drinking it at room temperature. However drinking icy cold water may help burn fat by shocking your internal organs and help you boost metabolism health. That’s the feeling of the water cooling down your stomach. 

According to astudy, if you’re drinking at least 2 Liters of  water per day, you’re most likely to “Boost the Metabolism” by 24-30%. 

The best time to drink water is “Right before a meal.” This will prevent you from overeating. Try for at least 8 ounces before eating and you will see the difference over time. 

If you give thisstudy a look, you’ll witness a research line saying “You can boost the weight loss campaign by 44%” when adopting the habit of drinking  water “Right before the meal.”

What else do you want from water? Isn’t it providing you a “Great Benefit” already! 

Eat Vegetables and Fruits and if you don't like to eat them then drink your fruits and veggies

buy organic fruits and vegetables online

Vegetables and Fruits are loaded with Vitamins, Fiber and other nutrients that are necessary for your “Good Health.” We know this already but so many people are deficient in these necessary nutrients. 

But sadly, we ignore eating vegetables and fruits. Try putting them frozen into a blender mixed with frozen fruit to get the best of both eating organic fruits and vegetables. 

According to few studies, those who eat “Vegetables and Fruits” daily, are most likely to live a “Longer Life.” 

Also, they have lower risks of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity and other health problems. 

Let’s break down some of the best fruits and vegetables that you can eat on a daily basis which are fairly cheap fresh or frozen. 


  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Apples 
  • Pomegranate
  • Vegetables:

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Swiss Chard
  • Green Peas
  • Do let us know your favorite fruit/vegetable in the comment section, my favorite personally is mango and pineapple. 

    Consider Organic 3rd Party Tested Supplements Online

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    There are many health supplements online, which are not approved by the FDA but show promise for many health benefits. If you are considering incorporating a health supplement to buy online, look for a company like Enzymatic Vitality that ensures every single supplement for health and wellness are 3rd party tested to ensure they provide results. Visit ourAmazon store or our website for more of the best health articles online. 

    So, that’s all from the topic “Health and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based” and we hope that the content has helped you in knowing “How to adopt a healthy lifestyle with Nutrition tips.”

    Still have any questions in mind? Comment down below without a second thought because the Enzymatic Vitality team is ready to answer them. Thank you for reading - To your health ! Enzymatic Vitality

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