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May 05, 2020

Does Vitamin C Help Immunity ? Vitamin c Immune system and tips and 7 Tips For Immune health.

The Vitamin C immune system efforts have been overtaken by eager people to make this a part of their daily life now that we have been experiencing a pandemic, with the flu season coming right around the corner. 

Businesses can’t seem to keep this essential vitamin in stock for good reason, but how can vitamin c really affect the immune system and is there any real evidence?

Before you go buying Vitamin c for covid, first look at the facts and research as we do. In fact, we don’t even consider selling a supplement for immunity at Enzymatic Vitality unless it has been studied for safety and 3rd party tested. The fact is, vitamin and minerals can be obtained through a healthy diet or through organic health supplements online. 

In some countries physicians and health professionals have been trying all types of ways to associate vitamin c and coronavirus. We have seen some countries try to infuse vitamin c for immunity by giving it in large amounts. The real truth is there is no health supplement online that you could buy that would 100% guarantee the prevention of viruses or even to treat COVID-19. 

Supplements are just that - In theory, supplementation is giving your body the extra boost it needs to obtain vitamins and minerals that you may not get from food. This health article is going to talk about specific ingredients beyond vitamin c for immunity based on research and just overall wellness.

As always, consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplement. We love using organic formulations that have specific combinations and so by June 1st, we are going to release an immune complex to help support immunity from a natural perspective but without the fancy health claims, just research. 

Does Vitamin C Help Immune Support and What is Vitamin C ?

There is good reason why store shelves are empty from vitamin c and we will talk about the reasons why below. 

This special nutrient plays several functions in the body. The antioxidant content in 60 mg of vitamin C is equivalent to 67% of your daily value of the amount needed to potentially help sustain immune strength.


The way vitamin c can boost immune support is by fighting free radicals that cause damage to the bodies cells, which in theory create disease and sickness. The article we have goes over in detail how vitamin c is beneficial to immunity. Here is the research. (X)

 If you eat your daily dose - of fruits and veggies then you will easily meet your daily recommended dose of 60 to 90 mg per day. There may be people who use tobacco that may want to introduce an extra 40 mg of vitamin c to fight off free radicals produced in traditional tobacco smoke. 

It’s fairly easy to meet your daily vitamin c for immunity if you like organic oranges or eat a decent amount of fruit a day. If you are someone that suffers from acid reflux from acidic foods like me, then you may want to consider a digestive enzyme supplement for acid reflux

Can vitamin c increase immune health ? There is actual research that shows its ability to decrease inflammation, which causes disease and sickness. The link to that research article is here. (X)

organic elderberry benefits

Let's mention a few other organic supplements online that help boost immune health from a natural perspective below.

  • Vitamin C - If taken in a supplement make sure its an extract from real (fruit) like “organic amla fruit extract)


  • Organic Elderberry - Many people have been searching for elderberry for coronavirus but there is no data. In this case the most important part to focus on with organic elderberry extract is that it's a powerful antioxidant that has triple the strength of vitamin c. 


  • Organic Astragalus Benefits - It has anti-inflammatory properties and kills inflammation in the body. The ability to help your body fight off viruses in combination with powerful antioxidants that remove bacteria from the blood cells makes astragalus benefits an absolute winner.


  • Organic Oregano Leaf - One of the best oregano herbal supplements should have a minimum of 150 mg of this powerful natural Bacteria fighting, viral killing and some studies show it may contain anti-cancer properties. Easy addition to your diet, or in an organic oregano herbal supplement. 


  • Organic Ginger Root - This one gingerol antioxidant has been used for years. You love it - gingerale, saltine crackers - the stomach flu remedy. People love ginger and for good reason. It has so many benefits from helping with joint pain, to reducing fever, to helping with gut health and nausea to being a natural anti-viral. 


  • Organic Moringa Leaf - This super supplement is beneficial in many ways - it protects the body's filter (the Liver) it has been shown in studies as a powerful natural supplement for bacterial diseases and viruses. It is also associated with the power to help keep bones healthy which helps potentially prevent osteoporosis. 


  • Organic Garlic Bulb Supplements - Garlic is used in food, we love the flavor it gives, but did you know that it helps reduce bad cholesterol, is nature's antibiotic, potentially helping keep viruses away and also has been shown to have specific metabolic function on the gut to boost immune health and even help with mood. Who doesn’t want to be healthy and in a good mood. 

That is all from our topic today on - “Does Vitamin C Help Immunity ? Vitamin c Immune system and tips and 7 Tips For Immune health. The amazing news is we decided to create an ICS Certified Organic Immune Complex that we are having 3rd party tested and we plan on releasing it in June so stay tuned. What do you do to keep your immune system strong ?

We would love to hear from you in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading and if you want to read more articles on health and wellness, visit our website

To your health! Enzymatic Vitality 

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