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May 03, 2020

Welcome to the topic " What is Berberine good for ? Berberine Uses and Benefits of a Berberine Complex" 

Today we are going to discuss Berberine - Benefits of Berberine and powerful uses of berberine for metabolic syndrome and glucose support supplements. 

This amazing antioxidant named berberine has shown to be one of the most powerfulantioxidant supplements in the world. 

The health benefits of berberine have a wide variety of effects on your immune system at the cellular and molecular level as well. 


Berberine and diabetes have been so closely associated in research due to the bioactive antioxidant compounds that are extracted from Berberine HCL through specific plants and shrubs giving it the alternative name “Berberine Aristata”.


Berberine is a bioactive compound that can be extracted from several different plants, including a group of shrubs that give this berberine complex the power to reduce blood sugar, reduce indigestion and have positive benefits on the heart. 

Thisberberine plus antioxidants supplement has been researched to show efficacy as powerful as traditional pharmaceutical medications. The berberine dose for diabetes that seemed to work well was 1200 mg taken once with each meal. 


Now we will discuss what are the best berberine uses, what berberine complex is most useful and how to incorporate Berberine plus antioxidants for maximum benefits. 

What is Berberine and Weight Loss?


Berberine ampk has the ability to produce healthy weight loss and lower blood glucose levels through alkaloids found in the compounds. The beautiful yellow and golden color of a good berberine complex is often used as food coloring as well. Here is the research to back this up (X)

In modern Chinese medicine a good berberine complex is touted as one of their mostpowerful supplements for health and to fight disease naturally. 

Scientists have studied this powerful berberine complex and the health benefits are without a doubt powerful and very immpressive to say the least. The research behind why berberine plus antioxidants are so powerful and here is the research to support it. (X)

Conclusion: Berberine aristata has many uses from help with metabolic syndrome, to lowering blood pressure and helping with blood sugar. 


How is Berberine Best Absorbed 

berberine and diabetes


Hundreds of trials and studies show that Berberine hcl should be taken with a meal for maximum absorbency. It has been used for hundreds of years for good reason and has proven itself study after study. In fact, there is science showing how its antioxidant supplement properties help the body. The research is right here. (X)

Berberine and diabetes are often in the same discussion because of the fast ability berberine hcl has to fuel itself through the bloodstream so fast. The cellular components of a good berberine complex are very important. Our team only recommends a berberine complex from “Berberis Aristata” which is essentially the purest form you can get when buying berberine supplements online.

Berberine uses are so powerful due the this natural supplements approach to targeting specific inflammatory markers and reducing inflammation along with having similar benefits as powerful potentially as traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Here is the research behind how berberine works. (X)

While more research is needed, many people question whether or not they can take berberine and metformin together. This answer should come from your Healthcare Provider. If you are someone who wants to try an alternative supplement for type 2 diabetes, then berberine hcl should be taken into consideration due to the science that has been proven behind its molecular properties. 

Berberine Hydrochloride (aka Berberine HCL) activates specific enzymes on a cellular level called Activated Protein Kinase also know an Berberine AMPK supplements. The work associated with this enzyme is promising in which it turns on activation of disease fighting components helping assist the muscles, kidneys, heart and blood sugar. 

The reason people tend to lose weight naturally with berberine supplements is because of the affect it has on boosting metabolism. Here is the research. (X)

In Conclusion: High quality Berberine Complex can be beneficial in many areas of the body not just blood sugar. The reason being - the specific enzymes that regulate metabolism and activate berberine AMPK. 


Can I take Berberine with Metformin ?

Millions of people continue to die every year from the side effects of Type 2 diabetes and the related problems and damage it causes on the liver, kidneys, heart and the list goes on. 

Diabetes is quantified by the levels of “Glucose” hence the reason for the finger prick or the need to check your blood sugar when you're a diabetic. 

Continued elevated blood glucose levels wreak havoc on the bodies organs as mentioned earlier eventually leading to premature death. 

Science has significant studies that show how a Berberine Complex can dramatically drop a person's blood sugar levels almost as powerful as the drug “metformin” and you can check the research here. (X)

As always, check with your physician before taking any health supplements but this is certainly very promising for the future of natural health alternatives. Some more of the amazing berberine uses are below. 

  • Can reduce blood sugar while activating enzymes that help you lose weight
  • Breaks down refined sugars in the walls and cells of blood
  • Can increase gut health by slowing down carbohydrate metabolization
  • Can increase gut health and immunity by providing you with good bacteria without the use of probiotic supplements
  • Berberine AMPK supplements can reduce inflammation and helps fight free radicals which are little molecules that cause disease. 
  • Decreases insulin resistance, making the blood sugar lowering hormone
  • Berberine Plus Antioxidants can help people who suffer from metabolic syndrom - classified as being obese, having high blood pressure and having diabetes. 
  • Reduces hemoglobin A1c of ranges from 10 to 15% ( this is the way they quantify long term blood glucose levels)


In Conclusion: The research behind Berberine AMPK is so promising that its touted in China as the most powerful supplements in the world, and the research behind it, well the studies themselves showed how berberine can be used for diabetes. Not medical advice but just pure research showing how it controls blood sugar just as good as traditional medications. 

This concludes our article on the Science behind Berberine Supplements and what is berberine good for. Comment below and let us know your thoughts, we love people and love sharing health and wellness articles. Do you know someone that could benefit from this article? Feel free to share it! Thank you so much for

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