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Organic Immune System Booster ICS Certified Organic Antioxdiants

Organic Immune System Booster ICS Certified Organic Antixoxidants

Let's start with Organic Elderberry

This super antioxidant and powerhouse is versatile in the many ways it can fuel and boost your immune system quickly.

While there are an abundance of elder plants found throughout the world, there is one specific Elderberry extract found in Sambucus Nigra, it is the most prominent type of “Elderberry” and its legacy going back thousands of years has named this super antioxidant the “Father of Health”. 

The elder tree and this organic elderberry antioxidant helps the body in so many ways. It is one of the most powerful healing plants in the entire world.

Astragalus Extract 

This popular herb has been a staple in health and wellness for the chinese culture for thousands of years. It has been given to soldiers prior to going into battle and to help with mental focus, boost the immune system and it's even found in some cosmetic products online due to its anti-aging properties and powerful effects on a way to boost the immune system fast. 

The safe daily dose range with minimal side effects is suggested between 275 mg and 500 mg a day. 

Astragalus extract can also reduce inflammation by helping increase bone density but more research is needed.

In various countries astragalus supplements have been used to help treat the common cold, flu-like symptoms, viruses and improve energy. 

Some studies suggest it can also help people who suffer from metabolic syndrome or high triglycerides and bad levels of cholesterol, which in theory may prevent heart disease. 

Oregano Leaf Powder Extract

Oregano leaf powder is an herb that is used around the world from seasoning food, to helping with immune benefits not to mention it is very versatile in its uses all over the world. 

The flavor and before we get into what oregano can cure let's talk about what it is and how it helps. 

This amazing herb can be prepared in oil, dried like the little flakes you season food with and have some of the most powerful health benefits when taken in an organic immune formula. 

Oregano leaf powder is a powerhouse of nutrients including people who are deficient in Vitamin K which is richly found in green veggies like spinach and kale. 

Organic Oregano supplements are high in Antioxidants and help the immune system fight inflammation and kill viruses. So what are the benefits of oregano leaves and then extracted into oregano powder leaf. Below are the amazing science based facts that cover this powerful antioxidant. 

    • The antioxidants in oregano leaf powder help prevent damage to cells because they prevent free radicals from entering the bloodstream and causing inflammation and disease. 
    • Over time - the human body loses its ability to fight off disease hence the reason older people are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases and oregano leaf powder can help fight free radicals which create diseases like cancer. Here is the link to the research. 
    • Oregano benefits help fight bacteria as well and can potentially fight heart disease according to research studies. 
    • Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are two specific types of bacteria that can cause disease, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Oregano extract can help fight these harmful bacterias and you can find an amazing immune complex that has all the organic immune system boosting formula here. 
    • Oregano leaf powder extract helped fight people suffering from colon cancer. Oregano leaf powder actually slowed the growth of cancer cells significantly. The research is right here. This virus supplement has many uses as you can see. 

  • carvacrol and thymol are specific molecules in oregano leaf powder extract that help fight off viruses. This was also tested in norovirus which is considered to most as the stomach flu. This research is encouraging but more research is needed in human trials versus test tube trials to further strengthen the benefits of oregano leaf powder for viruses. 
  • Could oregano leaf powder extract help fight off things like the coronavirus pandemic? The jury is still out but there is one supplement that contains every single ingredient we mention in this article with research to back it up. 
  • Enzymatic Vitality’s Organic Immune Complex which is ICS Certified Organic. 

    • Fights inflammation at the source reducing things like muscle aches and pains because of the specific molecules and antioxidants oregano leaf has

    Ginger Extract 

    So what is ginger extract and how much ginger should I take daily? Let’s get started. 

    The original name of this powerful anti inflammatory is also known as Zingiber officinale, a.k.a the powerful antioxidant ginger. 

    It’s health benefits and spicy taste can be eaten in food, used in the best selling ginger tea, as well as organic ginger tea extract. 

    Research suggests that ginger extract has compounds and antioxidants like gingerol that can help insulin and metabolism. Does ginger give you energy ? The answer is yes, this is because ginger has natural antioxidants that detoxify the body and also helps fight free radicals which keeps your metabolism moving.

    It’s also used in various kidney health supplements for good reason. Premium organic ginger supplements can be a great antioxidant to fight inflammation and help purify the kidneys.


    Evidence suggests that it can also help fight diabetes by keeping insulin and glucose in healthy ranges, but how much should I take daily? Ginger seems to have little side effects if taken in a dose of roughly 250 milligrams daily, but check with your healthcare provider if you are on medications.

    Can ginger help with body aches and pain ? Have you ever seen hundreds of turmeric supplements online that contain ginger? For good reason - research has shown ginger extract to have pain reducing compounds that can help everything from muscle aches, joint pain and even menstrual cramps. 

    Whether you drink it in a ginger tea or maybe you're not a fan of that overly spicy taste and want an organic ginger supplement online that is 3rd party tested you can get it here by Enzymatic Vitality. 

    Did you know ginger extract can prevent inflammation in the body which essentially helps prevent other diseases. 

    Inflammation is a key indicator of some type of health problem in the body. This is probably the reason why you may see people having to take prednisone which is a steroid that helps to fight inflammation in the body. If you are looking for a natural alternative you may want an organic immune complex that has several organic antioxidants that fight viruses and inflammation naturally. 

    The most famous reason people reach for saltine crackers and ginger ale when they have stomach flu symptoms or upset stomach remedies is because of the benefits it has with helping the small and large intestines function better.

    Keeping your stomach health in shape and preventing nausea and vomiting is critical if you have norovirus symptoms. 

    The problem I see here is that these soft drinks contain sometimes between 30 and 40 milligrams of sugar. This is the reason we recommend a supplement to keep the unnecessary sugar, fat and calories away. 

    Ginger is also a powerhouse in helping people with the symptoms of morning sickness. Pregnant women should consult their physician if they are able to take an organic ginger supplement. There is research that actually proves that ginger root extract is safe during pregnancy and has been proven to perform better when compared to other natural health remedies for morning sickness. 

    Organic Ginger Extract May Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

    Because organic ginger extract has so many compounds that fight inflammation it can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering total cholesterol and blood glucose levels. 

    The caveat is that you still have to maintain a healthy diet low in trans fats, saturated fats to make the most of your organic ginger supplement. 

    Multiple studies conducted over the years have shown organic ginger extract can help the body on a cellular level through the antioxidant named “gingerol” which can protect the body over the long term from certain types of cancer. It is also a great addition to reduce chemo related nausea and side effects from a natural approach. 

    Ginger has also been shown to help people lose weight by helping the body push bowel movements through the body helping people with constipation and boosting the metabolism.

    In Summary : Organic Ginger Supplements can be a no brainer for people who are looking for a supplement that they can take over the long term to help with multiple ailments who want to try and heal their body naturally. 

    The final 3 ingredients in our organic immune complex are organic moringa leaf, organic garlic and organic vitamin C from Amla fruit extract. We could continue to name the various benefits but this article would be too long. This organic immune boosting supplement is 3rd party tested and will make this a best selling immune health supplement online!