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May 10, 2020

What is Coconut Oil Good For ? Science Backed Research of the Benefits of Coconut Oil

What is coconut oil good for? How much coconut oil should you use a day and what are some creative ways to boost heart health, encourage natural fat burn, reduce hunger and also raise good cholesterol.

Coconut Oil is one of the most widely used foods trending around the globe, which is often marketed as "Super Food." The Superfood Supplement Benefits of Coconut Oil is amazing.

People themselves have reported a reduction in things like even seizures from this natural supplement for epilepsy, and so in this article we will discuss the benefits of coconut oil and how coconut oil is good for you. 

The combination of "Fatty Acid" and Coconut Oil can help you with; fat loss, heart health, and brain function. This might be the reason why people go after "Coconut Oil" most of the time, from using it in cooking recipes, to the best coconut oil coffee creamers on the market, whatever you choose - the bottom line is premium coconut oil should be a part of your daily health goals. 

But, you must be wondering about "Are the benefits even real?" or “why is coconut oil bad for you ? and to kick all the misconceptions of, we have decided to write on this topic. 

Let's break down the evidence-based "Health Benefits of Coconut Oil" and help you understand why it is important to have "Coconut in your life." 

Healthy Fatty Acids MCT OIL

As discussed above, it contains healthy fatty acids that can boost up your campaign of "Fat Loss" and can improve your brain and heart health as well. MCT OIL can be extremely beneficial for your overall health because of its amazing ability to naturally increase HDL cholesterol - the good cholesterol. The research to that fact is right here. (X)

Additionally, they raise the level of "Healthy Cholesterol" in your body and fight against the risk that may lead you towards "Heart Attacks."

Coconut Oil also contains (MCT) Medium Chain Triglycerides that are the smallest particles of "Fatty Acid." When you take MCTs, they are obligated to go directly to your "Liver," and your body uses it as an "Instant Source of Energy," and you feel energetic and with better focus, hence the reason people tend to put MCT OIL benefits in their morning cup of coffee. 

In short,*Coconut oil can help potentially help  you with "Heart and Brain Diseases" and also can kick all your body fats as well. 

Boost Heart Health

A lot of people in the west aren't aware of the "Benefits of Coconut Oil," and that might be because "they are too health-conscious and don't want to try new things at all." This is more of a proactive approach to finding out new health superfoods. 

But, the good news from the center is, Coconut Oil can boost heart health and can make you feel comfortable. 

According to a report, people of "Tokelau" an Island in "South Pacific" eat a lot of coconuts and guess what? They have the minimum amount of quantified "Heart Disease" ratio when compared with other parts of the world. 

In short,*Eating Substantial amounts of "Coconut" is the shortcut to "good heart health." Find a way, whether through supplements, teas, drinks or tea that contain MCT OIL and/or coconut oil benefits. 

best coconut oil

Fat Burning tips for beginners

Saturated Fats are the problem of nearly "Half of the world" and guess what? Coconut Oil can solve this problem without putting much effort. 

For Instance, the MCTs in coconut Oil can speed the process of "Fat Burning" of your body, and according to astudy, you can increase the "Calorie Burn Process" by 5% when you start taking "Coconut Oil."

Isn't it amazing? So why die wondering, start taking it today, and say hello to a new healthier lifestyle. 

Antimicrobial Effects

According to astudy, there's about 50% Lauric acid in the "Fatty Acid."

You must be wondering about the working process of "Antimicrobial," right? It helps your body to fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungus. 

Additionally, astudy also suggests that "Coconut Oil" can be used as "Mouthwash" because it has oral hygiene benefits in it. Coconut oil can reduce bad breath as well, especially in the throat. Mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with warm water and a pinch of salt for fresher breath. 

But, the study is considered as pre trial testing and still needs a lot of research work to be done. 

Reduce Hunger

One interesting feature and benefit of "Coconut Oil" is that; it reduces your hunger. This is amazing for people looking for a supplement to reduce appetite. 

This may be because of "MCTs" present in the oil because they go directly into the liver and can perform two functions; either boost your energy or increase ketones (thus reducing a person's appetite). 

According to astudy, those who eat "MCTs" with breakfast are more likely to eat fewer calories at "Lunch."

So, it's a better idea to start your day with "Coconut Oil." 

Reduce Seizures

You can't consider "Keto Diet" as the best way of "Reducing Fats" and "Seizures" from your body because researchers are already working on it. They continue to researchketo diet supplements and benefits of MCT OIL and the superfood coconut. 

But, with the help of "Coconut Oil," researchers have seen a dramatic change in "Seizure reduction" in children with epilepsy, even those who didn't get the "Reduction of size" with the usage of medications. Researchers still need more data to quantify why the benefits of coconut oil are so powerful. 

Raise HDL Cholesterol

There are two types of "Cholesterol" in your body; one is the good one, and the other one is the bad one. 

When you start taking "Coconut Oil," you start to witness an increase in HDL Cholesterol (Necessary to fight against bacteria), and you end up getting a great immune system. 

According to astudy, it reduces the bad cholesterol from your body and encourages "good cholesterol" to increase- it is more likely to produce more HDL when compared with soybean oil. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world and this coconut oil for heart benefits is an extreme go to for a lot of our customers. One great organic coconut oil supplement that we have tried ourselves from an actual different company isright here. We rarely recommend other companies unless we really think they have a great product. 

Protect your skin, hair, and teeth

With so many other benefits, coconut oil protects your skin, hair, and teeth as well.

Many people use coconut oil to enhance their looks and improve the condition of the hair. According to a lot of studies, coconut oil can improve your dry skin and dandruff in your hair as well. 

As discussed earlier, coconut oil can be used as "mouthwash" to kill harmful bacteria, but still a lot of research needs to be done. 

what is mct oil and benefits of mct oil

Improve Brain Functionality

There are a lot of common brain diseases in the world, and "Alzheimer's disease" is one of those that can  be improved with the help of "Coconut Oil." Based on research. 

Have no knowledge about this disease? It reduces the ability of the brain to use glucose for energy. People suffer from losing their ability to even remember their loved ones. It is really a tragedy. 

According to a report, those who are facing Alzheimer's disease with milder forms can improve their conditions by taking coconut oil supplements regularly while in early stages of disease. 

Reduce Harmful Abdominal Fat

There are fatty acids available in the "Coconut Oil" that can reduce your appetite and increase the fat-burning process, which means "it helps you lose your weight."

To all those who want to lose the most harmful type of "fats" can get rid of it by using coconut oil. The best way to use coconut oil is "to use coconut oil or mct oil during  breakfast hours. 

That's all!

So, we have discussed the top 10 evidence-based health benefits of coconut oil, and if you have any questions regarding the topic, feel free to comment down below. Please share this with a family or friend, we have given out 1000 bottles of our supplement for free to the community and we are wanting to let more people read our health blogs also check ourAmazon store.

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