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December 03, 2020 5 Comments

Top 5 Foods For the Benefits of Collagen

Are you looking to know everything about the benefits of collagen? You’ve just landed in the right place.

Diet always plays a vital role when it comes to your appearance and condition of your skin. And guess what? Foods that are rich in Collagen can help you look young without any effort. 

To all those who don’t know what “Collagen” is, it is the protein that provides your skin with structure, stretch, and suppleness. 

Talking about the types, there are three basic types of collagen for skin; type 1, 2, and 3. When your body doesn’t get enough collagen, you start to witness wrinkles and thinning skin. 

This is why people are nowadays heading towards “Collagen Supplements” to look younger and improve their overall appearance. 

But, most people are still wondering if pills or supplements are the best ways to get collagen for your skin? 

Probably not. 

There are different foods that you can eat in order to get proteins for your skin. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 foods that can help you produce collagen in your body. And, we will make sure that everything we discuss here is backed by science. 

Let’s rock and roll. 

Top 5 Foods for the benefits of Collagen

With supplements, you’ll be able to achieve collagen production for your body only, but when you go for “Collagen Rich” foods, you get Amino Acids with them. Amino Acids are necessary too for the “Youthful Appearance” and other skin goals. 

Let’s break down the names of the foods with details. 

benefits of collagen


Chicken is the best source of getting collagen and this is why most of the supplements get “Collagen” from the chicken. 

This food is the favorite of almost everybody around the globe and if you eat chicken 3-4 times a week, you won’t be facing “Collagen” deficiency in your body. 

According to astudy, chicken neck and cartilage are the best sources of grabbing collagen.


Like other animal food, fish can help you get collagen for your skin. Fish and Shell fishes have bones and ligaments that are made up of collagen. 

Some people eat fish to get marine collagen and there’s a valid reason behind it. Marine Collagen can easily be absorbed by the body and doesn’t cause any difficulty digesting it. 

You can try Salmon fish at lunch or dinner to boost up your collagen intake. Whenever you try a new fish, make sure to read the “If it’s rich in collagen or not” because there are many fish that contain less collagen in it. 

Eggs White

Although eggs do not have the amount of collagen present in them as animal products have, still the white part of the egg can provide you with a healthy amount of collagen. 

What’s more, egg white has an amino acid known as “Proline” which is necessary for your skin and the production of collagen in your body.

So, trying egg white for the production of collagen is a “Good Call” and you can have eggs in breakfast. 

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is a great source of producing collagen in your body. Therefore, getting enough vitamin C is critical and one can get it from “Oranges and other Citrus Fruits.”

You might have read about the “Benefits of Citrus Fruits,” and citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, grapes, and limes are full of nutrients (including collagen). 

Making a habit of eating fruits is always a great choice. This is why most of the doctors recommend going for the fruits instead of eating “Fast Foods.”

Make sure that you’ve citrus fruits to make your appearance look great and young. Not only you’ll get collagen production, but other health and skin benefits too. 


Though berries are known for getting Vitamin C and people already have them in their refrigerator because of many other health benefits. 

Talking about “Helping your collagen production going up,” raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries might be your best companion. 

What’s more, berries contain a lot of antioxidants as well. Antioxidants help protect your skin from damage. 

So, what else do you need to give berries a try? 


Not only garlic is famous for adding flavor to your daily dishes, but it could boost your production of collagen in your body. 

But, you might have to add garlic in every food that you eat at your lunch and dinner in order to avail the “Collagen Benefits.”

When we talk about the collagen benefits, you can’t ignore this name and it’s worth giving garlic a try. If you like garlic and want to improve your “Physical Appearance,” double the amount of garlic in your foods. 

Not only this will help you grab the right amount of collagen and you’ll end up enjoying many other health benefits too. 

Leafy Greens

We all know “Leafy Green Foods” can have a great impact on our health. There are some leafy green foods that can increase the production of collagen in your body such as; Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, and other salads. 

Leafy greens are also known for the antioxidant properties. Some doctors recommend eating leafy greens to increase the production of collagen and save your skin from any damage. 

There are other foods too that might help you with “Collagen Production” and the names are as follow:

  • Beans
  • Cashews
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell Peppers

Note*Eating sugar and refined carbs can impact the production of collagen and one shouldn’t be eating a lot of them when “Eyeing on collagen production.

So, that’s all from the topic “Top 5 Foods for the benefits of Collagen,” and if you still have any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below. 

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