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December 04, 2020 2 Comments

Welcome to the topic "Keto Diet Plan Tips."

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Keto Diet is getting the eye of everyone who’s willing to lose weight. It is because the keto diet provides you with a low-carb and high-fat diet that has many health benefits. 

Keto Diet Vegan

In fact, there are several studies that suggest “Keto Diet can help you improve your health and lose weight as well.” (1).

What’s more, Keto Diet may be a lethal weapon against diseases such as; Diabetes, Cancer, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s diseases. 

You can read the research here.(2345).

Let’s now talk about Keto Diet Plan Tips and “What really is Keto Diet.”

So, without wasting any time further, let’s rock and roll!

Basics of Keto Diet

The Keto Diet is basically a low carb and high-fat diet that has so many similarities with “Low-Carb Diet and Atkins Diet.”

Well that means, you’ll be able to decrease the intake of carbs and feed your body with healthy fats. The reduction in carbs will turn your body into a metabolic state called “Ketosis.”

Wondering about the results of metabolic state? Your body becomes more efficient at “Burning fats and getting energy through them.”

What’s more, the energy your body gets from fats can be stored in the liver and that means “Your liver will be supplying energy to the brain.”

Also, going for the keto diet can significantly decrease the blood sugar levels and insulin levels. 

Let’s now talk about the different types of Keto Diets. 

Different Types of Keto Diets

There are many types of Keto diets, but the famous ones are listed below:

  • Standard Keto Diet:Now, this diet is a low-carb diet which we were talking about at the start. SKD contains 70% fats, 20% protein, and 10% carb. 
  • Cyclical Keto Diet:Now, this diet includes the collection of high-fiber foods to counter different health problems. And, you follow CKD 5 days a week, and then 2 days are followed by the Standard Keto Diet.
  • Targeted Keto Diet:This diet means “you’ll be adding this diet to your daily routine” only when you go to the gym. You can have other diets on a regular day. 
  • High Protein Diet:This diet is similar to the SKD, but you’ve to add an intake of protein more in it. It’s like 70% of the protein, 20% of the fats, and 10% of the carbs intake. 

So, these are the mainstream keto diet plan tips, and do let us know in the comment section “Which one are you going for?”

Before we head towards the next heading, it is to tell you “Most of the people follow SKD, CKD and Targeted Keto Diet are followed by the athletes only.”

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

The Keto Diet is known for treating so many health conditions and they are actually backed by science too. Let’s talk about the health benefits of the Keto Diet:

  • Heart Diseases:Keto Diet can help you get your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels to maintain and work properly. Make sure that you regularly follow the routine in order to get the results. 
  • Cancer:Yes, Keto Diet can help you with cancer as well. Recentresearch has explained how the keto diet can help you with Tumor and slow down the growth of it. 
  • Brain Injuries:According to research, the keto diet can help you improve traumatic brain injuries. But, we need more research work to believe in the statement though. 

Other benefits of the Keto Diet are:

  • It can counter Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Can reduce insulin levels along with Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • It can also help you get rid of Parkinson’s disease

However, there are limited researches on the claim but the relevant field researchers are working on it. 

When following the Keto Diet, there are a few foods that one should avoid. We have the list and we are about to break it down. 

Foods to avoid

All foods that are rich in Carbs are requested to be avoided during the “Keto-Diet” period. 

Here’s the list of food to be avoided during the Keto diet.

  • Sugary Foods:Foods including soda, fruit juice, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, etc should be avoided.
  • Grains:Foods including wheat-based products, rice, pasta, cereal, etc should be avoided.
  • Fruits:All the fruits except berries

Other foods that are included in the list are:

  • Beans and Legumes
  • Root Vegetables and Tubers
  • Low-Fat Products or Food
  • Unhealthy Fats
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar-Free Diet Foods

So, these are foods that are requested to be avoided during the Keto Diet period. If you avoid these foods, you’ll get better results in the food. 

“If you sacrifice today, you’ll get the reward tomorrow.”

Foods to Eat

Yes, there are dozens of foods that you can go for during your “Keto Diet Plan.” We have made the list ready, scroll down now. 

  • meat: red meat, steak, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken, and turkey
  • fatty fish: salmon, trout, tuna, and mackerel
  • eggs: pastured or omega-3 whole eggs

Other foods on the list are:

  • Butter and Cheese
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Creams
  • Healthy Oil
  • Avocados
  • Low carbs vegetables
  • Condiments

So, you have got a lot of choices to go for, and believe us, the “Keto Diet” way is worth giving a try. 

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That’s all from the topic “Keto Diet Plan Tips” and if you’ve any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below.

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