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July 20, 2018 1 Comment

The Wonders of Bromelain and Papain Supplementation

Bromelain and papain, enzymes come from the papaya and pineapple. They both do wonders in assisting the body digest food and they also pack numerous potential health benefits. Though their benefits are the same in nature, research studies have revealed different beneficial effects of these plant-based enzymes that come directly from nature.


Bromelain Has Anti Inflammatory Effects and Assists in Digestion


Bromelain may assist the body with reducing swelling and inflammation, research suggests that it can also speed the recovery process from surgery. It works as a catalyst to break up and digest food through its beneficial enzymatic properties. Bromelain supplementation has been shown as an effective addition to a healthy regimen of eating to assist with nutrient absorption from hard to digest foods, including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates while also helping with the reduction of stomach bloating and indigestion.


Bromelain and Papain Supplementation for Modern Day Diets


The modern-day quest to remain healthy and fit has pushed us to explore the roots of Nature in the 21st century. Mother Nature has provided us with natural resources to assist us in the quest to feeling better naturally, and its products never fail to amaze us with often easy to find solutions to assist us in the process to a healthier lifestyle.


Therefore, keeping your gut health in check with the right digestive enzyme can be an overall excellent decision. Research suggests that including bromelain and papain can be beneficial to overall vitality and assisting the body in helping further reduce inflammation and improve overall stomach health. Research continues to suggest that adding Bromelain and Papain to your daily regimen can help you on your way to reducing acid reflux, assisting the body in producing more energy by naturally breaking down the foods we eat thus increasing energy on a cellular level. The often tired and lethargic feeling you get after you eat is your body using all of its energy to try and digest the often-processed foods and hard to digest proteins we currently have in our modern-day diets.


Bromelain specifically is a protease enzyme which you will find in the stem of pineapple and its juice as well.  It shares very similar nutrient qualities to Pepsin which is found in the gut lining that helps our bodies break down the food we eat everyday on a regular basis. Papain is another protease enzyme which is very similar to bromelain in that it helps break down hard to digest proteins which is derived from the latex of the papaya tree.

Our body’s natural ability to digest proteins diminishes over time and as we age. You heard that correctly, aging is the biggest enzyme killer of all and without enzymes we wouldn’t be able to survive. Digestive Enzymes play so many roles in the metabolic process of immune health in general.


Papain Enzyme Power


The papaya in nature is often times referenced as “The Tree of Good Health” and for good reason, it produces a powerful fruit that mimics some of the most important natural enzymes our body creates on a daily basis. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme often extracted from the leaf of the papaya plant. Proteolytic enzymes are essential and help assist the body in breaking down proteins into amino acids and smaller proteins that we need to thrive and assist our bodily functions.

The combination of Bromelain and Papain are a perfect combination in helping you achieve the results you desire for a stronger stomach and better nutrient absorption.




These natural health alternatives are where our passion begins and bromelain and papain are  two of the main ingredients in our digestive enzyme supplement formulations. We chose high quality plant based enzymes that would include these powerful natural remedies because we understood how important it was to digestive health in general. We conclude that whether you decide to start a health supplement regimen at all, the first stop should be to check with your physician to make sure all decisions you are making for your health are safe ones.


Take a look at the products Enzymatic Vitality makes and you will know you made it to the right place at the right time. Plant based enzymes at their best.

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