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July 20, 2018

Plant Based Digestive Probiotics, the solution to increased gut health.


Life is undoubtedly a collection of events followed by lousy mood and low energy. This is mostly the aftermath of our dietary habits and lifestyle that shape our attitudes and energy levels.  Other than what we eat and the way we live our life, microorganisms inside and outside our body also have a critical role in deciding the well-being of our body. Micro-organisms have multiple faces and functions to perform; it is true that microorganism do play a role in disrupting the performance of your body by making it less immune to diseases but on the other hand, it is also not fair to sideline the positives of microorganisms. Microorganisms like Probiotics create wonders by exhibiting impressive performance in improving digestion, reducing stress, increasing energy and helping further strengthen the immune system.

Probiotics: Healthy Microorganisms

The human mind is full of stereotypes and half knowledge. It is commonly perceived that microorganisms are the ones causing diseases in a human body, however there are specific microorganisms which help in up keeping the performance of the body by promoting healthy digestive mechanism and developing immunity by killing viruses and pathogens, thus preventing disease. Probiotics are a powerful healthy and friendly in nature in assisting the body in fighting disease.

Feeling bloated or sleepy after meals?

Health experts and scientists have laid out the spectrum of reasons of what are the multiple reasons that cause tiredness and sluggishness after meals. One of the prominent reasons listed on all these lists is an excessive intake of carbohydrate-rich food. Carbohydrate is the primary source of glucose but more glucose entering into the bloodstream of the body inhibits orexin which is a peptide chain found in hypothalamus responsible for controlling fatigue and weakness. This is the reason why it is usually advised not to take too many carbohydrates rich food, especially before kick-starting any work which demands energy and attention of yours. Incorporating the correct carbohydrates can still be beneficial like multi grain, oatmeal, sweet potatoes just to name a few. Enzyme deficiency along with over stimulation of bad bacteria in the gut all create an environment where a person may feel bloated, sleepy or sluggish. Our digestive probiotic formulation has a combination of powerful digestive enzymes along with the perfect balance of plant based probiotics help assist the stomach in building stronger gut health.

The Solution: Probiotics for better digestive support

Were so glad you have landed on this page with the easiest solution which looks to boost your mood, increase energy and digestive health. Probiotics help in secretion of healthy chemicals which levels up your mood by making you happy and reducing your anxiety. Did you know that our premium formula has one of the most powerful mood enhancing probiotics named Lactobacillus Plantarum? This super probiotic is responsible for reducing anxiety, reducing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and the list goes on. One of the essential functions, Probiotics perform is aiding the nutrient absorption in the body. It accelerates the rate of nutrient absorption by activating the bacteria found in the intestinal lining. These bacteria which are known as probiotics help in an essential function of the digestive system called assimilation. Probiotics also help in generating vitamins B and K which play an integral role in the production of energy. This is often the reason you see a bunch of energy shots including a ton of vitamin B6 and B12. We can produce these vitamins naturally if we take the proper digestive probiotics prior to eating.

 It is often the result of inadequate and abrupt sleep that makes us feel tired and lazy, Probiotics play an amazing part in increasing the level of chemical release responsible for providing you sound sleep. One such chemical is tryptophan which occurs naturally in the brain, however when we are deficient in essential amino acids it can be hard for us to relax and recharge. Our plant based hybrid digestive enzyme probiotic formula can help restore your gut microbiome today. Take a shot at your wellness today and give our probiotic digestive formula a try.


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