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November 08, 2020 2 Comments

Welcome to the topic “Supplements That Fight Inflammation.”

Are you looking to know everything about Supplements That Fight Inflammation? You’ve just landed in the right place.

There are many causes that trigger inflammation in your body and some of the mainstream ones are; trauma, illness and stress.

However, there are many pieces of research that suggest “It can be caused by eating unhealthy foods and lifestyle habits.”

Countering inflammation is easy and it can be done with the help of “Anti-inflammatory foods, exercise, good sleep and stress management.”

In some cases, you might need the help of supplements to help yourself.

Let’s talk about the top-notch supplements that have been shown to reduce inflammation in studies. 


Curcumin is common and it is the family member of the spice turmeric. It provides us with dozens of health benefits and they all are backed by science.

According toresearch, it can reduce inflammation in diabetes, heart diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, and cancer as well. 

Curcumin also appears to be helpful for those people who are facing inflammation and osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

You can take supplements that have Curcumin because it can work perfectly for you. This 21st century powerhouse is often times combined with ginger for optimal benefits. The benefits of curcumin not only help you on a cellular level but they also assist with mental health as well. 

Recommended Dosage:10 grams of curcumin per day is safe and can be used by anyone. But, some people might have digestive side effects.

Side Effects:No side effects if taking the recommended dosage.

Not Recommended For:Pregnant women.

Fish Oil

Fish oil products have omega-3 in it which is beneficial for your heart and have other health benefits. 

Fish oil can reduce inflammation that is linked to diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and many other health conditions.

Two of the best omega-3 types are; eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Several types of research have indicated that DHA can help you reduce inflammation and promote gut health. It may also decrease the muscle damage that often occurs after the exercise. 

In one group study, 32 people took fish oil and they ended up reducing the levels of inflammation in their body by 32%. 

In another study, 50 people were given fish oil and they reduced the numbers of inflammation marker IL-6 magnificently. 

However, scientists have seen no significant change in healthy people and those with atrial fibrillation. 

Recommended Dosage:You can take one capsule per day of fish oil containing DHA and EPA content. Make sure to buy supplements that have no mercury content in it. 

Side Effects:Fish oil may thin your blood and you’ll end up getting more bleeding.

Not Recommended For:People who are using blood thinner medicines are requested to ask your doctor before trying fish oil. 


Supplements That Fight Inflammation

Ginger is commonly used in the savoury dishes and sometimes added to sweet as well. 

But, it has a lot of health benefits as well. 

It’s commonly used to counter morning sickness, digestion and nausea. 

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There are two important components of ginger that can reduce inflammation linked to kidney colitis diabetes and cancer. The names of ginger components are; gingerol and zingerone.

According to a report, 16 people were given a moderate dosage of ginger for a week and they ended up getting rid of inflammation and controlled it in the future as well. 

Another study suggested that women with breast cancer who took ginger supplements had lower CRP and IL-6 levels. But, this supplement only works better when combined with exercise. 

There’s evidence available where ginger can help you with muscle soreness and inflammation as well. 

Recommended Dosage:1 gram daily and you can go for 2 grams as well because it’s completely safe.

Side Effects:No side effects for the recommended dosage. But, if you’re taking high dosage, then there are chances of bleeding because of thin blood. 

Not Recommended For:People who are using blood thinner medicines are requested to ask your doctor before trying Ginger. 


Resveratrol is another antioxidant that can be found in grapes and can counter inflammation. 

Resveratrol can also be found in blueberries and fruits with purple skin. It can reduce inflammation linked to heart diseases, insulin, and other conditions. 

However, there aren’t enough studies to prove the claim that it is beneficial for reducing inflammation human’s body. 

Resveratrol can be found in many Syrups available in the market and honestly, people are using it to counter inflammation.

It is just we don’t have enough human studies to prove the claim and that’s why we aren’t recommending you Resveratrol without the recommendation of the doctor. 

You can choose other supplements that we have listed above to help get rid of inflammation in your body. 

Recommended Dosage:You can take up to 150-500mg per day.

Side Effects:There are no side effects when taken in moderation. But, few people have witnessed digestive problems when taken in a large amount. 

Not Recommended For:People who are using blood-thinning medicines are requested to ask their doctors before they use them.

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So, that’s all from the topic “Supplements that fight inflammation” and if you still have any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below.

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