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June 19, 2020 7 Comments

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day? Your in the right place, this is a new twist on modern day advice on water intake. 

We have always been taught in school or by nutritionists or the internet that “Our body contains 60% water.” How much water you drink per day can contain a number of factors.

For example, someone with kidney disease symptoms might need to drink a gallon per day, while another person who is following a sport nutrition regimen might need to drink just as much due to the whey protein isolates they are taking in conjunction with all the othersupplements for health and wellness

And, you’re consistently losing water from your body, whether it’s through “Urine or Sweat ” To prevent dehydration from hitting your body, you need to drink a balanced amount of water on a daily basis. If you feel thirsty, chances are you are already dehydrated. 

Also some people mistake hunger for just plain old normal hydration. To test if you're really hungry, or how can I know if I’m dehydrated or hungry ? Drink 8 ounces of water prior to eating and see if you're still hungry about 10 minutes afterwards. 

There are hundreds of opinions regarding “How much water should I  drink every day.”

The American Health Association recommends you drink 2 liters of water daily, which is equal to 8-ounce glasses. Also, the rule of 8*8 is pretty simple and easy to understand. 

However, there are few medical experts that compel you to drink the water constantly throughout the day, even if you’re not striving for it. This is not only great for natural detoxification of the body, but it helps cleanse the system during intermittent fasting. 

But, according to science, there are a lot of factors (Internal and External) that affect your need for water. And guess what? We will be discussing every single thing here today. 

So, without wasting any time further, let’s rock and roll!

Does Water In-Take Affect your Brain Functionality?

how do i know if dehydrated

Many people and doctors claim that if you don’t stay hydrated, you’ll witness lower energy levels, and your brain will start to suffer. Dehydration can affect your mood, concentration and focus. 

And guess what? There are hundreds of studies to prove their statement. 

According to astudy, a fluid loss of 1.36% will impact your mood, concentration, and you’ll end up getting frequent headaches just from dehydration alone. It’s alarming but when someone goes to the emergency room, the first thing healthcare providers tend to do is put someone on an IV with fluids.

That is how common dehydration is in our society. My favorite alternative to water when I want a low calorie drink is coconut water. It has an abundance of electrolytes to help hydrate your body quickly. 

Anotherstudy shows mild dehydration (1-3%) caused by hard work or exercise can harm many cells of your Brain. 

Additionally, mild dehydration can significantly have negative impacts on your body, such as; Headache, Low Endurance, and Physical Performance. That headache that doesn't seem to go away might just be a sign of dehydration. However - if you continue to have recurring headaches, please seek health from a doctor. 

So, we shouldn’t stay dehydrated for long, and even when exercising, we should drink water. Actually in the morning you should strive to drink a liter of water. When you wake up you are dehydrated and before you decide to fill that big cup of coffee - you might want to hydrate yourself first since coffee also tends to dehydrate you. 

Does drinking a lot of water help you lose a Few Pounds? 

There are many claims that “Drinking a lot of water can help you reduce your weight” by increasing your metabolism and killing the appetite, but can drinking water help you lose weight? The research is below.  

According to astudy, drinking 500ml Water a day (Nearly 17 ounces) can boost your metabolism by 25-35% and reduce your appetite as well. Take a look at your urine as well, if you are not taking a multivitamin and you see yourself urinating a darker yellow that is not frequent, you might just be dehydrated. 

Some researchers also revealed, “Drinking 2 liters of water a day can increase your energy expenditure by 96 calories. If you follow any diet plan, one of the most popular today, like the“Keto Diet” you also want to increase your water intake. 

Additionally, if you want to drop  the appetite and reduce the number of calorie intake, then we would recommend you to drink cold water because your body consumes too much calories and icy cold water can boost your metabolism when it's really cold. This is extremely beneficial if you work outside as well in high temperature environments. 

Also, drinking water about half an hour before you go for Lunch or Dinner can help you take in less calories. This tip does not discriminate on age range either because as you age, your metabolism slows down so drinking that 8 ounce cup of water before dinner might just help you shed some pounds. 

Drinking water in an adequate amounts has a lot of other health benefits too. 

Scroll down and read them too!

Does Sufficient Water In-Take Help Prevent Health Problems? Can water make you poop ?

can water make you poop

A lot of health problems respond well when you start drinking water in an adequate amount. Such as:

  • Constipation:According toresearch, drinking water can help you with health problems like constipation. If you are asking the question “can water make you poop ? The answer is yes because it puts fluids in your digestive tract to help move stools through your intestines.
  • Cancer:According to astudy, all those who drink water in an adequate amounts tend to have a reduced reduction in bladder and colorectal cancer. But, the study still needs a lot of research work before we actually use it as concrete evidence, but it's a great starting point. 
  • Kidney Stones:Water intake in an adequate amount can help you reduce the risk of “Kidney Stones.” Having kidney stone symptoms are as bad as giving birth, some people have said. If you love soda and can’t seem to switch over to “Seltzer Water” add some water after a cup. 
  • Acne and Skin Hydration:There are hundreds of documented articles with proof that water can help you reduce the skin dehydration and remove acne as well. So, if you want to fight your acne naturally and skin dehydration, water is your best companion. 

In short*If you start to drink 2 liters of water a day, you’ll be able to kick a lot of health problems away from your life. 

How much water is best? How much water is too much ?

how much water is best for you

At the end of the day, no one can tell you exactly, “How much water your body needs.” This completely depends on the individual, and as discussed above, the external and internal factors matter the most. 

There is such a thing as a water overdose, aka "water intoxication" you would have to literally drown yourself in gallons of water to reach this state which is very rare. Research suggests you would need to drink 1 liter every single hour of the day to get to this point. 

You should  experiment what suits you the best; for some people, 8 glasses of water works extremely well, but for other people, 8 glasses of water mean 8 trips to the washroom.

One thing people don’t factor in is the fact that anyone who loves to buy supplements online, should have water with them at all times. 

We love the idea of fueling your body with natural health alternatives to health and fitness, but make sure you're drinking enough water to keep your kidney function and liver enzymes in good health.

If you ever want to check on your kidney and liver health just ask our doctor, a simple blood test can tell you what your bun and creatinine levels are which is correlated with Kidney Function & Liver Enzymes like AST & ALT which will measure your liver health, not medical advice but just my personal experience. 

If you want to keep everything simple for you, just keep these things in your mind:

  • Don't drink water only when your thirsty, by the time your thirsty you might already be dehydrated.
  • Check the color of your urine, you want it to be a light yellow or even clear in some situations for optimal levels. 
  • During the exercise or working, make sure to drink water to cover the fluid loss
  • Drinking water after a meal can actually slow down the digestion process, instead take adigestive enzyme with water prior to your meal to ensure you get your nutrients while still being able to take in all of the vitamins from food alone. 
  • Are you producing enough saliva ? Medications can dehydrate you

If you can follow these rules, you’ll surely be able to stay healthy and hydrated. 

Trust Your Body if You Feel Thirsty Your Dehydrated Already

Maintaining the water balance in your body is very important for your survival and good health. 

For this reason, your body has a great system that alarms you whenever you feel thirst and how much water you need to drink.Golden Nugget: If you live in a cold weather environment, you might not feel the need to drink enough water, but nothing could be more far from the truth. Increase your water intake, especially if the sky is grey and it's cold outside. 

When your body uses all the water or your water content goes down to a certain level, you start to feel thirst and thirst equals dehydration and constant dehydration can lead to all types of kidney disease symptoms.

As a company with anOrganic & Vegan Keto Pills - we cannot state how important it is to stay hydrated. Keto dehydration is a real thing. 

The 8*8 rules that we discussed above are researched  and these are just the recommendations by a few groups of researchers who all have different perspectives, thus the reason why we felt the need to give such an in depth article on the importance of water intake. 

But there are certain conditions where you need more than 2 liters a day such as; during exercise, playing sports, riding bikes, swimming  and hot weather environments. 

If you’re sweating because of hot weather and exercise, don’t forget to recover the fluid loss. Otherwise, it might take you towards many health problems and lethargy. 

Keeping yourself hydrated during the summer, exercise or doing anything that makes you sweat is extremely important. 

Not only will it help you feel energetic, but you’ll be able to stay focused, calm, and keep your body's kidneys in good health. 

So, that’s all from the topic “How much water you should drink a day,” and if you have any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below. What do you do to stay hydrated ? Do you like your water very cold or at room temperature? Personally, I made the switch from Soda to No Sodium Seltzer Water at Dinner time and have never looked back. 

For more health and wellness articles subscribe to our website and turn on the notifications so that you can get informed when we spend hours researching health and wellness topics. Would you also please share this article with a friend or someone you care about? Thank you for - To Your Health!  P.S. If you love 3rd party organic, vegan supplements check us out at ourAmazon store here

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