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June 04, 2019 1 Comment

6 Ways to Handle Social Situations on aKetogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet is a dietary scheme based on the reduction of carbohydrates, which pushes the body to produce Ketones, which are the result of the metabolic breakdown of fats in the liver, to be used as energy.


The Ketogenic diet is a diet that is based on the reduction of carbohydrates while introducing healthy fats and proteins. Following a ketosis diet plan can help you lose fat quickly, but many foods items are prohibited. This system causes the body to produce the glucose it requires from fatty tissue.


But there is a problem. How do you handle social engagements? It is not quite possible to shut yourself in a room away from the world while being on a weight loss program or keto diet plan.  


 We laid out some strategies to handle these situations below


  1. Don’t starve yourself – The trick to not letting yourself go is not to become too hungry in the first place. Before you set out for a party, have a snack that is healthy such as a handful of almonds or try to meal prep when on a ketogenic diet plan. Thus when you arrive to the party, you are already full and satisfied. The fat and protein in healthy proteins like grilled chicken remain in your belly to keep you full for hours. Remember to take a high quality digestive enzyme supplement to digest healthy fats and proteins while following a ketogenic diet program for optimal weight loss.


  1. Try to avoid alcohol – Not only is alcohol full of carbs but it also lets you drop your inhibitions, and maybe you may gorge on food. So have a nice glass of bubbly soda with freshly squeezed lime. We’re not saying you can’t have a glass of wine but certainly be aware of the sugar and carbs in what you drink as well. Make it last as long as possible. You have to remember that the purpose of the party is to socialize and have a good time.


  1. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself – Never get into long-winded explanations about why you are not eating or restricting certain foods. Do not try and convince others about the virtues of the Keto diet at a party. Just have a handy speech ready telling all who ask that you are detoxing or something similar which sounds less prohibitive than a Keto diet. Most people respect detoxing and will let you go after that.


  1. Chose food with care – It does not mean you will not eat a morsel. After all, that will be an insult to your host. Select food with the highest protein content. Obviously, this would mean some type of meat. Grilled meat or kebabs are great choices. You can eat a lot of it without breaking your diet. Salads with a low-fat dressing are also a viable option. Eat as much of these as possible along with nuts and don’t be afraid to keep a Keto Burn Ultra Supplement on hand to help curb appetite in the first place.


  1. Strategize before hand – Keep some food on a plate with you at all times. This will prevent others from pushing you to eat more. Assure your host that you are having a great time and he/she will soon stop pushing or wondering whether or not you are enjoying their food.


  1. Good Conversation – The best antidote to eating more is to have a great conversation. Try and pick guests who are interested in having great conversation, which believe it or not will keep the overindulging at bay. Drink at least 8 ounces of water before eating your meal and you will be surprised that you are actually quite full prior to overeating when following the Keto Diet.


Whatever you eat has to be broken down with the help of intestinal flora we commonly call probiotics. Digestive Enzyme Supplement With Probiotics is a superb supplement that will allow you to digest food easily. Recent research has suggested that not only does it keep the gut healthy and speed up metabolism but may also help us think clearly due to the different strains of high quality probiotics in our Digestive Probiotic.


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