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June 09, 2019

Why Does Whey Protein Cause Gas?

If you are one of those people that can’t seem to control the gas and bloating associated with drinking whey protein you may not be alone. There are several of forums and videos that all talk about the same problem.

The gas and nasty farts associated with the intake of drinking whey protein. This common concern can be addressed but let’s talk about some of the benefits first of taking whey protein and what problems you may have digesting it and how to address these issues. 

What are the pros of drinking a whey protein shake?

Most weightlifters and athletes or even people  who are trying to increase their daily macro intake of protein in general  may find themselves drinking whey protein several times a day and for good reason.


Whey protein helps promote muscle growth due to their high levels of branched chain amino acids. One of the powerhouses of this group is called leucine, which can help the body build muscle and also prevent age related muscle loss while increasing overall strength in general.


Whey protein is also associated with reduced blood pressure in people who suffer from high blood pressure due to the bioactive peptides in whey protein called lactokinins.


Did you know some studies suggest that whey protein could potentially treat type 2 diabetes? This often occurs because of the ability that whey protein shakes have to control blood sugar. Studies suggest even taking a whey protein drink prior to eating can help moderate blood sugar levels, especially prior to eating high carbohydrate meals.

How can you prevent whey protein gas problems

Unfortunately, despite all the positive attributes associated with taking a high quality whey protein shake, the negative problem could start with digestion, or enzyme deficiency.  

 There are several protein shakes that contain lactose, which could wreak havoc on people with lactose intolerance issues or even people who suffer from gerd and heartburn.

One of the best ways to prevent whey protein gas, or whey protein farts and bloating could be to incorporate a high quality digestive supplement. Digestive enzyme supplements help the small and large intestine break down molecules in hard to digest foods along with heavy proteins and fats.

However, when choosing a quality digestive enzyme supplement - make sure to choose a digest matrix blend that contains the enzyme lactase. This powerful enzyme can not only reduce body fat but it also assists the stomach in preventing gas and bloating associated with dairy products, such as that awesome whey protein shake you love drinking pre-workout or post workout.

Remember to always try and use water when drinking your whey protein shake, and if you want a better alternative without the lactose. Try blending your protein shake with some almond milk, flax seeds while taking a digestive enzyme supplement. This triple combo will give you the protein your body needs along with fiber to reduce bloating as a result of the flax seeds.


The combination of choosing a whey protein supplement that’s high quality with whey protein isolates in combination with a great digestive enzyme supplement will significantly help you prevent that gas and stomach pain.

Enzymatic Vitality has a wide variety of probiotic supplements and premium digestive enzymes to assist the body break down protein and prevent gas and bloating. For more information check us out on Amazon or at


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