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April 17, 2020 3 Comments

Welcome to the topic “Things I Learned During My First Week of Intuitive Eating.”

intuitive eating

Eating everything when you’re hungry is everyone’s wish, but not all can have a wish fulfilled because of their “Body Type.” Specific bodies need certain types of macronutrients largely because of genetics. For example one person who has been skinny all their life might have a mixture of genetics and hypermetabolism, versus someone who has a thicker or fuller body that might gain weight just from eating carbs by themselves. You see this is why certain diet plans don't work for everyone, largely because we need inuitive eating to learn our specific body type. 

The type of foods you need to eat depending on your body type and nutrients to keep you full. 

A lot of people go dieting right from the “School, College or before they get married,” but they always end up getting the weight back. A study showed that 90% of people who started a strict diet put back on the weight in roughly 3 weeks once they stopped eating those foods are following starvation diets. 

After doing exercises and dieting for “two Decades,” I have finally decided to quit dieting because it creates a negative relationship with the food and body. You need to understand that food should be used for nutrition and to fuel your system to boost your immune health and keep energy levels steady. 

After I quit “Dieting,” I started to eat too much again and again became anxious when I looked at my body because it was growing “Tremendously” again. It was then that I decided to learn what was causing bloating, lethargy, indigestion and intuitive eating and how importantdigestive enzyme supplementswere to not only gut health but my mental health as well. 

But then, intuitive eating came into my life, and suddenly everything started to change. Let me share my 1st-week experience of Intuitive Eating because it’s worth it. 

Before we get started, there are few principles of “Intuitive Eating” that you need to follow. Let us break them down:

  • Break up with Dieting:You no longer have to deal with calorie counting because Intuitive Eating is all about “Whatever you want to eat.” In moderation, along with exercise and properantioxidant supplements
  • Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re feeling good but not full: You need to trust your body rather than “Calorie Count.” Just cut down your relationship with external clues like “Calorie Count.” and eat until you feel satisfied versus eating until you feel sleepy. 
  • Eat for Satisfaction:Another rule that you need to follow is to “Eat For Satisfaction” rather than eating something that has no taste and low-carb value
  • Gently Follow Health Guidelines: try to eat vegetables and whole grains along with foods rich in omega 3’s or take proper supplements if you cannot or do not like eating vegetables. In fact, my wife hates vegetables but her genetics have blessed her with a fast metabolism but unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. She decided to take a high quality organic multivitamin to make up for any vitamin or minerals she may be missing and this may be the same for you. 
what is intuitive eating

Let’s get more in depth on the principles of this specific type of eating plan. 

Everything you need to know about Intuitive Eating

So, I made a promise to myself that “I will be following Intuitive Eating for a week or 10 Days” with the hope that “This practice will become a part of my life.” You should stay consistent but still enjoy and treat yourself once in a while to prevent yourself from rebounding back into eating unhealthy foods which can cause inflammation. 

There are few things that I learned, and you’re going to love my journey too, Boom!

I love Rice - I wouldn't feel full without rice 

I wanted to  follow the Keto Diet, and I had to say “Good-Bye” to  Rice, unless it was maybe one rice cake with little addons.  But that's not the case anymore, and I enjoy Rice now with the help of a new “Eating Habit.”

 I started taking a bowl full of brown rice with half of my normal portion  with “Fresh Veggies, Fried Egg Whites, and Soy Sauce.” Throughout my journey of 10 days, I concentrated on the foods that used to be off-limit and honestly it was fun following this habit without any guilt. 

I have no clue why I enjoyed eating “rice,” it might be because my body was craving  Rice, since it was a large part of my culture or this was the side effect of restricting myself for “not eating” Rice in the past, when following strict calorie count diets that prepare you with foods that are mostly frozen.  

Eating Good Food is Fun


One of the best things that you get during the “Intuitive Eating” is; you’re allowed to reach out foods that you stopped eating in the past. 

For instance, I always loved eating “Chocolate Cake,” and due to my eating habits, I was unable to eat it. But, all thanks to my new habit, now I am eating it with Fun along with the smoothie because it sounds good. I limit the actual amount and exercise with a target step count of 10,000 steps a day.

What worked best was instead of starving myself. I just decided to reduce my portion sizes while staying consistent with exercise and if I missed a day of exercise, I would go for a 15 minute walk after dinner. 

But, that doesn’t mean that you stop eating other foods and concentrate only on the foods that you left long ago. It’s about continuing your diet with “these foods” because you can’t let your body not enjoy healthy eating as well. 

You can make a daily food choice by following other diets because you can’t always stay restricted about your “Diet.”

Live life because you only get it once. 

Hunger Signals are a mess

what are hunger signals

There’s a simple rule of “Intuitive Eating,” just feed yourself when you’re hungry. In these ten days, I have started feeding myself with what I love, and guess what?

I am completely satisfied with what I did, however I wasn’t reaching for garbage either. I was meal prepping for the week incorporating foods that I love but tracking my macro nutrients along with the average amount of target calories I aimed to eat during the day including whatever calorie burn I would achieve by exercising or bike riding or walking. 

Eating food for Fun is everyone’s dream, but figuring out when to eat was the “Most Challenging” part for me. Don’t eat when you're bored or stressed but rather when your body is telling you that you are hungry. Try to restrict meals after a certain time, and drink a full glass of water prior to your meal. This could actually make you feel fuller faster, helping you lose weight in the process. 

Sometimes, I’d stop eating my food and suddenly realize after 10 minutes that “I was Still Hungry.” And, sometimes, I don’t eat enough the whole day without even realizing my “Hunger.”

The process is a little complex for me. But, with the help of “Intuitive Eating,” I am choosing what I love to eat and when to eat but incorporating the right amount of calories per day along with staying consistent with walking or exercising and I’m far from an Olympic athlete, the treadmill and a few free weights was good enough to keep a steady exercise routine. 

Not Ready For Acceptance

what are the benefits of intuitive eating

This might be the hardest part of the “New Eating Habit” because after so much hard work on “Dieting,” you finally start to eat what you love. But, you’ll still feel a handsome amount of anxiety that “you shouldn’t be eating all this stuff,” and everything is going to be all “In-vein.” 

But, you can cope with anxiety by doing different stuff and keep yourself busy in keeping a “Daily Workout Routine”. I usually do “writing” and talk about “How I feel about the people I'm close-to.” I love reading books and learning about health and wellness. 

Nowadays, I am feeling very great about myself, and I have started to accept myself “the way I am.” I no longer look in the mirror and judge myself but except myself for who I am and what I can do to take control of my own health by making smarter decisions with regards to food, mental wellness and exercise, which essentially helped me with my anxiety as well. 

Things are going to take time

The experiment was completely worth it because you can’t just say “good-bye” to your 10-20 years of habits in 10 days. 

But honestly, these ten days were a great delight for me, and you can give “Intuitive Eating” a try too. I also believe that you might need the help of a “therapist” because they will help you understand the core concepts of eating habits, reasons of why I would eat out of being bored, or stressed are now things of the past. Find someone you could talk to and trust and this will set the standard to have an accountability partner. 

I will continue adopting this habit, but before I continue my journey, I might need to engage my accountability partner to keep me on track. Over eating could be related to so many different factors so don’t be hard on yourself and realize that you are made unique and special in your own way. 

But, believe me, you are going to love every bit of “Intuitive Eating.” Give it a try from today, and you’ll end up getting rid of being sensitive about your diet and the guilty feeling associated with food and diet. 

Have any questions regarding the topic? Feel free to comment down below. If you found this helpful, please share it with a friend or family member. For more articles on health and wellness - To your health!

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