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September 14, 2018

If you’re feeling particularly irritable, it’s not your fault. It’s your gut’s. It’s irritable, and doing much more than stopping you from eating junk food.

50 to 70% of the people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome are depressed. Gut health therefore is directly related to your mental health and wellbeing. You don’t have to wait for Science to advance to extremities to tackle bloating – it’s a feat easily and naturally performed. Here’s a list of things you can do to force air out of your belly balloon without having to stick ‘em with the pointy end!

Netflix and Swill

We’ve all heard of Netflix and Chill, but chilling is the last thing people do while binging on their favorite Netflix shows. What most people do is eat. And munch. And chew and gulp and swallow. Netflix and swill – that’s what most people do. Overeating leads to bloating – no surprises there.

Eat slowly and chew ever more slowly to ensure that you don’t eat your own weight. Eating, too, is a sacred game that you don’t want to turn into bust stories.

Water, Water Everywhere – but Not a Drop to Drink?

Find someone who can encourage you to stay hydrated! Water aids lysis – the more water there is in your body, the better the breakdown of your digested substances. One the other hand, lack of water means more undigested particles to keep your belly afloat and abloat. In case you lose motivation, think of Jason Momoa as Aqua-man and perhaps you won’t hate water anymore.

The Hateful Eight

Dairy products, fizzy drinks, fatty foods, everything fried, gluten, sugar and artificial sweeteners – these ingredients cause more damage to your gut than all the bad guys in a Tarantino movie combined. There are always going to be foods which your body is incompatible with – consult with a doctor to be on your guard against them.

Fiber and Favors

Not enough fiber in your gut leads directly to bloating – and it also pisses off the good bacteria down there helping break it down. Consume high-fiber foods or invest in a probiotic powder to win favor with these bacteria!

Encroaching Enzymes

Your body has enzymes but they’re not enough – and when there aren’t enough enzymes to aid in metabolism your tummy puffs up like an angry porcupine fish. Luckily for you, you can take high quality digestive enzyme supplements.

If you’ve tried all these and are still having a tough time micromanaging those microbes, you can get in touch with a professional and sort it out!

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