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September 12, 2018

Everyone has a gut – but does everyone have the guts to maintain one?

Micro biomes in your digestive tract and your diet together influence guts and bowels.  Favoritism isn’t just injurious in classrooms – it’s sure to mess up your digestion if you favor one set of bacteria over the other.  Indigestion doesn’t necessarily bring enlightenment, but it does disclose which bacteria you’ve wronged.

Here’s what you can do to keep your gut from being gutted – and remember, #BacteriaLivesMatter!

Good-for-the-Gut Snacks on the Go

It’s easy focusing on your diet when you’re home and keeping close to friendly foods which favor the less harmful, fiber-braking bacteria. But when you’re out and hungry, grabbing the nearest edible seems like the best option. Want to know a better option? Carry with you a healthier option for your gut – invest in a bag or in a large pocket and fill it with nuts, or even chopped veggies.

Instant Fiber!

Eating vegetables and fruits is hard work – because they’re so hard to digest. Which is why most people don’t like them much and sustain on low fiber foods, or they rely on digestive supplements.

Fiber however is a must, and if you think munching on fruits isn’t fruitful, you can drink them instead! We don’t mean you need to carry gallons of juice with you – just a prebiotic powder which can be mixed and like a magic potion out of Harry Potter’s world be ready in a jiffy.

Digestion and Depression Go Hand in Hand

Somebody really ought to write 13 reasons why indigestion is due to depression. Because when you’re stressed out, you tend to binge – either on eating excessively, or on eating too little. In any case, you eat recklessly when depressed. Remember those underpaid bacteria we talked about, which digest your food for you? Your jagged eating habits might upset the good’uns. Meditate, then, listen to good music, or do anything which alleviates your stress. 

Have an Apple a Day, and Don’t Keep the Doctor Away

As far as you’re not a lone girl in the woods accepting poisoned apples from evil witches, apples (and most other fruits) are great for your gut health. However, don’t shun the doctor. Nobody but a professional who understands how your body works can give you better advice.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes keep your gut in check, but if you think things are still not going right for your gut, try getting digestive support, or dial 855-445-0080 to get in touch with Enzymatic Vitality today!

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