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January 09, 2019

Keto supplements are primarily used for weight loss, appetite control, and keto flu treatment applications. However, they have one other very significant, although not so common use: to help athletes perform better and longer.

Athletes are continuously required to push their limits. Every time they step in the training facility, they must train harder. Every time they are on the field, they have to push harder. As a result, they must also recover faster.

All this requires vast amounts of energy.

Typically, athletes depend on their glycogen stores to keep them energized and focused during training and while competing. It’s why they consume foods that are highly rich in carbohydrates. However, anyone who is even a little bit familiar with human biochemistry and how the human body keeps up with its energy demands knows that glycogen can at times be limited in supply.

The result: a tired athlete, a second too-extra clocked on the stopwatch, and decreasing endurance.

If only athletes could tap into a secondary energy source that would give them that boost to push their limits.

Enter ketones.

Derived from fats through the process of ketogenesis, ketones are small energy molecules that the human body produces and utilizes when it’s low on glucose or glycogen. Their production is part of a natural response triggered in reaction to the excess energy needs of the human body.

Ketones can serve as great alternative energy resources to glycogen. However, when combined WITH glycogen, they can help athletes take their performance to the next level.

The problem is that the formation of ketones in the human body cannot be controlled unless an athlete goes on a keto diet.

Going on a keto diet is simply not an option for athletes, however, as this will mean they will have to surrender their carbohydrate intake.

So, what can athletes do in this instance?

This is where keto supplements can help.

Keto supplements are exogenous ketones. They can either be derived from plants or animals. Taking keto supplements can help athletes boost their ketone levels without having to rely on the human body to naturally produce them.

The best part?

Keto supplements are completely natural, so athletes don’t have to worry about taking something that’s considered illegal. Also, they’re completely safe.

With ketones and glycogen to count on, athletes can have access to a vast amount of energy which can help them train harder, perform longer, and recover faster.

Other advantages of taking ketone supplements are:

  • They can help athletes reduce body fat
  • They can lowerblood lactic acid levels
  • They can reduce reactive oxygen species and free radicals in muscle tissues

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