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April 12, 2020

what are the best supplements online for health and wellness

Zinc for coronavirus ? Many people are wondering why this essential health supplement could help boost their immune system rapidly. But what are the benefits of Zinc and could it actually help? In this article we are going to discuss why zinc should be a part of your daily regimen whether taken in a multivitamin supplement online or zinc taken by itself. 

Zinc is considered one of the most essential nutrients that could affect your overall health. 

Zinc and iron supplements for health are essential but let’s focus on Zinc health benefits - Zinc is the second most available mineral in your body being used on many levels and helps over 1000 different functions on health and wellness at a cellular level.  Here is the research to supportthis data

Zinc is widely used in the best health vitamins and supplements online and are widely used to help with various issues to support immunity. 

Data has revealed that Zinc supplements can increase immune strength and support blood glucose levels, along with helping prevent cardiovascular disease and an easy way to keep skin free from acne and keep you far from having to wear glasses if taken for years due to its powerful benefits as a natural eye supplement. 

Let’s touch some of the different types of Zinc that are readily available, where it comes from and which doses of zinc can help along with possible side effects and possible coronavirus tips from a natural approach. 

What is the best type of Zinc Supplement

There is a distinction and question to which type of zinc supplement you should use and it should be noted that there are various forms of Zinc available.

Different zinc supplements can potentially work differently in the body, the same goes for something like probiotic supplements. One strain may work differently than another. One strain of probiotic can affect mental health while another strain of probiotics may stop bloating.

The same goes for which is the best zinc supplement to buy online. 

Each form of zinc may help the body react in a different way - not all vitamin supplements are created equal and always remember when reading the label of a supplement that you are looking for that one specific zinc supplement that has the specific amino acids and gluconate which is better to fight the common cold, flu and a combination of vitamin c for coronavirus, while there is no evidence of this, we know that in countries all over the world they were giving patients Vitamin C for coronavirus and vitamin c for coronavirus. I personally believe this was specifically because we have no cure and doctors wanted to boost the immune system fast.

Since there is no cure at this time for coronavirus symptoms, the best thing you could do from a natural approach is to boost your immune system by giving it essential antioxidants that it needs to survive. 

Coronavirus tips range from wearing a mask that fully covers your nose and mouth. Making a homemade mask, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap, keeping your hands away from your face and limiting your exposure to other people unless absolutely necessary or when your city or state give you direction that it is safe to be around other people.

 Zinc for coronavirus and an immune complex or antioxidants are other great ways to strengthen your immune system fast, especially if you are at a higher risk whether it's because of your age, you have breathing problems like asthma, high blood pressure, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis or an autoimmune disease. 

The common way to keep yourself on the right track through a natural approach is to use supplements that could potentially help you fight off sickness. This is certainly not medical advice but we care about people and this is why we are going to go into more benefits of zinc supplements backe by research.  

Below are several different forms of Zinc supplements online

  • Zinc gluconate is widely used to treat the common cold and flu symptoms here is the research to support thathere.  
  • Zinc acetate is the better version for different forms of zinc supplements like zinc cold or zinc flu lozenges to shorten the length of your symptoms. Here is the research.  
  • Zinc Sulfate is more of a preventative form of zinc which helps people who are severely deficient in zinc, it is also amazing in helping clear skin and fighting off acne.Here is the research.
  • Zinc picolinate may be the best form of zinc for people who have a hard time absorbing supplements or people who are clinically deficient in zinc, this is certainly the best form for absorption purposes.Here is the research. 
  • Finally Zinc citrate is a zinc supplement which is much easier for absorption and actually better tasting if you are the type of person, especially in younger adults  that enjoy drinking your zinc supplement.Here is the research. 

The most cost effective zinc supplement online is “Zinc Gluconate” It is backed by research and it is fairly cheap in price. Many people wonder if taking a multivitamin is enough but the majority of the time - multivitamin supplements will provide you with a percentage of the daily limit you need, considering you absorb all of it and it's not released through urine. 

When buying a high quality zinc supplement online you may want to pick just that one specific supplement that will have a concentrated amount, sure it's more pills to take but the concentration may be much better than that of a multivitamin that contains zinc as a part of a multivitamin complex you buy online. 

I’m not a big fan of nasal sprays that actually contain zinc due to the fact that many people have reported adverse side effects like loss of smell which is something that could be very unpleasant. It is called Anosmia which essentially hurts your nasal passages. Here is the research. 

The bottom line: Zinc for coronavirus, Zinc for cold or Zinc for the Flu is a matter of just pure immune health and trying to fight these diseases naturally. The supplement itself is backed by encouraging research but the recommended way to utilize it is in capsule form. 

Benefits of Zinc 

  • Improved immune function using zinc
  • Helps the body fight inflammation
  • Can fight the common cold and viruseshere is the research
  • Antioxidant activity in Zinc Supplements can help reduce the effects of chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart failure and diabetes.Here is the research.

People at risk for diseases like coronavirus symptoms - or people who are 50 or older should consider zinc for coronavirus or other ailments do to the fact that one clinical trial showed people in the range of 50 years old and above who took 45 milligrams of Zinc Gluconate over the course of just one year significantly reduced inflammation and even had less recurrence of infections. 

Here is the research. 

Always ask your physician if taking zinc supplements are safe if you are taking any medications. 

Can Zinc Control Blood Glucose and Diabetes Symptoms

Zinc has well regulated studies that show how it can play a significant role in the control of blood sugar and the secretion of insulin which is just basically one hormone that acts as a catalyst to transport the blood sugar to your body.Here is the research. 

Zinc andBerberine supplements for glucose and ampk activation are a wonderful combination in helping people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Berberine by itself is so powerful that it has shown promise for thousands of years to reduce blood glucose. Now take that equation and add Zinc to your daily regimen and you are on your way to a natural approach of controlling blood glucose levels. 

Zinc and Clear Skin Backed by Research

Zinc is also another underrated supplement online when it comes to helping clear skin naturally. It has been known to help prevent acne and even people who have really bad acne andhere is the research

The Zinc for Acne that we like the best is Zinc Sulfate, based on the data that is publically available. Just 30 milligrams of zinc supplements can help treat inflammation that may cause acne. The next time you want to try a chemical treatment for acne, consider adding a zinc supplement online for clear skin.Here is the research. 

Reduced Risk For Heart Attack

We know that heart disease kills more people in the world than any other disease but there is a common distinction that people who suffer from heart disease have low levels of Zinc in their bodies.

The main reason Zinc is powerful for cardiovascular health is because it can lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol levels.Here is the research.

Zinc also helps lower blood pressure which is known as the silent killer because many people with hypertension don’t have any symptoms. The top number in high blood pressure was reduced when a person took Zinc supplements andhere is the research. 

In Conclusion: Zinc is an amazing supplement for immunity and it should be a part of your daily regimen. The benefits are too many to ignore, the ideal dosages 40 mg’s with little to no side effects for healthy people. 30 milligrams could be ideal depending on the type of Zinc dosage that you are looking for and the type of results you are trying to achieve. Personally 15-30 mg of Zinc in the elemental form is ideal. It’s best to stay below 50 mg of Zinc a day to prevent any nausea, diarrhea, gas or other unwanted side effects.

Was this article helpful? Give us your thoughts below in the comments section or consider sharing with a friend or family member you love. We thank you for reading and for more amazing health supplements and health news visit our website - To your health! Enzymatic Vitality

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