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March 21, 2020 2 Comments

Welcome to the topic “Healthy Eating – A Detailed Guide for Beginners”

healthy diet for beginners

The food you eat on a daily basis has a great impact on your health and quality of life. In fact, food can adversely affect your quality of life and longevity. Healthy foods and thebest superfood antioxidantshave been linked to longevity and lower risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes and inflammation. 

We’ve helped thousands of people with ourquality supplements online and articles on healthy eating and living though natural ways to fuel the body and to transform yourself into  the best version of you.

When you've got a great diet, you can enhance your brain and bodily function to help your immune system become a catalyst in preventing sickness.  In fact, foods affect all the organs and cells of your body. 

If you’re an athlete, then healthy eating is your way to go, because this will help you perform better. 

Bottom Line:From Brain Functionality to Physical Performance and immune health are all critical components from healthy eating while usingsupplements online with antioxidants.  

Let’s explain “Energy and Calorie Balance” to help you understand the true definition of “Healthy Eating.”

Energy and Calorie Balance

how many calories should i consume a day

The athletes, fitness gurus and health enthusiasts have worked extremely hard to know and understand the importance of Calorie and Energy balance along with proper nutrient absorption through the use of quality digestive enzyme supplements. You can eat all of the healthy food in the world but if you're not properly absorbing the minerals and vitamins the foods contain, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. 

The first step and highly underrated supplement to go along with healthy eating is a 3rd party tested digestive enzyme supplement like “Digest Matrix” by Enzymatic Vitality. 

These essential enzymes help you get the most out of your healthy eating journey by breaking down each and every particle to properly absorb the food and nutrition your body needs to remain strong. 

You don’t have to pay attention to calorie intake every time depending on the circumstances and your goals, but it’s extremely important to limit your calorie intake in order to control weight and improve health if you want to lose weight. 

 It largely depends on what goals you are looking to attain, simple math tells you to track your calories and if you are burning more calories or at least half of what you eat by exercising with cardio, you can lose weight naturally. 

If you put more calories in your stomach than you’re burning, then you’re possibly storing it as a new muscle or body fat. And if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you’ll witness “your fat fading away.” If your goal is to maintain weight, but burn fat naturally then consider a vegan fat burner by Enzymatic Vitality.This organic fat burning supplement has no fillers, its 3rd party tested and is loaded with antioxidants without making you feel jittery. It's great especially for people that follow a diet high in healthy fats. 

If you want to make fats disappear from your body, you should aim for high intensity workouts or even speed walking at 2.0 mph on a treadmill in combination with, lower carb intake and higher protein intake. 

 Additionally, if you’re trying to gain weight, then paying attention towards “eating more calories” than you burn is what we recommend if you want to bulk up healthy eating, introduce more poultry, lean meat and whey protein to your diet. 

One of the best whey protein powder that we have tried personally which mixes well is “Ghost Cereal Milk 100% Whey Protein”. This is just our personal opinion but I think it mixes very well with peanut butter, almonds, fruits, almond milk, water and it does not make you feel bloated. This will give you about 25grams of protein per serving for a low calorie part of your healthy eating journey. 

Bottom Line:Calories and Energy Balance is always important if you want to live a healthy life but consider mixing healthy proteins, vegetables and only3rd party tested supplements

Understanding the concept of Macro-nutrients

what are macro nutrients

The mainstream macro-nutrients are Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats. 

Our body needs all the healthy macro nutrients in a “Large Amounts” because they help us perform various functions perfectly. 

Here are some foods that have the macro nutrients shown above. 

  • Carbs:All of the starchy foods include carbs in it, such as bread, pasta, and potatoes. Additionally, fruits, juice with natural sugar and some dairy products have carbs in them as well. 
  • Protein:The main sources of getting proteins are meat, fish, eggs, poultry, beans and whey protein. 
  • Fats: To enrich your body with “healthy fats,” you can go for nuts, seeds, oil, coconut oil, cheese, avocados and a lot of other foods.

Another question that must be hitting your mind is “How much macro nutrients should I take per day?” and the answer is “It completely depends on your lifestyle and health goals. 

Bottom Line:There are three main micro nutrients known as “Protein, Fats and Carbs” that you need in a large amount in order to let your body perform every function properly. 

Eating Whole Food

what are the best super foods to eat

Guess what? Eating whole food is important for your “healthy eating” and you should aim to consume at least 80-90% of the whole food. 

If you don’t know about “Whole Food?” then this term generally describes unprocessed, natural and fresh foods.

If the product seems to be made in a factory or processed in packaging with ingredients you don't understand, then you can’t really label it as a “Whole Food.”

Natural food means they have “lower energy density” and have “fewer calories,” but they enrich your body with great nutrients per servings than processed food. 

When we compare “Whole Food” with “Processed Food” then many processed foods have fewer nutrients value and they are referred to as “Empty Calories.”

Eating Processed Food means that you’re exposing your body to face the heat of “Obesity and Other Diseases largely due to the saturated and trans fats that are in processed foods. 

Bottom Line:If you want to stay in good health and shape for a longer period of time, then adopting the habit of consuming Whole Food is what we recommend for the best diet plans to follow. 

Foods for Vitality

top ten foods for healthy fats

Always try and eat the rainbow, your foods should be colorful and try to incorporate vegetables, this is essential to helping your body fight infections, viruses and if you don’t want to eat them, consider drinking them in a smoothie. 

  • Vegetables:If you want to enjoy “Excessive Amount of Micronutrients and Fiber” then there’s no better option than Vegetables for you, rich in vitamin k , magnesium and several other antioxidants the body needs. They are low in calories but provide you with numerous health benefits. 
  • Fruits: According toresearch, fruits are a great source of getting antioxidants and micronutrients that can help you improve your health. 
  • Chicken and Fish: Every single person nowadays knows that “Chicken and Fish” are a great source of protein and healthy fat. So, to enrich your body with protein, there’s no better option than Chicken and Fish. If your Vegan diet is a priority, consider beans, tofu and other healthy sources of protein. 
  • Nuts and Seeds: You can’t ignore Nuts and Seeds because if you want to enjoy “Unique and Best Fats Resources of micronutrients,” then nuts and seeds are the must things to eat. 
  • Egg whites: Eating two egg whites a day can help you get powerful amounts of protein and B vitamins without the unnecessary cholesterol, beneficial fats, and micronutrients. It is also considered as one of the “Super Foods” for a healthy eating and protein sources low in cholesterol. 

A few foods listed below could be a good option if you're not lactose intolerant and don’t have any issues with lectins which some people speculate are unhealthy for your body over the long term. The research is still out and we still love the choices below. 


  • Healthy Starches
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juice
  • Herbs like turmeric and berberine that are super supplements

Bottom Line:Your diet should largely consist of eating colorful and fresh, if you're someone that is on the go or often traveling and you don't have time to meal prep. Consider taking a high quality superfood to supplement what your body may be missing. 

Foods to Avoid

which foods have saturated fat

There are certain foods that you should avoid taking on a daily basis. Let’s break down the names:

  • Sugar-Based Products:A lot of sugary drinks can lead you towards different “diseases” such as Obesity and Level 2 Diabetes. You can confirm that it's backed by researchhere! 
  • Trans Fats: These types of fats are known as “Hydrogenated Fats” and taking too much of Trans fats can lead you towards serious diseases such as “Heart Disease.” This is the leading cause of death in 1 in 3 people in the world. 
  • Refined Carbs:Foods that are high in Refined Carbs must be avoided because they aren’t good for your health. Avoid using tons of white bread and/or white rice as these refined carbs in large amounts turn into sugar in the blood leading to obesity and metabolic diseases. 
  • Hot dogs that have nitrates, processed meat like pepperoni and ham. Everything in moderation is important. Treat yourself once in a while but try to switch it up, this could be critical to your health. 

Bottom Line:We aren’t asking you to not treat yourself once in a while, but the more unhealthy food you consume over time, the body starts to crave it over time and the same acts in reverse nature. Healthy eating will keep you craving for healthy eating. 

So that’s all from the topic “Healthy Eating – A Detailed Guide for Beginners” and if you’ve any questions in mind, then feel free to comment down below. 

Also, don’t forget to check out our blog at for exciting and informative topics. Also check out our Amazon storefor deals on our top selling 3rd party health supplements online.

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