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June 29, 2019 3 Comments

Can you take digestive enzymes with vitamins?

Digestive enzymes are one of the most essential proteins which are required by our body. The question can I take digestive enzymes with vitamins is commonly questioned.  It helps in the break down of vital nutrients needed by our body and the complex macromolecules into smaller compounds so that it can help the body better with nutrient intake and increased mineral activity in the blood. 

Many people often times complain about stomach upset when taking a multivitamin not knowing that if they incorporated a high qualityDigest Matrix with their vitamins, they may not feel so sick. You see some of the best green drinks and even higher quality vitamins may have a small amount of enzymes supplements in their formulas because these companies how critical it is to include the Digest Matrix blend into their formulas so that customers are not just paying for something that is not being absorbed properly.  

digest matrix           

Digestive enzymes are made naturally by our bodies but unfortunately as we age the body losing its natural ability to produce thesecritical enzymes which leads to nutrient deficiencies and potential health problems associated with low levels of trace minerals and critical vitamins which may not be found in modern day foods due to the pesticides and hormones that are now used in the modern day diet. Gut health is where roughly 80% of our immune systems live. No matter how healthy you eat and how much you exercise if your stomach health is not in check, then you may be in for a rude awakening in years to come. 

Then what are vitamins? Vitamins consist of various proteins and mineral compounds which is required in certain amounts by the body for the sake of proper functioning and better metabolism of the body. However, if these vitamin supplements are not taken with a properdigest matrix complex, then you might just literally be throwing your money down the drain if you are paying for a high quality multivitamin. 

Reasons for taking digestive enzyme supplements with your vitamins and diet.

There are various studies that show a lack of sufficient enzyme deficiency can lead to the various issues we list below which can be potentially prevented if we act proactively instead of reactively when it comes to overall general health. 

  •   Irritable bowel syndrome
  •   Heartburn
  •   Ulcerative colitis
  •   Crohn’s disease and many more 

If you are still unaware of the fact that how essential vitamins are for our body, I will suggest you have a glance below:

  •   Vitamin A-Helps in the formation of the teeth, bones, and muscles.
  •   Vitamin B6- Formation of RBCs and brain cells 
  •   Vitamin B12-Helps in metabolism
  •   Vitamin C-Provides and maintains healthy gums and teeth
  •   Vitamin D-Helps in maintaining proper blood levels of calcium and phosphorus
  •   Vitamin E-It is a tocopherol, helps in the formation of red blood cells 
  •   Vitamin K-Improves bone health

Gaining too much weight? Looking old? Hurry up! Go and follow the keto diet which is a high protein and high fat diet which helps put the body into a state of ketosis to help lose your stubborn fat and look and feel better. Thousands of people who follow a Ketogenic diet also take a high quality digestive enzyme supplement to ensure they are able to digest this high volume of proteins and healthy fats.Keto diet supplements can potentially help with some of the issues below. 

  •  Heart disease- Helps in reducing HDL, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure 
  •  Chronic Disease- recent research suggests that keto burn ultra supplements high in polyphenols can help fight free radicals which could potentially reduce the risk of certain types of disease.
  •  Alzheimer‘s disease- helps in recovering the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease
  •  Epilepsy- can reduce the problems of epilepsy to a greater extent and some studies suggest that keto diets can be highly beneficial. 
  •  Parkinson’s disease- it also helps in improving the signs of Parkinson's syndrome
  •  Polycystic ovary syndrome- it helps in reducing the insulin level in the body 
  •  Brain surgery – helps in recovery after any brain damage or injuries
  •  Acne –eating food with less oil and sugar.

Dos and don’ts in the ketogenic diet:

If anyone is still planning for quick weight loss and fat burn technique, here’s a small solution:

Avoid eating foods with high carbohydrate content, grainy and starchy food, oily food and alcohol consumption, etc., instead replace all the above with healthy proteinaceous foods like meat, egg whites,  low carb foods, green vegetables and lots of water consumption. 

Start your journey by utilizing high quality keto supplements anddigestive probiotics in your daily diet. For expert, suggestions connect to  Take charge of your health today and visit our blog for more reasons to start feeling better today.

To your health!

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3 Responses


December 22, 2020

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May 03, 2020

Yes, in fact I take a digest matrix with a whole food multivitamin. You see our bodies make enzymes naturally but as we age we lose the ability to produce them causing heartburn, acid reflux and so I personally take the digestive enzyme right before my meal and the multivitamin after my meal. Thank you so much for your comment Abukar.

Abukar Hagi
Abukar Hagi

May 03, 2020

Can you take multivitamins with digestive enzymes that contain lipase, protease, and amylase?

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