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June 30, 2019

Berberine HCL– A Super Supplement With Various Health Benefits

This powerful compound called berberine is one of the most effective natural supplements on the market and for good reason. 

It has a wide variety of many health benefits, and affects your body in both fighting inflammation naturally and controlling the molecular compounds keeping them in tact.

Berberine has been used for thousands of years in indian and chinese remedies to lower blood sugar, promote healthy weight loss and improve heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and even helping people who suffer from gastrointestinal issues like, Gerd, Heartburn, IBS and even stomach bloating.

It is one of the supplements shown to be as effective as a pharmaceutical grade drugs as research suggests due to its powerful compounds. 

Below is a detailed overview of the various reasons you should be including a high quality berberine supplement as apart of your daily regimen of vitamins and minerals. 

What Is Berberine? and can berberine be taken long term?

Berberine 1200 mgs is a maximum strength compound that can be extracted from plants called berberis. Some of these plants include - goldenseal, goldthread, barberry and even tree turmeric just to name a few.

Many people don’t know that berberine is actually just an all natural alkaloid that has powerful antioxidants. Its natural yellow color can even be used as a dye for all natural products. 

Did you know that Berberine has been used for thousands of years as a traditional chinese medicine? Actually in China it can be purchased over the counter as a treatment for gastrointestinal infections along with helping prevent diarrhea. 

There are several modern studies on even NCBI that show the efficacy and powerful effects thatberberine supplementation can have on overall health. 

So why is Berberine good for you?

Hundreds of different studies show that this natural alkaloid can potentially prevent and even treat many health issues that we utilize traditional over the counter medicines for. 

If your going to decide to take a berberine supplement we suggest 1200 mgs and you can even take one capsule of 600mgs to see how your body reacts to this powerful antioxidant. 

Berberine supplements have the ability to bind to different molecular cells and change their function helping rid your body of free radicals. This process can be compared to the process of traditional pharmaceutical drugs, thus the reason there are currently hundreds of articles testing its beneficial compounds. 

Without getting to complicated Berberine supplements have the power to activate a specific enzyme inside of the bodies cells called AMPK, which is also known as the main tool inside of your body that helps support healthy metabolism. 

AMPK which is activated by berberine in a more powerful way is found in cells all over our bodies including the liver, heart, brain, stomach and kidneys. Since berberine hcl activates this powerful enzyme it helps in regulating our metabolism to reduce weight and control bad cholesterol. 

Does berberine lower blood sugar?

We know that people who suffer from type 2 diabetes is very serious and a disease that has become a major factor in everyday living for millions of people causing deaths due to a wide variety of health issues associated with having diabetes. 

When elevated blood (glucose) levels are too high or problems that are caused by insulin resistance or even a lack of insulin in the body. 

As time passes, elevated blood sugar levels can ruin the body’s tissues and vital organs, leading to various health problems and eventually death. 

Hundreds of studies show thatberberine hcl can significantly reduce blood sugar levels in people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. There is even some research that is readily available that shows that berberine could be as effective in reducing blood sugar levels to the popular diabetes medication called Metformin. 

But how does Berberine work so well for diabetes?

  • It helps by decreasing insulin resistance which helps the blood sugar hormone insulin much more effective.
  • Berberine can even help with glycolysis, assisting the break down of sugars inside cells of the body. 
  • It also decreases the production of sugar which can be stored in the liver. 
  • Assists in slowing down the ability of carbohydrates to be broken down in the gut.
  • Helps assist the gut by producing healthy bacteria preventing overgrowth and intestinal infections.

Did you know that in a study conducted including 116 patients with diabetes and they were given 1 gram ofberberine each day and the results showed that blood sugar while fasting was reduced by 20%. The fascinating part of this study was that berberine supplements also reduced hemoglobin A1c by 12% as well. 

This is a game changer for people who don’t believe in traditional medicine and want to take a more homeopathic approach to this disease. 

There are currently 14 different studies and more to come that show that berberine supplements can be as effective as oral diabetes drugs. The current evidence is overwhelming that high quality berberine hcl can have a ton of beneficial effects on overall health. 

Can Berberine help you lose weight?

Berberine also functions as a natural weight loss supplement due to its powerful compounds that increase metabolic function and help increase fat loss in addition to body mass index levels. 

The scientists conducting these studies believe that the high amount of reduction in weight was caused by improved function hormones that regulate fat - some examples include - insulin, adiponectin as well as leptin.

Berberine supplementation can also inhibit the growth of fat cells which is critical in keeping the bad fat at bay, which can clog arteries and increase the risk of heart disease. 

Can Berberine prevent heart disease?

The number one cause of death in human beings in this world is heart disease. Let’s discuss howberberine supplements could potentially reduce your risks of bad total cholesterol and heart attack. 

Many factors that we measure the risk of heart disease can be done through a series of blood tests along with tests like EKG’s and EchoCardiograms, just to name a few. 

Berberine HCL has been shown to reduce the factors that can contribute to heart disease. 

There were 11 studies that were conducted that provided some of the highlights below. 

  • Berberine helped lower total cholesterol by 0.61 mmol/L which is pretty significant. 
  • Berberine helped reduce bad cholesterol by 0.65 mmol/L.
  • Berberine dropped triglycerides in the blood by 0.50 mmol.
  • Berberine also increased good cholesterol that is associated with a healthier heart. 

Studies even show thatberberine supplements work by reducing an enzyme called PCSK9 which removed the bad cholesterol from the bloodstream. We must keep in mind that while taking supplements can be a good addition to healthy living.

We should still follow a healthy diet and even take the time to walk or exercise everyday. Even if your strapped for time, try grabbing just ten minutes to go for a walk which could work in combination with high quality berberine supplements for optimal health.

For more information about our premium berberine supplements, check out our blog or see our wide selection of premium health supplements on Amazon.

To Your Health!

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