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August 21, 2019 8 Comments

Can Digestive Enzymes Help With Weight Loss ? How can digestive enzymes help you lose weight ?


Digestive enzymes are critical in healthy digestion, these vital supplements for digestive health assist the body in nutrient absorption and even possible weight loss. 

The numerous tasks your body goes through to obtain nutrients after eating is very complex. If your gut health is not in check you can feel sluggish, tired and before you realize it, malnutrition is on its way.


The reason enzymes for digestion like Digest Matrixby Enzymatic Vitality are so effective at helping improve gut health and aiding in weight loss is due to the 18 different enzymes it contains. 


Most people who find themselves overweight or feeling sluggish may have an enzyme deficiency. This decline in natural enzymes are often destroyed when we cook our foods and they play a critical role in overall health. If your asking yourself “ can digestive enzymes help with constipation and weight loss, first let's look at why they are so effective. 


Over time following unhealthy eating habits along with little exercise and poor nutrient absorption can put stress on the liver and pancreas, stomach and so many other vital organs. 


Digestive enzyme supplements like Digest Matrix help you break down food properly so that you can not only reduce constipation, bloating and symptoms of IBS. The pancreas produces enzymes but our bodies continue to deplete the enzymes as the years pass. These critical molecules are needed to properly digest food and convert the food into the essential amino acids and vitamins our bodies need. 


They can also help you lose weight due to properly digesting food and having regular bowel movements along with a powerful enzyme called lipase which is a fat burning enzyme.  Lipase is a powerful enzyme for its properties that help take fat and convert it into energy in the large intestine to support your weight loss journey. 


Poor eating habits can trigger a vicious cycle of poor gut health, reduced immune function and a lack of energy. Do you ever feel exhausted after eating, bloated and find yourself reaching for another cup of coffee? 


This may be due to an enzyme deficiency and as a result your body is working extra hard trying to pull whatever enzymes it has left to try and digest all the carbs, fats, proteins ,grains and fruits we eat everyday. 


Taking a high quality digestive enzyme supplement can be a game changer for you. The science behind utilizing premium enzymes like Digest Matrix is pretty simple.


You pick a plant based enzyme that has a matrix of all the necessary digestive enzymes you need to properly digest food, help burn fat and reduce bloating and constipation. 

Some of the issues below are the reason you might find yourself falling asleep after eating a meal. 


  • Eating foods that are highly processed
  • Foods that are high in preservatives and low in nutrients
  • Large amounts of unhealthy carbohydrates like french fries
  • The final and most utilized culprit is fast food 


This is the reason a quality digestive enzyme can help you prevent irritable bowel syndrome - bad nutrient absorption, gas,  bloating and weight gain. 

How to have more bowel movements

Enzyme deficiency can  lead to weight gain and bloating.  It is also a common cause of inflammation in the body thus causing your metabolism to slow down. This is another reason why Digest Matrixis so helpful in helping you lose weight while going more often and feeling less tired after meals. This added energy along with regular bowel movements is a natural approach to weight loss. 

Did you know that a normal human colon can hold 10 pounds of stool that is usually impacted and causing the waste to build up? In order to lose weight naturally, you need to ensure that you are digesting food properly. 

Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics

digestive enzymes with probiotics

Diets that are filled with harmful fast foods can ruin the good bacteria and microorganisms that currently exist in your digestive tract. If your gut microbiome is out of whack your immune system will be compromised and this will create a new host of problems like autoimmune diseases and stomach diseases as well. 

Enzymatic Vitalityhas an amazing digestive enzyme with probiotics that can withhold stomach acid and the probiotics in this 3rd party tested formula can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees fahrenheit so adding a premium digestive enzyme supplements to your daily routine could potentially change your life. 

What are the Best Enzymes For Digestion ?

What is Amylase used to break down ? 


This Digest Matrix blend uses Amylase to help  break down carbohydrates, like starch and helps in converting them to simple sugars. Having a deficiency in amylase enzymes can be a direct result of undigested carbs which can contribute to intestinal illness putting stress on your large intestine and stomach along with diarrhea. 


Taking Digest Matrix which also has the amylase supplement in the formulation can assist with the digestive process in breaking down carbohydrates appropriately. 

Protease Enzymes

This amazing enzyme found in Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality  is the core enzyme which helps break down protein and converts protein into amino acids which are essential for physical and mental health.  When we get older, the pancreas reduces its ability to produce protease enzymes. Leaving undigested proteins in the gut can also lead to weight gain and become toxic - causing inflammation and possibly colon cancer. 


Protease is one of the most essential enzymes you could buy and its found in Digest Matrix. Modern day diets love proteins and fats. People who follow the Keto Diet should definitely incorporate Digest Matrix into their daily routine as well since the Keto Diet is high in fats and proteins. 

What are Lipase Enzymes ?


Lipase enzymes are also found in Digest Matrix, they help to  break down fat into fatty acids as well as glycerol. They assist the body in absorbing fat soluble nutrients like several vitamins - A, E, D and K as well as fatty acids just to name a few benefits of this fat burning enzyme. 


If your body has low levels of  lipase enzymes which are also found in Digest Matrix, and if undigested these fats can also become carcinogenic and lead to fatty stools. 

Lipase is an amazing fat burning enzyme for people who follow a Keto Diet and even just love fatty foods, let's face it we want to treat ourselves once in a while but we have to make sure we are properly digesting those fatty foods using lipase enzymes for fat burn. 


If you want a high quality lipase supplement, look no further - Enzymatic Vitality has you covered, both our Digestive Probiotic and Digest Matrix formula contain the lipase enzyme which you can buy enzymes online from our website or even on

Digest Matrix is such a critical digestive enzyme because stomach disorders like leaky gut syndrome, diverticulosis and lactose intolerance can all potentially be prevented by being proactive living a healthy lifestyle and utilizing a super enzyme like Digest Matrix.


Always ensure you check with your Physician before taking any health supplement to confirm that there will be no interactions with your current medications and digestive enzymes.  

The Best Brand of Digestive Enzymes 

When checking look for a supplement that's plant based like Digest Matrix which contains 18 powerful enzymes for digestion and nutrient absorption. The following enzymes can be found in our formula making it one of the most potent enzymes to buy online. 

  • Protease 1 20,000 HUT
  • Protease 2 4,000 HUT
  • Aspergillopepsin 100 SAPU
  • Amylase 5,000 DU
  • Lipase 1,250 FIP
  • Cellulase Enzyme 500 CU
  • Glucoamylase Enzyme 50 AGU
  • Invertase Enzyme 200 SU
  • Alpha Galactosidase Enzyme 50 GaIU
  • Beta-Glucanase Enzyme 65 BGU
  • Pectinase 16.9 PGU
  • Xylanase Enzyme 250 XU
  • Phytase Enzyme 10 FTU
  • Hemicellulase Enzyme 1,000 HCU
  • Lactase Enzymes 500 ALU
  • Bromelain Benefits as well 500,000 PU
  • Papain Enzymes 500,000 PU
  • Peptidase Enzymes 160 DPPIV

    In summary Digestive Enzyme Supplements are projected to surpass 30 billion purchases by the year 2025 and for good reason. The numereous health benefits associated with Digest Matrix are amazing. 

    If you found this article helpful, would you please share it with a friend or family member you care about. We love people and love a natural approach to health.

    For more amazing content visit us and even on where we have a wide variety of Probiotic Supplements, Digestive Enzymes, Blood Sugar Control and Immune Health, and Organic Keto Diet Supplements. 

    Thank you

    Enzymatic Vitality

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