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August 19, 2019

Do digestive enzymes prevent bloating?

Digestive enzyme supplements assist the body in breaking down the foods we eat and also help thousands of other processes in our bodies. In the event you have an intolerance which may be causing bloating, digestive health issues, nausea and things like irritable bowel syndrome. You may need a high quality digestive enzyme supplement


For example, Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality has a specific enzyme called lactase which helps people who suffer from the nasty symptoms of lactose intolerance. 


This premium enzyme supplement may be a great addition if you have some issues with drinking your favorite latte, or scared about how that ice cream is going to make you feel, while your out and about and about with your family. Lactase breaks down specific proteins that may be found in traditional milk, whey protein products, creams, yogurts and the list goes on. 



Digest Matrix also contains a potent essential enzyme called alpha-galactosidase. This enzyme has powerful benefits for people who enjoy foods like beans, veggies and carbs. People who love rice and potatoes with their meals should really consider an enzyme like Digest Matrix with alpha-galactosidase enzymes. 


This enzyme works by helping properly break down carbs and sugars that are converted by the body in these foods while taking stress off the pancreas and small intestine. 



One of the things we absolutely recommend is actually drinking enough water as well, being dehydrated can not only cause all sorts of health issues but the water softens the stools that are trapped in your intestines to help you go more frequently. Being constipated could be a major factor in your mission how to stop bloating. 


Digestion starts in the mouth so taking Digest Matrixwhile chewing your food slowly will have a tremendous effect on not only the amount of food you eat, but you will be doing your gut a huge favor. 



At times we find ourselves eating super fast because we might be really hungry. However first start by drinking 8 ounces of water prior to your meal with Digest Matrix and not only will you feel less bloated but you might even eat less. 


Studies suggest that people who drank 8 ounces of water prior to eating a large meal felt more full faster. Now you have left overs for the next day!


If you feel that digestive issues like gas, bloating, constipation become the new normal after eating, it can really reduce your ability to enjoy going out for meals with friends and family. 


There are an estimated 70 million Americans that suffer from digestive health issues along with more severe digestive diseases and this data comes directly from the National Institute of Health. 


This is a great segway as to why more and more customers are taking notice of powerful enzymes like Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality. Taking a premium enzyme with 18 proven and 3rd party tested enzymes is the first step in helping prevent digestive issues from happening in the first place.


As always consult with a physician before taking any health supplement to ensure there are no interactions between medications you may be taking already and supplements themselves. 


Recently the Grand View Research Incorporation published a report estimating that digestive enzyme supplements will hit roughly 1.6 billion in sales by the year 2025 and that is huge. That didnt happen by cooincidence people see the power of premium digestive enzymes on gut health.


The surge in interest and popularity is a direct result of the significant health benefits associated with enzyme supplements like Digest Matrix. They help the body break down hundreds of compounds while assisting in nutrient absorption while significantly increasing the absorption of vital nutrients. 


When we discuss how popular digestive enzyme supplements have become and how the market will  grow by the millions the big question is “ Are digestive enzymes safe ? 


The human body makes thousands of enzymes on its own if the normal function of specific glands that are in the stomach, mouth, gallbladder and pancreas are functioning properly. 



Unfortunately, not only as we age these systems start to reduce the normal production of the enzymes we need to survive but we automatically lose the ability to digest properly as we age because of the reduction of natural enzymes in our bodies. Digest Matrix is an excellent choice to help assist with enzyme deficiencies you may have. 


Stomach diseases are another major factor in the reduction of natural enzymes for gut health. People who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) or maybe even low stomach acid can really benefit from a digestive enzyme supplement. 


People who suffer from chronic pancreatitis would definitely benefit from Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality due to the combination of enzymes like protease - which helps break down high amounts of protein, thus taking stress of the pancreas and large intestine as well. Pancreatic enzymes can be found in Digest Matrix and people who opt to have their gallbladder removed should also consider digestive enzyme supplements. 


Can digestive enzymes worsen acid reflux?


Acid reflux is typically a result of an overproduction of acid that slowly causes a burning sensation in the stomach along with a host of other symptoms like sore throat, heartburn, bad breath and sometimes even chest pain. 


The top valve in your stomach called the LES closes when food passes through properly which prevents us from having acid reflux. In people who suffer from acid reflux disease also known as GERD or acid indigestion.  They may have a weakened LES and can suffer from many symptoms associated with acid reflux. 


Digestive enzymes like Digest Matrixcontain multiple enzymes that support symptoms of acid reflux by breaking down food properly. There is also evidence that people who take proton pump inhibitors for years might end up getting low stomach acid which can also prevent you from breaking down food. 


You see, the acid in our stomach protects us by breaking down proteins, fats, carbs and by shutting off those acid pumps completely through over the counter medications it can cause other deficiencies like B12 deficiency, osteoporosis, bone loss, vitamin D deficiency and all sorts of other symptoms.



You should never stop taking your medications, but make sure to have a conversation with your Physician to see if the benefits of proton pump inhibitors and H2 blockers outweigh the risks of taking things like proton pump inhibitors and maybe you could ask if a quality digestive enzyme could help while you continue on your current medications. 


In conclusion, not only can digestive enzymes can be a great addition to your daily regimen, but shedding a few pounds doesnt hurt. Often times people ask us “ can digestive enzymes help you lose weight ? Our answer is simple, if your digesting more food and going to the restroom more frequently in combination with the lipase enzyme which is a natural fat burning enzyme then, well  that might just be an added benefit.


Did you find this article helpful? Please feel free to share with someone you care about or love like a family member or friend. Remember beauty begins on the inside.  


Enzymatic Vitality has a wide range of Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Blood Sugar Support Supplements like Berberine and Organic and Keto friendly supplements.

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