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August 31, 2019 1 Comment


Berberine Uses ? Can Berberine help you lose weight without excercise ? 


Many people understand that being obese or being overweight can carry a host of health consequences which can include, diabetes, heart disease, depression and arthritis. People who are overweight tend to feel self conscious or may be embarrassed to do everyday activities like enjoying time with family at the pool. 


The truth is not everyone who is overweight can just jump on a treadmill and start exercising, or pay for a personal trainer. The reality is many people who are overweight feel themselves looking at alternative options like surgery to reduce the size of their stomach or just feel that they just don't have the ambition or time to get started.


While many medical practitioners suggest that weight management is a critical component of overall health, its easier said then done for people who struggle to get motivated enough to even step foot in a gym. Many clinicians are not eager to prescribe pharmaceutical weight loss drugs due to other health interactions that may occur with someone who may be overweight. 


There may be a safer alternative that is hidden in nature that has a wide variety of overall health benefits called berberine. Let’s face it there have been millions of supplements that historically claim to do the same thing, burn fat, help you shred pounds and get all the energy you want. If that was in fact the case , then why is there an epidemic of obesity in our culture?


Nature however may have a solution to natural regulated weight loss by controlling blood glucose levels, helping you digest food properly and help you lose weight naturally without the nasty side effects associated with diet pills. Lets talk about the options below. 

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Can berberine help you lose weight without exercise


berberine for weight loss


Berberine supplements and berberine benefits are derived from many plants high in antioxidants and have been largely used for thousands of years for the very wealthy and the word is getting out about this powerful supplement. In traditional Chinese medicine berberine has been used for years as an over the counter remedy for a host of symptoms from natural weight loss, to blood glucose control and even helping ampk activation which lowers LDL - which is bad cholesterol.


So how does Berberine help with weight loss. Berberine dosage of 1200 mgs is effective in its ability to produce energy at a cellular level. You see when your body increases cellular energy it is a highly effective way to turn food and nutrients into energy which burns calories. That energy is then converted into adipocytes, which are essentially healthy fat cells. Berberine is effective at weight loss because there is a reduction in chemical energy and when its converted into fat the body uses the fat stores to increase metabolism and further burn calories. 


Premium berberine supplements in combination with a healthy 10 to 20 minute walk a day could help you shed pounds while keeping your blood sugar levels in check. Berberine is also a natural alternative to stomach bloating and indigestion. Largely due to it’s yellow natural color which stems from a large amount of antioxidants which help fight disease and keep your body in great condition thus the reason berberine supplements are largely honored in different countries as super antioxidant. 


How Effective is Berberine for Weight Loss?

Berberine supplements have already proven themselves in terms of efficacy. In just one study alone in 2012. They chose over 100 obese human patients to take berberine supplements over the period of 12 weeks. The obese group of individuals lost a minimum of 5 pounds over that time frame. The more exciting part about this study is that patients weren't spending hours at the gym.


Another significant berberine benefit was that the berberine dosage picked was effective at 1200 mgs helping patients drop their triglycerides a whopping 23% along with a 12.2% drop in their bad choesterol levels which created a triple threat for this super supplement. 


berberine uses

That means that people who took berberine supplements for weight loss actually added several other benefits to their overall health by reducing their blood glucose levels, helping them potentially prevent diabetes, heart disease and digestive health problems. More research is needed but these results were encouraging.



There was one more study conducted in 2012 that was conducted to quantify the impact on berberine weight loss and how berberine for weight loss was measured. They chose patients who suffered from metabolic syndromes which also produced amazing results.


In this particular study, obese patients who took berberine supplements lost about 4 kilograms more than another group of patients who took a placebo. 


The science was amazing, because once they examined the fat cells. The researchers also discovered that a large amount of their fat cells were considered or appeared to be prediabetic.



While more research is needed, there is no doubt that these amazing results who that berberine benefits are not only encouraging but life changing. The final significant factor was that these participants reported no major side effects or sickness associted with the use of berberine supplements. 


Is Berberine Safe ?

To date berberine supplements seem to be well tolerated. As with any supplement, people should consult their physicians when on medications to ensure safety. However, some patients that have liver issues should monitor their liver enzymes closely when taking berberine tablets. Liver enzymes can be checked with a simple blood test. T


he reason to check them is because berberine inhibits the production of mitrochondria’s energy and can potentially lead to cells needing further energy. So the minimal concern may be that the mitochondrias energy advantage of producing energy can potentially deprive the liver from needing fatty deposits in the blood stream. 


So while berberine supplementshave amazing and powerful benefits, its always good to get your blood drawn once in a while to check to ensure that your liver enzymes are in good shape and not deprived on any cell production it needs to thrive and correctly filter toxins out of your body. 


How does berberine help with blood sugar ?

The research is still in process to ensure which people  will benefit the most from berberine supplements for weight loss and blood sugar control. As of today there are several niche groups of people that are in favor of using a quality berberine supplement.


People who suffer from diabetes mellitus are encouraged to use berberine supplements because berberine can significantly reduce levels of insulin resistance and blood glucose. These patients also tend to have higher body fat or may be classified as genetically having these risk factors or people who are overweight. 


Other people who could use best selling berberine supplements are folks who have metabolic disorders, due to berberines natural effects on helping people lose weight naturally without dangerous diet pills or hours of working out at the gym.


Its still highly advisable that anyone who uses berberine for weight loss, also incorporates 10 minutes a day of activity. Even finding time for a 10 to 20 minute walk a day could have a significant impact on your overall health in general. We would get into the benefits of just walking alone, but that would make this article 20 pages long !


In conclusion, berberine weight loss comes naturally but it also comes with a host of additional benefits for overall immunity and vitality.


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