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August 30, 2019

What Keto Pre Workout or Keto Pre Workout Snacks Should You Take?


When you have a pre workout snack in mind following a keto diet, you probably don't want to reach for a bowl of peanut butter.


History tells us that eating a good amount of carbs to be utilized as fuel prior to a marathon or exercise will assist us in boosting our overall performance while giving us the fuel we need to power through your workouts. 


However this is the complete opposite when following a ketogenic diet plan. There are more strict keto snacks and keto recipes along with keto pre workouts that you need to focus on to make sure your not ruining your chances on meeting your goals of losing weight and living a healthier life. 


The unfortunate reality is that when following a keto diet, you don't have the ability to eat a whole bowl of spaghetti prior to your workout, due to the fact that you need to load your body with healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein. instead of carbs on keto. 



The three top macronutrients that are essential are as follows: protein, fat and very low carbohydrates are essential and are the perfect keto items needed when getting ready to go to the gym and staying on top of your keto diet. 


When thinking about these macronutrients, keep in mind that fat is the slowest one to digest. Fats tend to stick around the stomach for longer periods of time. A quick fix for this could be to incorporate a Digest Matrix enzyme which contains lipase which is essential to breaking down fats and using them for energy. 


In fact people who utilize a high quality keto enzyme like Digest Matrix are more effectively able to digest their foods properly prior to working out and even after working out. 


If your not properly digesting fats and proteins, your food just might want to come right back up out of your mouth through symptoms of acid reflux,  if not properly digested so consider a digestive enzyme supplement while on keto.  


If your following a strict keto diet and want to excercise, consider a supplement like Keto Burn Ultra. This organic keto supplement helps the body burn fat while providing you the antioxidants you need.


The other benefit of Keto Burn Ultra is that it only contains 5 mgs of caffeine in comparison with other keto pre workout formulas which have loads of caffeine in them. This could actually be dangerous, especially if your a morning coffee drinker or also enjoy black tea. Too much caffeine, can cause heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety and a whole other host of side effects.


Keto Burn Ultra uses a matrix of natural fat burners like garcinia cambogia, green tea antioxidants and raspberry ketones to help assist your body prior to that workout. Its gives you energy without jitters, and also jump starts your metabolism to help make your body burn calories.



When looking for keto pre workout snacks, consider lower carb choices when deciding to fuel up prior to a good workout on a keto diet. You can even make some of these items at home, be creative and save some money.


Think of keto fat bombs for example, these can be made using things like unsalted butter, coconut oil, cocoa powder and a sweetner like stevia which doesn't have a horrible after taste but still has no carbs. 


I also love the idea of utilizing fresh berries. The majority of fruits aren't necessarily keto friendly when following a strict ketogenic diet. However, berries still offer a very low amount of necessary amount of carbohydrates along with antioxidants to help you push through your workout. 


Another great idea is to utilize greek yogurt with some almond butter, or nut butter to give it a better texture and some crunch also.


I know a ton of people who love cottage cheese which can give you the protein you need with a reduced amount of carbohydrates while also providing you the fat you need following a keto diet workout. 


There are tons of studies that have confirmed lower sugar intake and a significant reduction in the various symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.


This is great news because people who tend to have keto digestive issues might want to consider a high quality digestive enzyme supplement.


One study revealed that following the ketogenic diet along with digestive enzymes can reduce abdominal cramping and pain with an overall quality of life in people who suffer from stomach diseases like IBS and bloating. 


As always before taking any health supplement, make sure to check with your healthcare provider to ensure there are no drug interactions with your current medications.


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