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August 01, 2020 2 Comments

Are you looking to know everything about the Benefits of Plant-based Digestive Enzymes? You’ve just landed in the right place!


There are hundreds and thousands of plants, and they all are unique. Few plants have digestive enzymes in them that are great for your digestion system. 

For instance, if you take a fresh apple from the tree and start eating it, it will help you break down the (Sugar and fibers) in your digestive system perfectly. The apple along with almonds are great natural acid reflux reducers in the form of food. 

A lot of plants work together in order to provide you perfect (Natural Digestive Enzymes) to counter the issue you’re facing. 

But, there’s a question that might constantly be hitting your mind, and that is, “If my body is producing digestive enzymes, then why do I need digestive enzymes supplements?”

The simple answer to this complex question is, “You don’t need any digestive enzymes supplements.” But, over the past couple of decades, the rates of chronic diseases and obesity have risen. Your age and pancreas lose their ability to produce these enzymes which are critical to natural health and immunity. 

This might be because of the burden on your “Digestive System.” And the real question now is “Are digestive enzymes in our body are enough to carry the load of food we are eating these days?”

According to different researches, the answer is again pretty simple, and that is “NO.”

Why? Read the research below!

  • Today, the average adult gets about 15 grams of fiber every day
  • The minimum/recommended amount of the fiber is 25-30 grams - the same goes for why we suffer from magnesium deficiencies and suffer from mental health issues during the covid 19 pandemic. We have seen thousands if not millions of people suffering. We say - seek professional help if you have mental health issues so that your provider can check certain levels of magnesium, vitamin D3 and B12 - all potentially linked to anxiety and depression. 

This is the reason why “Digestive Enzymes” are important. They help you break down foods to obtain magnesium, b12 and vitamin D3 in better ways and to assist your stomach in order to boost immunity fast.

 To help your body to fulfill your needs of all the enzymes that are in “Less Quantity” or gone “Missing.”

In this article, we will cover the benefits of Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes. 

Let’s get started!

It’s All Natural

Enzymes that are grown in the “Plants” are completely natural. That’s why they don’t have any side-effects, and you can take them, “Without having any doubts in mind.” 

However, there’s a problem with the “Plants Enzymes,” they actually need a lot of care and preparation. And often, there are tons of other elements and factors that play their role during production. This is the reason why we have “Digest Matrix” 3rd party tested for heavy metals, and all types of different items to ensure you are getting thebest premium digestive enzyme supplement on the market

Completely 3rd Party Tested

With plants, manufacturers have complete control over a number of things such as; growing environment, preparing and manufacturing, and harvesting. 

Now, when going for plants-based enzymes, you should always look for the certification. If the company is verified from the GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice or not? 

For instance, you should look for reviews, make sure they are real - I believe more in the actual ingredients and quality of a company than a review that may be subjective or fake. What works amazing for one person may not work for another.

It Survives in Lower pH Environments

plant based digestive enzymes

Plant-Based Enzymes can survive in lower pH environments as well. Even if the environment is more acidic than a human stomach, it will still be working there. 

Now, you must be wondering about what that means right? 

This means the plant based digestive enzymes won’t dissolve themselves without breaking down food first in the “Stomach,” and they will reach down towards the small intestine, where undigested food is causing the problem. Undigested food causes inflammation and inflammation causes disease. 

The plant based enzymes will make sure that the undigested food is now digested, and you won’t be facing problems like “Irritable Bowels or different types of indigestion.”

It has better Nutrients

Since the plant based enzymes start to work right in the stomach and there are greater chances that your food breaks down even before it reaches the small intestine. 

This is the indication of better digestion and reduced digestive efforts that lead you towards “Digestion problems.” 

It also means you’ll get more nutrients from the food you eat, and the plant enzymes will also promote “Strong Metabolism” as well.

In short*you’ll get rid of digestion problems and enjoy better heart health, liver, and brain health, we personally believe immunity starts in the stomach. 

Plant Based Digestive Enzymes are Sustainable

Plant Enzymes are good for the environment because they go through a process; growing, harvesting, and then growing again. 

They require sunlight, water, and care to grow. So, plant enzymes aren’t coming up with any danger to the environment. This is the reason we put them through a fermentation process when the “Digest Matrix” Formula is made. The 18 enzymes it has by Enzymatic Vitality makes sure this process is done without sacrificing quality. 

It Can Handle Temperatures

One of the most concerning things about “Digestive Enzymes Supplements” is the temperature. But, with plant enzymes, you don’t have to worry about the temperature issue like probiotics because they can thrive in different temperatures. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can cook them (LOL ), but they can resist the temperature equal to or lower than 120 Degrees. Or else, they will start to break down. 

It Travels Better

If you want to carry plant enzymes with you, then it’s super easy to maintain them. They don’t need a refrigerator all the time to make sure they are still “usable.”

You can carry them with you when going on a long tour, hiking, and business trips or anywhere in the world. 

Plant Enzymes promotes better health overall

With plant enzymes, you’ll surely get the three types of enzymes: Protease, Lipase, and Amylase. But, there are other things that “Plant Enzymes” provide to you. Such as:

  • Lactase: for digesting your milk sugar
  • Peptidase: for digesting proteins from the milk
  • Cellulase: for digesting of the plant fiber
  • Hemicellulase: for digesting of the plant fiber
  • Xylanase: for digesting of the plant fiber
  • Beta-glucanase: that helps you digest special fiber used by yeasts, fungi, and grains

So, these are the additional benefits that you’re going to get with plant based enzymes like “Digest Matrix”. Let’s now move towards the last one. 

It helps you achieve more health goals

You can mix the plant-based enzymes with other things to get different results. This means they can be combined to get complete digestive enzymes and can be formed into metabolic enzymes. 

They can be used to enhance other products in the market:

  • Combining plant enzymes with probiotics can make them more effective 
  • Combining plant enzymes with protein powder can prevent your stomach from getting upset

Similarly, there are other functions that plant enzymes are providing to you. 

Note*Animal Enzymes can’t do this collaboration, and this is the reason why plant based enzymes are so popular. 

So, that’s all from the topic “Benefits of plant-based digestive enzymes,” and if you still have any questions in mind, then feel free to comment down below. What is your favorite Digestive Enzyme Supplement? What are the best digestive enzymes in your opinion? We would love to hear from you.

Please share this article if you found it helpful. Thank you so much, Enzymatic Vitality

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