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February 08, 2020 1 Comment

Natural ways to balance your hormones

Hormones have strong effects on your mental, physical and emotional health. 

These chemical messengers play an important role in controlling your appetite, weight, mood and a lot of different bodily functions. 

Normally, your endocrine glands produce the required amount of hormones for various parts of your body. However, we have seen many people searching for “Natural ways to balance your hormones” and that’s because they are facing “Hormonal Imbalances.”

Hormonal Imbalances have become one of the most common problems in today’s fast-paced life, but they can be fixed by approaching the root problem along with specific blood tests to ensure your thyroid is functioning properly.  In addition, you can see a decline in hormones with age, and some people experience a “Dramatic decline” than many others. This is another reason why it's critical to atleast go for an annual checkup to check your hormones and how to know if your thyroid is not working correctly. 

If you’re one of those who are facing “Hormonal Imbalances” then you’re fortunate enough because a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle behavior can help you get back on track. 

With these natural ways to balance your hormones, you’ll start to feel better and perform every task at your best. 

Let’s get started!

Eat enough proteins

how to improve hormone imbalance naturally

Consuming an acceptable amount of protein is always important because dietary proteins provide your body with essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own without proper diet and nutrition. Amino Acids are important because your body must absorb Amino acids in order to maintain muscles, body and skin health. 

According toresearch, proteins also control the hormones that are linked with appetite and food intake along with mood, hair loss, and a wide variety of other factors like heart function and sleep patterns.  

Research shows that eating a great number of proteins decreases the level of “Hunger Hormones” and increases the production of those hormones that helps you feel full and energetic.

So, to optimize your hormones' health, experts suggest you eat 20-30grams of protein per meal and you’ll be able to say goodbye to “Hormonal Imbalances.” Try to eat at least one gram of protein a day to match your body weight. 

In-short*Consuming 20-30 Grams of proteins per meal can help you in reducing “Hormonal Imbalances.”

Exercise regularly

natural ways to balance your hormones

Physical activities can help you balance your hormones because they have a strong impact on your hormonal health. When you exercise on a daily basis, you get a lot of benefits and one of the best benefits you get is “Reducing insulin levels and increasing insulin sensitivity.”

High insulin levels are linked to heart diseases, inflammation, diabetes and cancer. 

There are a lot of exercises that you can go for in order to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin levels, including strength training, endurance exercises and aerobic exercises. You can go to any other exercise if you know. 

Physical activity can help you boost your estrogen or testosterone as well which can help you improve your sexual life and energy levels.

In-short*Performing different exercises on a daily basis can maintain the levels of hormones and can potentially reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. 

Avoid Sugar and Refined Carbs

do carbs lead to thyroid problems

Eating  too much sugar and refined carbs means that you’re heading towards many serious health problems. 

Avoid going for Sugar and Refined Carbs can help you in maintaining the levels of healthy hormone levels. Not only do you get the benefit of “Balancing of hormones” but avoiding obesity, diabetes and other diseases as well. 

Diets that are high in sugar can hit the resistance level of insulin very hard and you might end up gaining weight, heart palpitations, anxiety and craving more unhealthy foods.  Avoiding such foods and reducing the bad carbs intake not only helps your hormones to stay calm but decreases the insulin level and increases insulin sensitivity.

In-short*Avoiding sugar and refined carbs are the best way to balance your hormones. 

Drink Green Tea

what are the benefits of green tea

Green Tea is one of the healthiest things to consider if you’re facing “Hormonal Imbalances.” 

According toresearch, consuming green tea daily can reduce the levels of insulin and increase insulin sensitivity. 

Since, green tea has a lot of benefits and most studies suggest that it may provide you with improvement in insulin responses. You may consider drinking one to three cups of green tea per day. The caffeine content is low in green tea and you have the added benefits of antioxidants to help your body fight off infection, disease and inflammation naturally.Here is agreat organic supplement for antioxidant support. 

Lets list down a few more benefits of green tea in order to convince you to start taking it twice or three times a day.

  • It improves your brain function due to l theanine benefits 
  • It has Bioactive compounds that improve health
  • Green tea increases fat burning process and improves physical performance
  • It can reduce inflammation in the body when you drink green tea three times a day
  • Green tea protects your brain when you’re old
  • It kills Bacteria and improves dental health
  • Green tea may reduce the risk for heart disease but more research is needed

So, these are the benefits you’re going to enjoy if you’re willing to start drinking green tea daily. Are you convinced? If yes, try oursuper antioxidant, if not keep reading! 

Get High-Quality Sleep

does sleep affect hormones ?

No matter how good your diet is and how much exercise you get, if you’re getting high quality sleep, then your diet and exercise are of no use. 

According toresearch, poor sleep means “Hormones Imbalances” and it can lead you towards many serious health problems. 

If you sleep 5 hours every day for a week, your insulin sensitivity may be decreased by 20% and this isn’t a piece of good news at all. 

It’s not only about the quantity of sleep but the quality of the sleep matters a lot as well. If you want to maintain a “Healthy Lifestyle” then getting high-quality sleep must be your foremost priority. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of getting High-Quality Sleep: 

  • It helps you reduce your stress 
  • Sleep can improve your memory and brain functionality
  • Sleep can lower your blood pressure
  • It can help you to maintain your weight
  • Sleep is equal to a “Better Mood”
  • Sleep helps your body to fight back and recover

So, why aren’t you having high “Quality Sleep” ?  and risking your health and hormones? Getting quality sleep is important and you shouldn’t be ignoring it. We love the idea of starting with 3 mg’s of melatonin to increase sleep quality naturally. 

Do you have problems with your hormones? Do you or your family suffer from overactive thyroid? Let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear from you. 

That’s all from the topic of  “Natural ways to balance your hormones” and if you’ve any questions in mind, then feel free to comment down below. To your health! Enzymatic Vitality for the best blogs on healthy living 

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