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July 12, 2020 2 Comments

Digestive Enzymes and Weight Loss | Everything you should know

We all know that digestive enzymes are always helping us with digestion and increase nutrition absorption. Can digestive enzymes help with constipation and weight loss ? The answer is yes but let’s explain why. 

According to astudy, digestive enzymes can help you with different conditions like “Lactose Intolerance and “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” So you want to know if I can take digestive enzymes after I eat or before. The clear cut answer is you can do both a few points below to explain why.

  • Taking a digestive enzyme with food or at the beginning of a meal will prepare your stomach to properly break down all the macronutrients you are going to give it
  • If the enzyme is powerful like“Digest Matrix” by Enzymatic Vitality - you can take it after a meal and the 18 enzymes it has will still help diminish the food that is getting stuck in your intestines. 

But, a lot of people still wonder, “If Digestive Enzymes can help them lose weight?” They need research backed evidence to help them make an informed decision before considering using digestive enzymes for weight loss. 

In this article, we will review all the critical things that are linked with the “Digestive Enzymes and Weight Loss.”

Let’s get started!

enzymes for weight loss

It affects Gut Bacteria

A lot of studies have shown that Digestive Enzymes can help you promote your gut Microbiome (A microorganism that lives in your digestive tract) The research on this theory is right here. (Research)

In anotherstudy, digestive enzymes are promoted as “Colonization of beneficial gut bacteria.” This is great to know, most people think that they can only get beneficial gut bacteria with the use of probiotics. The truth isdigestive enzyme supplements online can increase beneficial gut bacteria as well. 

Additionally, a test-tube study revealed that “If you combine probiotic supplements with digestive enzymatic supplements,” then you can protect changes in gut Microbiome (Caused by Antibiotics). If you use even one round of antibiotics you should highly consider a quality “Digest Matrix” with a high quality probiotic. 

Another interesting fact about “Gut Microbiome” is that “It might help you fight against weight gain.”

In fact, astudy revealed that enhancing the beneficial bacteria in your gut may reduce body weight, fat mass, and body mass index. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go for ourDigestive Enzymatic Product and enjoy the benefits that we have listed above. 

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Best Types of Digestive Enzymes

Although there are many searches that confirm that “Digestive Enzymes do not play a direct role in order to lose weight,” digestive enzymes will surely improve your digestion and gut health and this can work as a catalyst in losing weight. 

The main reason is because using enzymes for bloating and constipation will naturally help you with bowel movements and increased gut health that naturally sheds fat. 

If you’re facing a condition on how to stop IBS and constipation, then digestive enzymes can help you fight against bloating and promote regularity.

Most of the Digestive Enzymes, includingour product, use three types of Enzymes in it; Lipase, Amylase, and Proteases. Some of the digestive supplements do promote other enzymes if you have a difficulty with “Digesting anything,” but the problem with many digestive supplements on the market is that they have basic enzymes. Maybe 3 or 4 - where our 3rd party tested formula has 18 powerful enzymes to tackle any type of food you decide to try and eat. 

Let’s break down the other enzymes that we use in our product to promote healthy “Digestion.”

  • Lactase: It improves your digestion into to digest sugars that are found in Milk and Dairy products
  • Alpha- galactosidase: It helps your digestive system to help break down the carbs that are present in beans, vegetables, and grains
  • Phytase: If you have  problems digesting phytic acids in grain, nuts, and legumes, then Phytase enzyme is here to rescue you, it is an amazing essential enzyme for these types of foods. 
  • Cellulase: It helps your cellulose to convert into beta-glucose - this is a great plant based digestive enzyme for people who struggle with type 2 diabetes. 
  • All the digestive enzyme supplements are derived from the natural process our pancreas and body make are essential and the sad part is that they decrease over the years, like anything in life - it gets harder for your body to produce these powerful enzyme supplements naturally. 

    To ensure the quality, you should read the reviews, ingredient labels, additives, and preservatives. Also, check if the supplements are tested by a third party like Enzymatic Vitality. 

    digest matrix enzymatic vitality

    You have  to make sure that you talk to your doctor first before you actually try the supplements, especially if you’re facing different health conditions and/or taking any medications. 

    Additionally, we would recommend you to take digestive enzymes with food in order to maximize their effectiveness.  

    Do Digestive Enzymes Promote weight loss?

    As discussed above, digestive enzymes do not directly promote weight loss, but a lot of studies show that “Enzymes Inhibitors might help.” Lipase is my favorite fat burning enzyme. 

    What Digestive Enzymes Inhibitors do is that “They can help your body fight against obesity and you end up increasing your weight loss by burning fat, digesting food more properly and helping you stay regular when making trips to the bathroom. 

    According toresearch, enzymes that are extracted from the “White Beans” can increase your weight loss and fat loss campaign. 

    According to anotherstudy made on rats, it’s clear that blocking the effects of “Proteases Enzymes” decreases food consumption and weight gain. But, this research isn’t human-based, and we might need more “researchers” to make sure it is a valuable resource. 

    Also, the lipase inhibitors are used for the purpose of “reduction of fat absorption,” and this could result in weight loss.

    Isn’t the digestive enzyme supplement amazing? To order one for you,Click Here right now!

    Let’s now talk about the other benefits that Digestive Enzymes are providing to you:

    Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

    • It supports healthy digestion
    • Helps you optimize the breakdown of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats
    • Assists you in absorbing the nutrients better than before
    • Reduce different problems like bloating, gas, indigestion, and constipation
    • Helps your body to process foods that are difficult to digest
    • It supports your colon health
    • It can reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

    What else do you expect from the “Digestive Enzymes?” Do let us know in the comment section. 

    There are a few disadvantages as well, and we will discuss them too. We can’t stay biased because, for us, “Our customers matter the most.”

    Cons of Digestive Enzymes

    Possible disadvantages of Digestive Enzymes are listed below:

    • High Dosage can lead you towards Diarrhea
    • Some Individuals experience allergies such as “Rashes, and anaphylactic reactions.” This is extremely rare, and it happened once in a blue moon if you mix them with certain medications. Enzymes are made by the body naturally so your body actually reacts farely well to natural enzymes. 
    • You can also witness stomach pain and fat in the stools if you don’t take them as directed and have a high diet in saturated fat

    So, these are the possible cons of “Digestive Enzymes,” but all of our customers are happy with the end results, and that’s why they are our “long term subscribers” because they have seen the end result of Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality. 

    Before we wrap up things, it’s important to tell you; Digestive Enzymes are extremely important for your body because they help you digest food well. 

    When you’ve got a great digestion system, you can automatically control your “Weight Loss Campaign.” Additionally, many studies proved that Digestive Enzymes supplements are suitable for the health of your gut Microbiome (that may affect weight control).

    While digestive enzymes may not have a direct connection with the “Weight Loss,” but it can promote “healthy Digestion and Regularity.”

    So, that’s all from the topic “Digestive Enzymes and Weight Loss,” if you still have any questions in mind, feel free to drop them in the comment section.  Please share this article with a friend or family and let us know which is your favorite digestive enzyme supplement. Thank you for reading! Enzymatic Vitality

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