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January 03, 2019 1 Comment

Keto diets can help you lose weight, improve your overall health, and keep you buzzing from sun up to sun down.

The fine print? You must do the diet correctly.

The whole purpose of the keto diet is to hit ketosis. It’s a metabolic state where the human body switches to fat and uses fat deposits as its primary source of fuel. However, a lot of keto dieters seem to have trouble hitting ketosis. Or, if they do hit ketosis, they unintentionally drop themselves out of it, delaying the beneficial effects of the diet.

In this post, we review some common keto diet mistakes people make that prevent them from staying in keto mode for the long term.

Mistake #1: Eating too much protein

Keto diets are generally identified as “low-carb, high-fat.” However, they have one other VERY important characteristic: they must contain only moderate amounts of protein.

Taking too much protein in your keto diet makes the diet ineffective.

How so, you ask?

Your body is programmed to convert excess protein into sugar through a process called gluconeogenesis. So when you eat too much protein, your body has a consistent supply of carbs available for use as a fuel source. Consequently, it finds it difficult to achieve and maintain ketosis.

Mistake #2: Taking the bad fats

Fats are the foundation of keto. You eat fat to burn fat and lose weight. That said, not all fats are good for your keto diet. These bad fats can actually cause you to gain weight. It’s, therefore, critical that you take good fats in your diet and avoid the bad ones.

What are bad fats?

All processed fats are bad fats.

Some examples of bad fats include vegetable fats and seed oils.

Mistake #3: Not drinking enough water

During a keto diet, the body urinates more frequently. As a result, it loses water quickly. This loss of water should be compensated for, or else it can leave the body dehydrated and trigger the onset of keto flu.

Nutritional experts recommend that when on keto diet, you should drink at least a gallon of water a day. Since this can be a huge adjustment for some people, they often choose to skip on it.

Drink water regularly and drink plenty!

Are you planning to start a keto diet?

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