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September 08, 2019 1 Comment

Why Are Digestive Enzymes Good For You ?

The evidence is amazing on why digestive enzymes are so effective for digestive health issues. They provide a wide variety of benefits on a cellular level. The complete enzyme formula that Digest Matrix has is a potent blend of 18 different enzymes that help reduce acid reflux, heartburn, leaky gut syndrome, constipation and energy. 


Most people focus on which enzymes break down proteins or which enzymes are secreted by the pancreas ? however there are so many other enzymes that are critical to maintain optimal digestive health. 


People who suffer from symptoms of bloating or acid reflux may actually have low stomach acid. This can be due to the fact that traditional medicine takes an approach of using either proton pump inhibitors or H2 blockers to completely shut off acid production.


In theory if you shut off the acid - then you won't suffer from acid reflux. Now we would never challenge a Physician’s medical decisions regarding your health, but we ask you to have an open mind and also speak with your healthcare provider about a natural approach to digestive health issues.


You see the acid in our stomach’s help break down foods along with the natural enzymes the pancreas produces. When you have low stomach acid and don't break down food properly, or have pancreatic issues, not only will you not absorb nutrients properly but you run the risk of creating a whole new list of problems, like vitamin deficiencies and potentially stomach diseases. 


In people who have  low levels of stomach acid or may not have the ability to digest food properly because their pancreatic enzymes are not being produced naturally. They could significantly benefit from Digest Matrix from Enzymatic Vitality.


This is because Digest Matrix has very potent enzymes to buy online that are 3rd party tested for their strength in helping the body digest food properly, while preventing other symptoms associated with digestive health issues. Natural stomach enzymes should be your first approach. 

natural stomach enzymes

But How Do You Tell If You Have Low Stomach Acid 

People who suffer from low stomach acid may see pieces of undigested food in their stools and may also be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. One way to try and find out if you have low stomach acid is to take an HCL supplement with water prior to eating a meal and then measure how you feel about 30 minutes afterwards.


If you end up having a sensation of burning in your abdomen, chances are you may not need an HCL supplement but should consider a premium digestion supplement like Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality. This is a great way to figure out how do you know if you have low stomach acid or high stomach acid. 

Gut Health Digestive Enzymes - Overall Immunity

There are millions of health supplements on the market that promote health and vitality but when you are thinking about ways to look better and feel better, you should start from the inside.


Our bodies are machines that need to be maintained from an internal perspective because the question “ is your immune system in your gut ? Is often asked millions of times by our customers and we simply tell them that this is where immune health meets bad bacteria.


If you keep undigested out of your gut, it can prevent inflammation, stop bloating and help you feel less tired after eating that huge meal. Digest Matrix is a winner because our team took the time to study every single enzyme supplement on the market and we wanted a digestive enzyme supplement that had it all.


18 powerful enzymes in one simple to take supplement at the beginning of each meal. The one thing we must also cover in this article is that digestive enzymes side effects vary from person to person. Some people have no side effects at all because you see, our bodies make enzymes naturally, without enzymes we wouldn't be able to live.


Unfortunately as each year passes and as we age our bodies continue to lose the ability to create digestive enzymes organically. Thus, the reason that by the year 2025 digestive enzyme supplements will be one of the most purchased supplements in the world. 


If you found this article helpful would you share it with someone you love or care about. Family and friends could benefit from this article. We love people and we love health and wellness, drop us a comment or check out our products on and our website, we have an amazing blog on health and wellness.


In Conclusion


The question “ are digestive enzymes good for you “ The science speaks for itself and were confident in saying yes, Digest Matrix would be a great decision to your overall natural approach to health and wellness.


For more information on our premium digestive enzyme supplements, probiotics, keto digestion and antioxidants. Please visit us and


To your health!

Enzymatic Vitality

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