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December 16, 2019

Are you looking to know everything about what is L theanine used for and what is theanine found in, then you’re on the right place. Read more!

Everything you need to know about L Theanine

“L Theanine is a compound that you can find easily in green tea and black tea. You can also get the L Theanine in supplement form- Check out ourproduct."

After a complete analysis and research work, many researchers concluded that L Theanine provides you a number of benefits, including improved mental focus and sleep quality along with mental focus as this powerful nootropic has amazing antioxidant content and works with our brain cells to provide slight euphoria while keeping you alert and without jitters.


People who want to wean themselves off of coffee have an amazing opportunity to use green tea extract which contains the compound L theanine.

We are writing this article to help you know about the benefits of L Theanine, what is L theanine used for, and what is theanine found in. So, let’s get started with the nuts and bolts below.

l theanine benefits

What is L-theanine?

L-theanine is an amino acid, and our body doesn't produce amino acids naturally, but this compound is necessary if you’re looking for nootropics that help you maintain focus and steady energy.  Green tea, black tea, and other mushrooms contain natural L theanine, and you can even enjoy l theanine with our supplement as well which is an organic, vegan blend of antioxidants used to help the body fight free radicals. While we call it Keto Burn Ultra, it’s been used for thousands of people just because of the fact that there are no preservatives, its 3rd party tested and Organic green tea extract with other superfoods and ingredients.


It has many effects on certain chemical levels of your brain, such as serotoninand dopamine,and that influences your mood, sleep, emotions, and cortisol to help your body deal with stress. This is especially amazing for people who live high demand jobs who need that extra boost of mental energy and focus without having to drink 6 cups of coffee a day.

"A change in the chemical level of your brain means a change in a person's mood or stress level."

Researchers have tested l-theanine on many animals to get the nutrient profile and effects and they have come up with many benefits. If you’re worried about whether it’s safe or not then stop wondering because researchers have confirmed that it's safety profile is amazing for the average healthy person. Prior to trying any supplement, we always suggest to check with your healthcare provider.

Let’s talk about the benefits that l-theanine is providing to us.

Benefits of L-Theanine

This section will contain all the benefits that L-theanine is providing to us. Let’s get into it.

Better Mental Focus

mental focus amazon product

Many people take green tea or black tea during work because the perception is that this powerful nootropic will keep them awake and focused and their perception is true, it boosts their mental focus. A study in 2012 found that green tea extract/l theanine helped people focus better while trying to multi task and stay on track when completing several tasks at once.

The researchers also found that if you use (100mg) of L-theanine daily, it will help you to focus more on the tasks that require your full attention.

So, if your company has decided to hand over tricky projects to your, then don't hesitate taking it because L-theanine is an amazing nootropic and antioxidant.

Improved Sleep

l theanine sleep benefits

According to a study in 2018,they found that those people who take (900mg) l-theanine daily for eight weeks have greater sleep satisfaction. This is amazing for people who tend to stay away from caffeine after a certain hour because l theanine works in reverse, while it provide you the mental focus you need. It does not interrupt your sleep like traditional caffeine that does not contain l theanine.

You can take L-theanine in the form of green tea before bedtime, it will not only help you in getting relaxed, but you're going to get the sleep you were always striving for.

This all happens because of the amino acid in l theanine and  because of some special effects that amino acids has on the receptors that control sleep and hormone activity.

So, if you’re willing to improve your sleep, then you can try out our Keto Burn Ultra with green tea extract which has L-theanine supplements in the formulation.


what are the benefits of l theanine

We have seen many people taking a cup of tea just because they want to relax (Including me). But when we ask people to take a cup of tea just to relax themselves, they don't believe us and end up not taking a cup of the team by saying, "this can't help anyone.” Their objection or perception may be that caffeine will give them jitters especially for people who are sensitive to caffeine but green tea extract is wonderful in working in the complete opposite way.

But according to research, green tea and black tea may contribute to the feelings of relaxation by reducing the stress and cortisol levels in a normal person’s resting heart rate as well as levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  


sn’t it amazing? Do try out green tea or black tea in order to get relaxation. If you want something on the go and don’t feel the need to drink tea then consider Enzymatic Vitality’s 3rd party tested Keto Burn Ultra Organic Antioxidant Formula with green tea.  

Weight loss

does green tea help you lose weight

Apart from all the benefits we have already mentioned, l-theanine is widely being used by the people of America to reduce their weight. Yes you heard that correctly, green tea extract is a natural fat burner.

The l-theanine in green tea might create a savory taste, also known as umami flavor in many restaurants. According to a research, umami flavor may reduce your appetite, and that can lead  to weight loss.

It’s always a great idea to use L-theanine as your weight loss companion. You can take our supplements on a daily basis and make sure to drink enough water prior to trying it out. Thousands of people have told us that it gives them slight euphoria with reduced appetite which could be a good thing if your looking to shed some pounds.

Is L-Theanine Safe?

After taking advice from the experts and professionals, its always recommended to check with your healthcare provider prior to trying any herbs or supplements if you’re on medications, but a normal healthy person that can drink green tea, can surely benefit by having it in the form of a capsule as well.

But, those women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking l-theanine.

So, we have discussed almost everything regarding what is L theanine used for and what is theanine found in. If you’ve any questions regarding the topic, feel free to comment down below. We will try to reach you asap.  Also check out our products at where we have an amazing blog. We also sell our products on Amazon here

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Thank you for reading!


To your health! Enzymatic Vitality

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