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December 09, 2019

Are you looking to know why digestive enzymes help with acid reflux? You’rein the right place because we have a complete guide on this topic. Read more!


Whydigestive enzymes help with acid reflux?


Are you struggling with the discomfort and pain of acid reflux? You’re not alone.According to research, 20% ofpeople all around the world are facing this problemon a daily or weekly basis with reflux or heartburn. The number of people facing this issue is increasing day by day and people are searching for the solution everywhere.Fortunately, you don’t havea natural alternative that helps you digest food properly to prevent acid reflux in the first place.


Modern medicine uses an approach of utilizing things like proton pump inhibitors to stop acid production completely in our bodies. However, the acid in our gut was put there for a reason and some studies suggest that long term use of these medications can do more harm than good if taken for years. Not medical advice, just publicly available knowledge.


So what are digestive enzymes? What are the things that cause enzyme deficiency? Most importantly, how can you maintainahealthy level of Digestive Enzymes to get rid of the painand heartburn associated withacid reflux?Here are some suggestions below.


What are the benefits of digestive enzymes? How can digest enzymes reduce acid reflux ?


When you eat food,your body breaks down everything into micro and macro nutrients that can be easily absorbed and used by your body.The natural acid in our stomachs help break down complex proteins, fats, carbs and all other types of food. If we shutif off, by using these over the counter heart burn medications, we are not getting down to the root cause of the problem.Digestive Enzymesare smallproteins that only act on specific molecules withinthefood to break them down.


Think of them as tiny molecules that are already produced by your body naturally looking for ways to break down nutrients and food we eat to absorb more nutrients. The problem is, as we age we lose the ability to digest food properly due to the aging process. Yes, you heard that right, as you age you lose your natural ability to produce enzymes for digestion naturally.

For example:TheEnzyme Lactase is responsible for breaking down milk sugar and dairy called lactose and those people who are missing these enzymes in their body aren’t able to digest thedairy properly causing all sorts of problems.

This is actually a large reason our society has taken the approach of purchasing more expensive nondairy alternatives like almond milk.Similarly, there are many otherenzymes that work on different molecules. If your body is missing any enzyme, your body won’t be able

to digest the food properly and you’ll end up facing major issues in the digestive tract.

The digestion process begins in your mouth, where first teeth and then saliva start breaking down your food.From there, your food starts to travel to your stomach,where stomach acid and Hydroelectric Acidbegins breaking down the proteins.If we are shutting down these acid pumps with medication, we are basically leaving undigested food in our bodies which could lead to all sorts of diseases and inflammation. Your immune system starts from the inside of your body, so keeping gut health in check with premium digestion supplements is a must.

Enzymatic Vitality has an amazing 3rd party tested digestive enzyme for acid reflux called Digest Matrix. It has 18 plant based enzymes for digestion and has helped thousands of people around the world.

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When you eat, the pancreas receives a hormonal signal in order to release the pancreatic juice tothesmall intestine.Pancreatic Juice containsdifferent digestive enzymesandthemajority of digestive enzymes are made by the pancreas.

SomeEnzymes produced by the pancreas include the following:

Amylases:Breaks down starches

Lipases:Breaks down fat

Proteases and Peptidases:Breaks down proteins

That’s how everything works.Isn’t it amazing? Let’s now move to some steps to help prevent reflux.

Steps to prevent acid reflux

You can consider a lot of ways to prevent acid reflux, but we have completed our research on this topic and this is why we are breaking downthe following steps that you should follow in order to get rid of the problem that you’re facing.Enzyme deficiency.

Don’t eat too much because itcauses stomachdistension, try eating smaller meals throughout the day.

If you’re feeling acid reflux,or that food coming back up, instead of reaching for medication try Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality to help break down that food properly.

Stay away from eating fattyfoods such as fried foods, creams and unhealthysauces. Eating these things can weaken your LES.

Don’t smoke, because smoking can weaken the LES which is what prevents food from going up into the esophagusand causing heartburn.

Don’t eat for at least 2-3 hours before you go to bed because when you’re up-right, gravity works with you to help keep your food down and you also tend to sleep better.

Start going to the gym and maintain your weight. Because overweight bodies can cause youto

suffer from acid reflux and heartburn.

Don’t eat just before the strenuous exercise because it increases the tendency to get reflux. Wait about 45 minutes after that meal before you decide to hit the gym.

Avoid all those foods that cause you “Acid Reflux” straight after you eat them and if you want to treat yourself, then take Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality prior to that big meal or after that big meal or dessert. You won’t regret it.

If you try these steps that we have written above,then you have a great chance at reducing acid refluxnaturallywithinacouple of weeks, but consistency is the key.

Are you looking to fix acid reflux naturally?

Start eating vegetables

Reduce trigger food such as; Alcohol, caffeine, citrus, spicy food, fried and fatty food,coffee and red onions.

Adjust your routine- and follow your routine

Sleep with your pillow slightly elevated at night.

Stay hydrated.

You’re on your way. Stay focused and consistent and you will meet your goals.

If still nothing works for you and you’re consistently facing the acid reflux issues, or leaky gut symptoms thentake a proactive approach with Digest Matrix. We spent thousands of dollars having it 3rd party tested to make sure it works.

We have our ownDigest Matrix Formula that can help you get rid of the pain and discomfort of digestive problems if you are looking for a natural acid reflux supplement. Check out our Amazon Store as well as our amazing blog at

Do you have any questions in mind regarding the topic “Why Digestive Enzymes help with acid reflux?” then feel free to comment down below.

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