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May 19, 2020

Are you looking to know everything about Top 6 Intermittent Fasting Benefits? You’ve just landed in the right place

To all those who don’t know what Intermittent Fasting is, it is the pattern of eating where you schedule your periods of eating and fasting. 

There are a lot of Intermittent Fasting diets that people go for, such as 16/8 or 5:2 Method. Hundreds of studies have claimed that Fasting has numerous benefits for your brain and body. Celebrities often even use these methods for the purpose of ways to boost the immune system fast and to cleanse their body naturally without starvation diets that dont let you eat anything. 

 But, let’s break down the benefits that are backed by research. 

It Changes the Function of Cells, Beneficial Hormones, and Genes

When you don’t eat for some time, there are a lot of things that start to happen in your body. 

For instance, your body starts to eat your “Fat” by processing and changing the levels of hormones. But, there’s a lot more to discuss and let’s break down everything below:

  • Insulin Levels:The levels of Insulin drop by a good margin, and guess what? It contributes a lot to the Fat Burning Process also helping people who are looking to reduce blood glucose naturally.
  • Human Growth Hormone:With the help of Intermittent Fasting, you can actually grow the hormones by 5-fold. Higher levels of hormones in your body contribute to a lot of things, such as “Fat Burning, Muscle Building, andother benefits as well.” Great ways on how to boost hormones naturally. 
  • Cellular Repair: Yes, your body will start to drain all the “Useless” cells and shall process the repairing process of cells to make you feel better and healthy.
  • Gene Expression: With the changes in your Gene Expressions, you’ll be able to fight against a lot of diseases in a great way possible. This happens on a cellular level helping fight free radicals which cause disease. 

In short,*There are hundreds of benefits that Intermittent Fasting Provides related to Healthy Cells, Hormone levels naturally, and Genes. So, going for Intermittent Fasting for a month is what we recommend. This will give you a good balance of eating healthy and giving your body the break it deserves. 

It Contributes to Weight Loss and Belly Fat

can intermittent fasting help you lose weight

Yes, what else a “Fatty Person” would want from an Intermittent Fasting? It’s free and easy to try. 

With tons of other benefits, Intermittent Fasting aids you with Weight Loss and Kicks your belly fats so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Generally speaking, with the help of Fasting, you’ll be able to eat “Less,” and you’ll end up taking in fewer calories. You could also take anOrganic and Vegan Fat Burner to support your fat burning plan. 

As discussed above, with the changes in Hormones naturally and Enhancing the Hormonal Functions, you’ll be able to fight against the weight loss in a better way. 

When it comes to the calorie equation, intermittent Fasting works on both the things; it boosts your metabolic rate and reduces the amount of food you eat (Limit calorie Intake). 

According to a report of thescientific literature, you can get to lose 3-8% of body fats over a period of 3-24 weeks, and that’s quite a huge amount.

Anotherstudy shows that intermittent Fasting causes you less “Muscle Loss” as compared to “Calorie Restriction.”

Reduction of Insulin Resistance and Lowering the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

is intermittent fasting good for diabetes ?

Type 2 Diabetes has become one of the “Most Common Diseases” in the past two decades, and especially in the US, people are suffering more from this terrible disease and are looking for ways to reduce glucose levels naturally as well.Berberine on amazon being an amazing natural alternative has been shown in multiple studies to support healthy glucose and heart health as well. 

To cope with the “Type 2 Diabetes,” you should have a lower blood sugar level, and that can happen when you start going for “Intermittent Fasting.” Not medical advice, always consult a physician but this is more of a natural way to reduce blood glucose levels. 

In a humanstudy, it is clearly witnessed that “blood sugar levels were dropped by 3-5%,” and the “Insulin has been reduced by a great margin of 20-31%.”

Anotherstudy contributed that; you will potentially reduce the risk of kidney damage with the help of Intermittent Fasting because when you face “Type 2 Diabetes,” you get damage to your kidney. But, all thanks to “Fasting” because now you can counter these issues. 

However, the study shows different results for “Men and Women,” and in the case of women, you shouldn’t be trying the “Fasting” for more than 24 days. Like anything do it all in moderation. 

It can reduce stress and Inflammation - How much weight can you lose with intermittent fasting

When we talk about the disadvantages of stress, then making you look aged and involve you in many chronic diseases.

Stress is both mental and physical in nature, stress can raise blood pressure, cause symptoms of depression and make you age faster. Intermittent fasting can help you reduce acne and can intermittent fasting help you lose weight ? The research says yes for many reasons. Detoxification and cleansing the body naturally. 

The stress and Inflammation do have some molecules that are called  (Free Radicals) in it can “Damage” your DNA and Protein by reacting with them. This is the reason people takeantioxidant supplements to boost the immune system fast and help fight “Free Radicals”. 

According to astudy, when you go for the Intermittent Fasting, you don’t have to deal with the “Oxidation Stress,” and your body will show resistance to all kinds of stresses. 

Another thing that can lead you towards many diseases is known as “Inflammation.” Yes, with the help of Fasting, you can fight against Inflammation. Don’t believe us? Here’s theresearch work! Inflammation is the root cause of so many diseases and infections as well. 

Beneficial for your heart Health

Currently, heart diseases are the leading cause of death, and there’s no one stopping this. 

According to astudy, Intermittent Fasting has been shown to improve your heart health and fight against all the factors that lead you towards “Heart Attacks.”

You can improve your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Levels, Sugar Levels, blood triglycerides, and inflammatory markers with the help of “Fasting.”

However, there are a lot of studies that need to be shown before we recommend Intermittent Fasting to you for “Heart Health.” All the studies that we have shown in this section are studies that should be taken with a grain of salt and listen to your doctor by practicing healthy living. 

Can you starve cancer with intermittent fasting

can you starve cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease, and a lot of people die not because of “Cancer” but getting the tag of “Cancer Disease” with them. In short* They died because of various different reasons, genetic factors, late detection, tobacco, unhealthy life choices and sometimes bad luck. 

The truth is we don’t have the answer or cure for cancer, but there are steps you can take daily in your life to potentially do the best you can to help starve cancer by having regular checkups with your doctor. Practicing a healthy lifestyle, exercising, filling your body withorganic antioxidant supplements and just practicing faith regardless of what you believe in. Hope is something that nobody can take away from you. 

As discussed earlier, Fasting can improve your metabolism, and metabolism is directly linked with the “Cancer Disease.” With the beneficial effects on metabolism, you can actually support your journey to try and defeat cancer. 

But again, there are still a lot of studies to be made on a human because we are talking on the basis of “Animal Studies” here. You can click on the numbers to read the studies (1,2,3).

But, there’s a shred ofevidence as well that shows the improvement of “Cancer Patients” that go  for the Intermittent Fasting diet plan and even nutritionist are at these offices where patients can speak to someone about changing their life from a nutritional and holistic approach while they fight this horrible disease. 

So, what’s your take on this article and studies listed above? Do let us know in the comment section. We take hours of time to read the research and provide value. Would you share this article with someone that you love or someone you care about. For more health and wellness tips subscribe and check out our organic and vegan health supplements on our Amazon store as well.

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