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May 16, 2020

Are you looking to know everything about 8 ways to eat morefiber? You’ve just landedin the right place. Here is how to get more fiber naturally.

Everyone knows the importance of fiber and how important it is for your “Healthy Life.”

It can reduce constipation, helps you lose your weight, and maintain your “Digestive System.” Along with essential enzymes for digestion, the benefits of fiber are amazing - from cleaning your colon, to making you feel less lethargic to helping reduce your symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. 

It also contributes to balancing your cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. This may be because “Fiber Promotes health gut bacteria in your body,” and these are natural probiotics as well. Most people know how importantdigestive enzymes and probiotics are to preventing stomach diseases but what about the “benefits of fiber”. 

But, there are hundreds and thousands of people that aren’t getting enough fiber, and that’s the reason why they are heading towards different digestive diseases, along with symptoms of colon polyps  every day. 

The Institute of Medicines recommends 25 grams of fiber for women and 35 grams of fiber for men to fulfill the daily nutrient intake your body needs. 

According to areport, Americans are getting about 16 grams of fiber per day, and that is half of the recommended amount.

Not to mention that the people who are getting the 16 grams of fiber per day are actually the ones that follow a healthy diet with vitamins for immune health but tend to put fiber to the side. We have to start thinking more about why fiber is good for you. 

But, you don’t have to worry, because we will enlighten you about “How to add more fiber to your diet” without putting too much effort. 

Let’s get started!

Include Vegetables in your Meal

what are some sources of fiber

We can list down hundreds of reasons why you should go for eating more vegetables, and one of the best reasons to go for vegetables is “they reduce the risk of chronic diseases.” We have heard this for thousands of years, and oatmeal is one of my favorite sources of fiber and amino acids. 

This combination of oatmeal, almonds, cinnamon and a little bit of vanilla extract is my go to in the morning with a highquality digestive enzyme supplement to ensure proper absorption of this natural source of fiber.

The oats with fiber along with cinnamon to help blood sugar and almonds packed with healthy fat, vitamin E and more fiber is an absolute tasty superfood. Let’s talk about how much vegetables you should try to eat below. 

Almost all of the vegetables, especially “Non Starchy Vegetables,” are high in nutrients, including the fiber benefits as well. This is how you get more fiber naturally.

We recommend you start eating vegetables at lunchtime, and you can go for different foods at dinner that are more lean in poultry, fish or meat.

If you are the type of person who hates vegetables, try drinking them in an ice cold mixture of fruits and veggies in a smoothie with pineapple chunks,  which has a sweet and distinct flavor profile that will hide the flavor of spinach or kale that you may not want to eat with lunch or dinner. 

Additionally, you can start your meal with “Vegetable Soup” as well; it will help you in eating “Fewer Calories” but opt for the low sodium can of vegetable soup. 

In short*You can’t ignore vegetables because they are full of nutrients and high amounts of fiber. 

Eat Gluten Free Popcorn - Maybe a Healthier Popcorn option

Is popcorn gluten free and dairy free ? That largely depends on the best brands of gluten free popcorn's on the market.

Eating popcorn is fun, and we know that one can eat a lot of gluten free popcorn while watching a movie, drama, or sports. 

Quality popcorn is actually a “Whole Grain,” or "Gluten Free Popcorn" and contains a ton of fiber in it, and you can reach the recommended amount of fiber by eating popcorn daily in the evening time- with some tea.

The keyword here is healthier popcorn. Please stay away from traditional buttery, artificially flavored and high salted popcorn if you have symptoms of diverticulitis. Take "Digest Matrix Enzyme" to help you digest popcorn since it tends to get stuck in parts of the intestine if you have stomach problems - but love popcorn once in a while. 

So, why not go for the popcorn when “it has so many health benefits” linked to the healthy types of popcorn. Most people think of popcorn as a greasy, salty and fatty food, but there are many healthy popcorn alternatives all over the internet and in health food stores. 

Snack on Fruits - Let's talk about the benefits of Fruits and the Best Time to Eat Fruits

how much fiber do fruits have

Making snacks with the help of different fruits not only provides you with a great amount of fiber, but also they are tasty and portable.

All the fruits have a specific amount of fiber in them, and few of them provide you with a “Great Amount.” For instance, watermelon has 1 gram of fiber in it, whereas one small pear has 5 grams of fiber in it.

This is the reason I love the idea of having a fruit salad in the morning with breakfast. The cheaper alternative would be to buy organic frozen fruits from a large retailer and put them in a smoothie.

This could especially be beneficial for people on the go. Remember to have your fruits earlier in the day and not as a late night snack. You don’t want that sugar in your blood to cause insomnia. 

You can’t ignore berries and apples because they are some of the highest in “Fiber,” too. Not only fruits help you to get fiber, but you can improve your fullness by  including “Nuts as well. 

Whole Grains for Life - Many Different Ancient Grains Have Benefits

Processed foods never provide you with a “High” amount of fiber, and that’s why we recommend you consume whole grains because they are minimally processed.

You can replace the habit of eating refined grains with the whole grain versions listed below:

  • Amaranth.
  • Barley.
  • Buckwheat.
  • Bulgur wheat.
  • Farro.
  • Freekeh.
  • Millet.
  • Quinoa.
  • Wheat berries.

You’ll get more nutrients when going for “Whole Grains” because they have the germ and bran intact. 

Start Taking Fiber Supplements - Fiber can help with constipation

can fiber help with constipation

As the fiber is linked directly to the “Digestive System,” we have products that can help you get your digestive system right and provides you with a great amount of fiber to fulfill your daily needs. 

Click Here to check our products. 

Few of the other recommendations are:

  • Guar fiber
  • Psyllium
  • Glucomannan
  • β-glucans
  • Lentils, avocado, pears,chia seeds, black turtle beans and wholegrain protein pasta are all great foods high in fiber for constipation and all great ways to sneak more fiber into your diet. I mean who does not love “avocado toast” and/or guacamole benefits. 

We would recommend you to contact us right now, and we will guide you properly upon listening to your problem first. We love helping people and have a variety of health blogs to help you get started on your journey righthere

Eat Chia Seeds

We have discussed the importance of “Chia Seeds” in a lot of other posts, too, because they are extremely rich in nutrients and can provide you with “Fiber” as well.

Whether you talk about Omega-3, Vitamins, or Fiber, Chia Seeds is the answer, but try to eat Chia Seeds in moderation. 

You can use the Chia Seeds as a vitamin infusion with water or any juice because these small seeds gel in water and aren’t soluble.

Eat Avocados

A lot of people in America love to eat Avocados and for good reasons because they are incredibly rich in nutrients.

Avocados can be used to fulfill the needs of “Omega-3” and can provide you with a great amount of “Fiber” as well. You can also spice up your avocado in so many ways, from tomatoes, to fresh garlic to putting it on hamburgers. Avocado club sandwiches are one of my favorites with uncured turkey bacon, lettuce & tomato. 

In fact, if you eat half of the avocado every day, it will provide you with 5 grams of “Fiber,” which is great.

Additionally, Avocados can help you fight  heart diseases and promote healthy glucose levels for people who suffer from diabetes as well. 

You can use Avocados instead of butter in the morning, or use it in salad and other dishes to get the taste and fiber intake you need to meet daily. 

We personally love Avocados because of tons of “Health Benefits,” and you do let us know in the comment section whether you like “Avocados” or not. 

Reasons To Eat Berries For Immunity

which berries have the most fiber

We all know “Berries” are the most delicious and mouthwatering fruit, and almost 90% of the people around the globe love eating berries. Organic berries are the way to go, largely because we want the benefits of berries and not pesticides, which are sprayed on many fruits which can destroy the nutrients in these superfoods. 

Berries have a lot ofhealth benefits as well, including providing your body with fiber. 

Also, people with sugar problems can use “Berries” without any problem because they tend to provide you with “Low Sugar” as compared to other fruits. 

You can add berries to salad and cereal or use them with the Yogurt for a healthy snack. Always go for frozen and fresh berries because they are healthy. Quick tip - Try to Freeze strawberries and raspberries as they tend to get rotten quicker than other fruits. 

So, that’s all from the topic “8 ways to sneak more fiber into your diet,” and if you’ve any questions in mind, then feel free to comment down below.

What ways do you meet your fiber intake on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you

Don’t forget to check out products and other blog posts on health and wellness and if you love thebest products on Amazon then visit our products section there as well.  

Thank you for reading! - Enzymatic Vitality 

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