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November 26, 2018

Unless you come from a medical background, you might not know that you can’t just take as many supplements as you want, digestive or otherwise. Sure, they’re designed to aid your overall health and provide your body with the nutrition it needs. But like any medical product, vitamin and mineral overdoses are also possible.

In case of digestive supplements such as probiotics, overdosing can lead bloating and diarrhea. But that might just be the least of your worries! Overdosing or ‘mega-dosing’ can also trigger headaches, increase your histamine levels, increase infection risk and even cause allergies.

Needless to say, if you want to maintain your health while taking probiotics, it might be wise to do your research before you start your dose.

What to Do When Taking Probiotics

Select the Right Probiotic

There are numerous strains of digestive probiotics, some of which may not suit your activity level or lifestyle. For instance, if you choose a probiotic that requires refrigeration but you’re always on the go, this might cause problems since you won’t very well be able to find a cool enough location to store your supplements. And that, in turn could impact the effectiveness of the probiotic. Always ask a doctor before purchasing any probiotic.

Follow the Instructions

Typically, it’s recommended that you take one pill a day. Anymore and it might wreck your digestive and immune system. If you skip a day, do not take twice the dose the next day. Just continue with your prescribed dosage. And try not to be inconsistent. Don’t stop your supplement intake just because you aren’t seeing changes fast enough.

Have Fiber

Probiotics can only help so much. Alongside, you must maintain a good high-fiber diet so your body gets its fair share of beneficial bacteria, as well as energy to handle your digestion. Just remember to add that fiber slowly. A surplus of fiber might lead to bloating, constipation and gas.

Maintain a ‘Healthy’ Lifestyle

Easier said than done, but try to let go of the stress every once in a while. Get a monthly spa treatment, eat healthy, stay active, have your bit of fresh air. Crazy workloads and late sit-ins at the office are part-and-parcel of adulthood. Your health needs to be able to support this sort of life— treat yourself!

Get the Best Quality Digestive Supplements

Costs alone can’t guarantee effectiveness when it comes to supplements. Instead of buying the pricier supplement, go with an option that’s reliable.

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