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August 10, 2018 2 Comments

In spite of eating well, dealing with digestive issues? Or Slow Metabolism?

Our day to day dietary preferences and habits are being largely influenced by the food choices we make on a day to day basis. We have almost forgotten the concept and significance of having a balanced diet. Our digestive system and metabolism have fallen prey to enzyme deficiency and several other digestive health issues. So even if you suddenly start eating healthy food, then everything doesn’t fall into place in an instance. Therefore, it is highly recommended to begin introducing a premium digestive enzyme supplement to your daily regimen. These enzymes help the body break down complex food particles into better nutrition for our bodies to properly absorb natural vitamins from the foods that we eat.


Are there specific foods and healthy drinks for healthy digestion?

Research suggests that having a diet high in healthy proteins and healthy fats can also boost the metabolism. This is the reason the ketogenic diet has been trending, through its ability to jump start the metabolism, and burn fat for energy instead of making us lethargic and tired after eating large meals. Plant based digestive enzymes can also keep the body and metabolism in a good place if taken prior to eating meals.


When should you try a digestive enzyme supplement?

The recommended time to take digestive enzyme supplements is prior to eating. This gives the enzymes the ability to properly break down the foods you are eating, preventing side effects such as heartburn, acid reflux and leaky gut syndrome. The digestive enzymes break down the complex structure of nutrients taken inside the body through various food items, but the key is taking them at the right times. For example if you take a digestive enzyme supplement hours after eating a heavy meal, you might not reap the same benefits as if you would have taken it prior to eating that meal. The good thing is some ingredients such as bromelain, can still help the body fight inflammation if taken even after eating food.

 These enzymes speed up the digestion process and accelerate the metabolism rate. There are various kinds of enzymes dedicated to digest different nutrients like starch, fats, proteins, etc so it’s important to buy a digestive enzyme supplement that has several different types of enzymes. The recommended formula is a Digest Matrix blend which has the power of 18 different enzymes to help with digestive health and reduced bloating and acid reflux.

 One natural digestive enzyme that helps in the digestion of starch is called Amylase. It breaks down starch into small pieces of carbohydrates that we can utilize for energy. Proteins can be tough to break down but an enzyme known as Protease is required to break down hard to digest proteins. The wonderful thing about these essential enzymes is that they help with the breakdown of necessary amino acids. Another, digestive support enzyme which is very much needed to maintain a healthy body is known as Lipase, this fat burning enzyme helps transition complex fats into dietary fatty acids and glycerol which is also a great addition to your digestive supplement regimen.


How do you choose high-quality digestive enzymes?

When you look for digestive enzymes, we highly recommend choosing a high-quality plant based blend without unnecessary fillers that don’t provide nutritional value. Most people tend to look at price when choosing a high-quality enzyme supplement, but concentrating on the matrix of different enzymes is a critical factor. We recommend looking for enzymes that contain Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Bromelain, Papain just to name a few of some of the most poten and beneficial enzymes for digestive health and immune support.


Can enzyme supplements help with food allergies?

Digestive enzymes are very healthy in nature and our body can produce them naturally if we are healthy enough with little digestive issues; however if you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux or bloating, then we highly recommend taking a Digest Matrix blend prior to help prevent food allergies and aid in nutrient absorption.


Can they help digest gluten?

As far as digesting gluten is concerned, digestive enzymes are very speedy and efficient in digesting gluten and other complex substances, but make sure to look for a digestive enzyme with aspergillopepsin which is a super enzyme in helping people with gluten allergies.



Enzymatic Vitality has a wide variety of all of the necessary enzymes to help with digestive health and our digestive advantage is that our products are plant based and only high quality, so healthy metabolism and nutrient absorption can absolutely start off with the right digestive enzyme blend.



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