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August 03, 2019

What are probiotics? and How do probiotics work ?


Probiotics are nothing more than certain good bacteria’s, which are required by our body to keep immune health and stomach health in check. Digestive Probiotics are living bacteria’s and yeasts, which are famous for our digestive health.


Our bodies are also full of good and bad bacteria’s, but to keep ourselves healthy probiotics play an essential role in ensuring we stay in good spirits because probiotics affect mental health just as much as they do physical health.


Do probiotics help with depression and immunity ? Let’s take a quick look below.


How do probiotics work?


  • In times of poor health or maybe a quick visit to your doctor from a fever, strep throat, an upper respiratory infection or even a urinary tract infection might put you in a place where you need antibiotics which although some studies suggest are overused they are completely necessary in other scenarios.


  • Probiotics help to replenish the good bacteria that antibiotics destroy. You see when you are on a regimen of antibiotics it should be combined with a high quality probiotic to counteract the ill effects of antibiotics along with a host of side effects associated with antibiotics, for example: nausea, loose stools and just overall weakness.  



  • Often times people see themselves taking a trip back to the doctor with a new illness because their immune health has been depleted through the use of antibiotics and a premium probiotic supplement with enzymes can be an amazing addition to get your stomach health back on track after a strong round of antibiotics.
  • Moreover, it maintains the balance of the excellent bacteria that we need to feed our stomachs to keep our immune system strong, thus preventing the need to visit your local urgent care every other month.
  • Probiotics help people tremendously with irritable bowel syndrome because the symptoms associated with poor gut health have been linked to IBS in the first place.


  • Probiotic supplementsare also beneficial for mental health, a significant proportion of essential amino acids that are created in the gut like serotonin help with feelings of anxiety and depression.



  • Certain strains of probiotics help with heart health by managing triglycerides and keeping the bad cholesterol LDL in check.


  • Probiotics can also help with symptoms of eczema. The use of high quality probiotic supplements is linked to protection in immune system dysfunction and large reduction in inflammation which are two of the main key factors that contribute to the development of eczema.




  • Probiotics play a significant role in improving the immune system of the body through the use of probiotic supplements made in the U.S.A


  • It helps in reducing the unnecessary stubborn fat as well as a reduction in natural weight loss. Some people who start a probiotic regimen should start slow maybe only taking one or two capsules a day with meals to ensure they can slowly incorporate them into their daily routine.
  • This will produce less shock on the stomach. Some folks complain about having loose stools using probiotics which is not necessarily a bad side effect. This is actually your body adjusting to this high quality probiotic and getting rid of the toxins its kept in your stomach for years.



  • How do probiotics help ? Well they help in reducing the inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Digestive Probiotics not only help burn fat and aid weight loss but when picking a plant based probiotic look for combinations of enzymes with probiotics like some offered by Enzymatic Vitality.


  • There is a vegan friendly probioticthat contains billions of 3rd party tested cultures along with necessary digestive enzyme supplements for optimal health and energy.
digestive probiotic


How do probiotics help with weight loss

Certain strains of Lactobacillus bacteria can help you reduce belly fat along with an enzyme called lipase which is a natural fat burner.  Researchers have found that taking probiotics with a strain called lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus acidophilus  has reduced belly fat to a greater extent.


One study showed that 1000 participants who took a combination of digestive enzyme with probiotics, in conjunction with a high fat, high protein diet and low in carbohydrates like the keto diet saw a 50% reduction in weight loss over a period of 3 months.



Below are a few tips to keep your waist line in check

  • Eating more protein in the diet and introducing a digestive enzyme with probiotics. 
  • Reduced carb consumption, we know that we need carbs for energy but focus on carbs that you can get from vegetables or sweet potatoes and try to stay away from fried carbs and starches.
  • Avoiding starchy foods along with an overabundance of grains. Many people love the idea of the word whole grain which helps with your daily fiber intake but in moderation, you see grains contain lectins which can stick to the walls of your intestines creating inflammation.
  • Finally moderate exercise is essential, even if you’re not spending every waking moment at the gym or you just don’t have enough time, give yourself the opportunity to take a brief ten minute walk everyday an hour after dinner. Your body will thank you for it.


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