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September 07, 2020

Green Coffee Benefits - This super antioxidant and natural fat burner is exciting and today we are going to talk about the benefits, side effects and consumption. 

Well, if you belong to the “Health Community,” then you might know the importance of green coffee. 

Green Coffee has become a new trend in the USA and all because of “Health Benefits.”

But, a lot of people are still wondering about the benefits and question us, “Whether Green Coffee” is beneficial for our health or not. 

In this article, we will completely review the benefits of Green Coffee and its risks as well. 

Let’s rock and roll!

What is Green Coffee? Can Green Coffee Help in Weight Loss ?

Green Coffee beans are regular beans that haven’t been roasted and remain completely in raw form. Their extract is popularly used in dietary supplements, and you can even buy “Green Coffee” in whole-bean form. 

You’ve to keep one thing in mind, and that is, “Green Coffee isn’t going to taste like roasted coffee” because it has a completely different taste with a milder flavor. But how much weight can you lose with green coffee ? That answer is really subjective, this is largely due to whether or not you're going to drink it, how much - are you going to go for an antioxidant supplement. This tends to be my favorite for people who are on the go or are just not fans of the taste. 

Note*Green Tea is more likely to taste like “Herbal tea” than coffee.

Additionally, the chemical properties of Green Coffee are different from regular coffee as well, but the origins are similar. 

According toresearch, green coffee has antioxidants that are extremely valuable to fight against chronic diseases and inflammation. 

What’s more, it has chlorogenic acid (Small Amount), but you’ll lose it during the roosting process. 

Does it work as a weight-loss supplement?

In 2012, the green coffee extract was promoted by American celebrities and athletes as a weight loss supplement. There is an abundance of data that answers the question “ can green coffee help in weight loss ? This is the reason it is one of the main organic ingredients in our antioxidant vegan organic fat burner. 

Even, many health experts have revealed that Green Coffee has a significant impact on your weight loss campaign. Chlorogenic acid which is found as the main catalyst transforms cells and fuels the body to create more antioxidants. It is crucial in controlling hypertension and the side effects of high blood pressure, in addition another research article found that green coffee bean extract in its Organic Form assists weight loss and can also control blood sugar levels in the body." This is not only exciting but we have it with other antioxidants in an organic 3rd party tested super antioxidant with only 5 mg’s of caffeine here. 

The reason why we are discussing this topic is, “We are using green coffee bean extract” in our products.Click Here to check all our products to keep yourself in great shape. 

But, most of the studies made on Humans are inconclusive. Some participants have lost their weight, and that is pretty significant as research shows that consistent walking for just ten minutes a day with a combination of green coffee bean extract and green tea extract were the perfect combination for metabolism boost.  This combination really answers the question “ can green coffee help in weight loss ? 


If taken consistently with a moderate diet healthy in lower carbs and higher proteins just make this an amazing combination to prevent rebound weight gain. Now on Amazon, Vegan antioxidants and organic to help with mental clarity, natural fat burn without jitters. 

Fight Chronic Diseases

Well, we have discussed chronic diseases in hundreds of our articles because it’s getting out of hands in America. 

But, with the help of Green Coffee, you can actually counter chronic diseases such as; Type 2 Diabetes, Potentially Cancer, and Heart Disease. 

In an eight week human study, 50 people with risk factors like “High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar (That increases the chances of diabetes and heart diseases)” took 400mg of Green Coffee to extract daily.

Those who took the extract on a daily basis have seen significant improvements in fasting blood sugar and blood pressure.

Although the results are promising, and we might need more research on a larger scale to use Green Coffee extract as the main weapon. 

Let’s head towards the possible risks and side effects of Green Coffee extract. 

Here we go!

Possible Risks and Side Effects of Green Coffee

Green Coffee is normally very safe, but there are a few risks and side effects that one must know. Let’s talk about them. 

Excess Caffeine

Green Coffee is much like roasted coffee because it contains natural caffeine. 

Although taking caffeine in moderate form is good for your health, taking too much can lead you towards “Anxiety, Disturbance and Increased Blood Pressure.”

One cup of coffee, “Either Black or Green,” can provide you with “100mg of Caffeine.” We recommend you to go only for one cup of coffee a day because taking too much caffeine can be a bit much so ensure that you speak with your physician first prior to taking any herb, supplement or new form of antioxidant source. 

Meanwhile, the capsules of green coffee contain 25-40mg of Caffeine, and you lose a little amount of caffeine during the roasting process. 

But again, always try to take coffee in moderate form, because taking an excessive amount of Caffeine means “You’re risking your health.”

Too Much May Affect Bone Health

 According to research made on mice, taking caffeine in excessive amounts can take you towards calcium deficiency in their bone tissue. This is the same for anything in life, moderation is always best and the main reason, I love supplements online in which I could track the exact dosage of green coffee bean extract I'm taking. 

The research also revealed that “Taking green coffee supplements for a longer period” can harm bone health. 

But, again, we need human research to believe the statement written above. 

You must be wondering about what is the suggested dosage of green coffee beans right? Let’s break the details down for you. 

Suggested Dosage

We haven’t seen any sufficient data that suggests a clear dosing recommendation. But, taking green coffee twice a day (400mg) reporting no side effects. However, start small and see how your body responds. 

If you’re considering taking the green coffee bean extract, then we suggest you take the help of your doctor first. 

Let’s now break down the other possible benefits of Green Coffee. 

Other Benefits of Green Coffee Bean

The above-listed benefits are completely backed by science, but the benefits we are about to list down need more research work. 

  • It acts as an antioxidant in the human body fighting off and answering the question " what are free radicals ? " Bad molecules in that cause inflammation and disease. 
  • Green Coffee can control food cravings and stop us from eating too much
  • It is a natural detox that cleanses the liver, making it free from the germs, bad cholesterol, unnecessary fats and a lot more
  • Green Coffee contains high levels of volatile materials, and that means “You’ll have almost zero wrinkles and healthy skin.”
  • It can make your hair look good, strong and healthier than before
  • What’s more, green coffee contains fatty acids that can nourish your skin and heal it
  • Consuming green coffee regularly can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your body and you can find it in the supplement below
can green coffee help in weight loss

    So, these are the benefits that Green Coffee is providing to you, but they aren’t backed by science. But, a lot of people are still using green coffee for the above-written purposes. 

    That’s all from the topic “Green Coffee Benefits and Side Effects,” and if you still have any questions in mind, feel free to comment down below.  We would love for you to share this article with a friend or family member if you found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading.  Enzymatic Vitality

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