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December 07, 2019

High blood pressure is a silent killer. This condition can severely damage blood vessels and speed up your way to heart disease. Very common, did you know that high blood pressure affects one in three people and roughly 1 billion people around the whole world. 


High blood pressure is so dangerous because some people might not have a ton of symptoms. They might have a headache and think oh, well it will go away, or maybe I just have heartburn. It's a condition that is overlooked and super dangerous. I know many people even from a personal life perspective that have had massive heart attacks and strokes from high blood pressure, even at the young age of 36  years old. 

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We don't just write, we research, research and research some more to keep you informed on health and wellness. Let's continue below on this powerful article and let's talk about natural ways to reduce high blood pressure. 

Blood pressure natural alternatives

We love talking about natural ways to deal with health and wellness and the good news is, there are several different options you have to tackle blood pressure today if you are not comfortable with taking a beta blocker medication that lowers blood pressure but may come with tons of extra side effects. As always this is not medical advice but just natural research and self opinions from a team of wonderful researchers at Enzymatic Vitality. 

Here are 5 ways to reduce blood pressure naturally the ways to drop high blood pressure.

1. A brisk walk, even just taking ten minutes to go for a walk after dinner or ideally when the sun is out to absorb some vitamin D at the same time could be a great way to reduce your blood pressure. When your body is moving, your heart is working and strengthening its way to helping you keep your blood pressure levels lower. 

Walking if you have a weak heart, and of course exercise is an amazing natural remedy at trying to reduce blood pressure naturally. You are basically strengthening your blood cells and your heart which is a muscle! That’s right your heart is a muscle and loves walking and exercising. We recommend  at least 10,000 steps a day at the very minimum. Ideally 20 thousand steps even if you find yourself just walking on a treadmill listening to your favorite podcast, or music. Consistent walking and exercise keeps your heart pumping blood normally which helps reduce the pressure in your heart arteries naturally. This is one of the easiest and I believe most researched ways to reduce blood pressure naturally without taking a single pill if you are a fairly healthy person who is just at the beginning stages of (hypertension) also known as blood pressure. 

Did you know that just walking 75 minutes a week is a blood pressure natural remedy that can significantly reduce your blood pressure and also help combat heart disease?


The risk factors start to decrease significantly when you take into consideration that there are 7 days in a week. Even if you just walked for 10 minutes a day, you are already on your way to better mental health as well as lower blood pressure because when you walk and exercise your body releases endorphins that make you feel good and actually provide you with energy, focus and anti anxiety affects. 

I always suggest that people who are not big fans of exercise or maybe just have the objection that they don't have time to incorporate at least something they like into their routine. It could be dancing, walking, riding a bicycle or even just spending time with a loved one and going for a walk. 


If you own a dog, make an effort to add an extra ten minutes to your routine. Your heart will thank you later. Look for active minutes, with today’s technology you can track your activity and steps with a simple smart phone or smart watch. 


In conclusion: whether it's walking exercising or dancing, our bodies were made to move so if your sitting all day at work or at home in the even you work remotely,  make an effort to get moving after work. 

2. Salt - Overly used and in almost everything 

Salt is hidden in everything in large amounts from canned chicken noodle soup to ketchup. The majority of salt is found in processed foods and of course almost anything that needs to be preserved for longer amounts of time. When you walk down the aisle of a supermarket look at the amounts of sodium that are on the ingredients labels on several foods you might be having everyday.

Think twice when your at a restaurant and want to add more salt to that already high sodium meal. You can easily check with various apps how much salt is already in the meal you are currently having, and adding more salt to it can just make things worse for your blood pressure.

This is one of the main reasons your health provider may tell you to reduce your sodium intake significantly if your looking to lower your blood pressure naturally. Studies suggest that people who follow a high sodium diet are more likely to suffer from not only high blood pressure but heart attacks and even stroke as well. 

Let’s be clear that salt is necessary especially when cooking, so if you have to utilize salt. Pink sea salt can be a great and arguably a healthier alternative, although it does not contain iodine which is a necessary nutrient, Himalayan sea salt is processed differently by the body and is a much better option. 


For people who have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure, we recommend taking steps to reduce your salt intake. Actually, over time, your body will actually get used to crave less salt. 


Same goes for people who love sugar, if reduced slowly over time, eventually you tend to find things to sweet. The same goes for salt intake and high blood pressure. Anything in a can most likely has a ton of sodium so make sure to read the labels of foods that you purchase at your local supermarket. 


A great way to reduce your salt intake and still have flavorful food is to use different herbs or low sodium seasoning that can really give your food great flavor. A great alternative for example could be fresh garlic, this natural antibiotic fights viruses and is also great for heart health, while giving foods like grilled chicken and salmon, great flavor with a splash of lemon.  

3. Time to cut back on the Alcohol

Drinking a glass of wine is fine, but keep in mind that too much drinking is linked to high blood pressure as well. Roughly 16 percent of the world’s population suffers from high blood pressure due to drinking alcohol alone. I’m actually a fan of a great glass of wine for heart health but give your heart and liver a break by staying within the range of one or two drinks at the very most. if you feel the need to have a casual drink here and there. Drinking alcohol can raise blood pressure. But how much alcohol is enough? Well the typical range in the United States is one alcoholic drink for women and two drinks for men, this is a typical range that is usually suggested but everyone has their own tolerance and body weight. 

4. Keep a Banana Handy - Potassium is a winner for high blood pressure

Potassium does an amazing job and helping your body remove sodium from the blood while naturally reducing pressure on your blood vessels due to the fact that it's a natural mineral that contains magnesium which also helps with high blood pressure.  


Its estimated that 80% of our population is deficient in magnesium due to the way food is processed and magnesium fights blood pressure! Grab a handful of almonds and know that you are doing your blood pressure a favor.


The unfortunate part of our generation today is that sodium intake is high while potassium consumption is so low that health care providers find themselves actually writing prescriptions for potassium to help people with several different health conditions.

Potassium rich foods can be found in whey protein, bananas, white potatoes, tuna, non salted pistachios avocados, salmon and sweet potatoes! 


This is one of my favorites - you can have a sweet potato which is a great source of potassium and if you add cinnamon it’s another great way to control your blood glucose levels as well. Tomatoes are also a great source of potassium but opt for actual tomatoes or natural sauce and not something from a can. 

5. Maybe it’s time to cut back on that Coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed substances in the world and for good reason. It gives you that boost of energy that most people enjoy, especially in the morning. However, this also comes with risk. Too much caffeine can not only raise your blood pressure but it can also leave you with high blood pressure for years to come. If you feel the need to have some caffeine, consider a cup of green tea which may have only about 35 mgs of caffeine compared to an average cup of coffee that can have up to 185 mgs of caffeine. 

Not to mention you will reap the benefits of the amazing antioxidants that green tea has to offer since it fights free radicals, these disease fighting molecules are depleted as you age and green tea can be a healthier safer alternative with much lower caffeine content. 

Finally try a Berberine HCL Supplement

Berberine 1200 mgs by Enzymatic Vitality is an amazing 3rd party tested health supplement that has not only to significantly reduce blood pressure, but it also helps with cholesterol and blood glucose levels as well. Berberine uses for blood pressure are just amazing and we spend thousands of dollars to have our supplements 3rd party tested to make sure they work and the results speak for themselves. Thousands of happy customers have purchased our Berberine pills for health and wellness and they have raved about how well it works. They are available on as well as our website. 

blood pressure supplements amazon

If you found this article helpful, share it with a family member or friend who suffers from high blood pressure and share the love. Thank you for reading.

To your health!

Enzymatic Vitality

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