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January 04, 2020

Are you looking to know everything about why do you feel bloated after eating? Then you’re on the right place. Read everything here.

Why do you feel bloated after eating?

So, you’re done with a wonderful meal and you’re ready to go to relax or even get ready to start your day and suddenly it happens: your pants start to feel tight, your stomach feels twice its size and you start to experience cramps, gas and belching.

These all are the signs of bloating, but what causes bloating? Could it be the food you eat that remains undigested?  Let’s discuss some of the foods that can cause bloating and some solutions as well below.

A lot of people link Bloating with serious issues, like liver issues, or stomach diseases but we should look at other possible natural reasons why you may feel bloated. It’s actually common to feel bloated once in a while especially if you have symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or enzyme deficiency. We believe in our opinion its actually  “Normal” and common occurrence that can be fixed when you change your diet. We are about to share some tips that can help you avoid bloating. Let’s get started!

Common Foods that Trigger Bloating

When you start eating proteins, carbohydrates and fats in meals, then you end up getting uncomfortable episodes of bloating and if you suffer from acid reflux and are wanting to reach in your pocket to go buy something over the counter keep reading for some natural alternatives, like digestive enzymes for bloating, which essentially just digest food properly to prevent bloating in the first place.  However, there are some foods that can trigger bloating more than other food types and we are listing down a couple below.


We don’t want you to stop eating healthy foods if they are on this list but consider what time of day you are eating them. For example, some studies suggest that eating fruits should be consumed earlier on in the day to burn those natural sugars earlier on in the day and prevent bloating. If you ask the question, why do I feel bloated all the time ? Then keep on reading!

  • apples
  • beans
  • cruciferous vegetables
  • dairy products
  • lettuce
  • onions
  • peaches and pears

You don’t have to leave everything all together; you can reduce bloating by changing the food schedule for some time or reduce the quantity of the food we have listed above. Even healthy foods eaten at the wrong time of day can cause you to feel bloated. If you have a tough schedule and feel the need to eat late then grab a digestive enzyme supplement from Enzymatic Vitality to help you properly digest the foods.

Avoid Fatty Foods That Arent Healthy For You

As mentioned earlier, eating unhealthy fats can take you to edges of the bloating problem and it can be reduced by staying away from saturated fats and trans fats.

When you eat fatty foods, it becomes difficult for your body to digest the food, the fat moves slowly to the digestive tract and this cause bloating problems. We love the idea of using Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality because it contains specific enzymes that help break down fats properly whether healthy fats or not to reduce strain on your digestive tract.

You see the body doesn’t know what nutrition your giving it, the body takes in food for energy and if it’s not being digested properly, then you’re on your way to feeling bloated and tired.  

digest matrix amazon

Not all fats are created equal, Almonds for example are an amazing fat that you could eat especially if you follow a healthier diet or keto diet and you’re looking for digestive enzymes for keto as well. Ultimately,  you’ll have to figure out which fats are causing the problem and avoid eating them or introduce Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality to help reduce that sluggish feeling after you eat by properly absorbing more nutrients.

Limiting your intake of fried chicken, processed and refined foods can help you with diet plans and getting rid of Bloating as well.

Eat Slowly

Do you have a habit of eating everything fast? If yes, then this is a huge reason you may feel bloated as well. To reduce bloating naturally, take your time eating your food, digestion begins in the mouth and so enjoy your food, take your time and your stomach will thank you later.  

Eating something slowly can reduce your intake and as well as digestion problems. And you’ll end up having less bloating problems.

Note*You can’t get rid of bloating problem swiftly, you need to practice doing things that we have mentioned above and we highly recommend you try a premium digestive enzyme supplement that’s 3rd party tested like Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality.

Watch your fiber intake

There are a lot of fiber foods available in the market but fibrous food such as whole grain, beans and legumes can be the most common cause of bloating for you. These foods may have health benefits but ensure that your body has the ability to properly digest them. Split test different recipes and give your body time to see what works best for you.

While these foods have a tag of “Healthy Foods” you always should see what your body is telling you. For example, certain beans used to make me feel really bloated prior to starting digestive enzyme supplements online. I bought the digest matrix formula and I was able to eat my favorite red kidney beans again without feeling bloated.

There’s no doubt that fiber is always considered as one of the top-ingredients for a heart-healthy diet but if you don’t want to stop eating foods high in fiber, then you shouldn’t be increasing the fiber diet swiftly, you can increase the amount gradually.

Limit Carbonated Drinks

According to research, Carbonated and soda waters are the leading culprits for bloating because as you consume these drinks, carbon dioxide start to build up in your body and this can quickly lead you to feeling bloated. Especially when you drink them quickly! If you are one of those people who loves seltzer water, we are not saying not to drink it but consider drinking it in moderation as it can lead to bloating as well.

Plain water is always the best option and making plain water your priority with each meal can make a significant difference on the way you feel.  We suggest drinking 8 ounces of water prior to meals with your digestive supplement and you may feel results that you have not seen before.

Try a Bloat-Busting Supplement

Ever heard of the supplement Digest Matrix Enzyme Supplement? The supplement not only helps you reduce bloating but its 3rd party tested and made right here in the U.S.  

If you don’t want to leave the food that we have mentioned above, then taking our Digest Matrix Enzyme Supplement is a must because it contains more than 18 powerful enzymes to help you with all the digestive problems that you may be experiencing if your looking for a natural way to increase gut health.

Want to know the ingredients of the product? Click here to read everything about it. Digest Matrix by Enzymatic Vitality is sold on our website and also on Amazon.

With so many positive reviews for this supplement, If you feel bloated after eating then you can trust and use it without thinking twice and believe us you won’t regret it. We provide a money back guarantee because we are confident in the thousands of dollars we spent on certificates of analysis to ensure, you the customer are getting what you paid for.

Do you know anyone who suffers from bloating or indigestion? Share this article with them or comment below and let us know your thoughts!


Thank you for reading – To your health!

Enzymatic Vitality

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