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July 19, 2019

Enzymes to Help with Your Ketogenic Diet

What Should You Know About the Keto Diet and Digestive Enzyme Supplements. 

The main focus of the ketogenic diet is the proportion of macronutrients of high fats and proteins. It is necessary for your daily consumption of macros to be high fat & protein roughly 60 to 80 %  and healthy protein being about 25% of that number while keeping the carb intake at about 5 to 10% overall and for good reason. 

Millions of people following a proper keto diet have found amazing results shedding pounds and meeting their weight loss goals, while improving their overall health on this keto diet. There are also many people who have made the keto diet apart of their long term lifestyle due to the wide variety of benefits associated with the ketogenic diet in comparison with other diets associated with losing weight. 

When making a decision to go on any strict diet you should always consult with your general doctor about any deficiencies you may have to ensure  that you don’t risk further health issues with the keto diet journey you are about to try. In fact if you had your gall bladder removed, make sure to check with your Physician prior to starting a keto diet to prevent fat malabsorption. 

One of the key components to the ketogenic diet your doctor may mention is that a high quality digestive enzyme supplementshould be taken. Due to the fact that the keto diet is so high in fat and protein, the body may need additional assistance in keto digestion. Enzyme supplementation is a huge factor that could make a difference in whether you can actually tolerate this ketosis diet in general.

How do enzymes help digestion?

Many people don’t know that we already have thousands of enzymes currently in our body which help thousands of bodily functions  work properly, however as we age most people lose their ability to properly produce digestive enzymes naturally which gives you that bloated, tired feeling after eating a large meal. You may have an enzyme deficiency.  Let’s face it, our bodies were not created for super high fat diets and over the years we have adopted diets higher in sugar and carbohydrates. 

Keto Digest

Our bodies are amazing in making specific enzymes for digestion of all macronutrients to help us properly absorb proteins, fats, carbs and even assist in producing energy. The necessity of a digest matrix blend is highly recommended because lipids, which are fats are very difficult for our bodies to break down naturally. Digest Matrix is a powerful blend of digestive enzymes that assist the body through the process of making sure these lipids and proteins are digested properly. 

Are Digestive Enzymes needed while on Keto?

Since we age and lose enzymes naturally the proper digest matrix enzyme can help you with this high fat intake and even if you have had your gall bladder removed in the past you could potentially experience side effects from having low enzymes in the body. Do any of these symptoms sounds like yours?  Heartburn, gas, bloating, constipation and even leaky gut syndrome?

Another way you could even assist your body while on a keto dietis to consume high enzyme foods. Unfortunately, the modern diet today uses processes that destroy the natural enzymes that we would normally absorb through high enzyme foods. Thankfully there are wonderful premium enzymes like digest matrix that contain 18 powerful enzymes to assist your body.

Digest matrix contains a powerful enzyme called lipase which is a super enzyme helping with the breakdown of fat which hydrolyzes the fatty acids so that they can be converted into energy. The other benefit of lipase enzymes in digest matrix is that studies suggest that a lipase deficiency can lead to heart disease so supplementation with digest matrix is highly recommended. 

The studies showed that people who were deficient in the lipase enzymes had high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol as well. Now we all know what happens when you have high levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Yes - Heart disease!

When following a keto diet the combination of antioxidants in keto burn ultra can also produce euphoria and because this potent blend of organic fat burning antioxidants assist the pancreas in better digestion as well. Most people who decide to supplement with keto burn ultra also utilize digest matrix because it also contains the enzyme protease which is the strongest enzyme used in helping break down high amounts of protein, while people who are scared of eating dairy can take relief knowing that digest matrix also contains lactase enzymes which prevent lactose intolerance. 

This digest matrix blend with protease enzyme help in the production of essential amino acids which are the building blocks in maintaining muscle, building muscle and because the keto diet is so high in fat and protein, the perfect combination of keto burn ultra and digest matrix work synergistically together to ensure proper digestion and storage of vital nutrients as well.

Many people who follow a strict ketogenic diet forget to supplement with these essential enzymes which can prevent you from meeting your weight loss goals if you have undigested proteins in your gut. 

Remember since the immune system is in our guts, we have to keep our stomach health in check with the correct supplementation. Taking enzyme supplements will help feed your body the fuel it needs during consumption of high fats and proteins to get you into ketosis faster.

Are digestive enzymes even safe on a ketogenic diet?

The answer is yes. You see since enzymes are already produced by our bodies, they are a safe great alternative to assist you in your keto diet weight loss journey. For more information on digest matrix and keto burn ultra by Enzymatic Vitality. Check out our products and read our blog which has a wealth of information on overall health. We are also now on

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