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October 19, 2018

13% of adults suffer from migraines in the U.S

That makes up 38 million people.

At least 5 million U.S citizens suffer from at least one migraine attack every month.

What exactly causes migraines? 

It is not yet discovered but there are various theories. Some believe it may be a mixture of genetics, irregularities in the brain's blood vessel system, and abnormalities in the brain's chemicals.

What most people don't know is that their dietary choices can also trigger migraines.

Dietary habits also play a major role.

Sometimes fasting or skipping meals also lead to headaches. Adding aged cheese to your diet is bad for those suffering from migraine.

Foods that contain tyramine like, Aged cheese, Red wine, Alcoholic beverages, Processed meats.

There are also certain types of cheese that should be avoided always.

Food additives should be avoided as they contain chemicals like nitrites which can lead to headaches.

Processed meats and confectioneries, monosodium glutamate found in Asian cuisine is also known to trigger migraines.

Cold foods and frozen desserts can also lead to migraine in certain cases.

Caffeine too can trigger migraines because it has "vasoconstrictive" properties that cause the blood vessels to narrow & constrict the blood flow.

Leafy greens and fruits should be incorporated in your diet plan

Enzyme supplements that boost immunity should also be made a part of your diet.



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