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August 17, 2020

Are you looking to know everything about Moringa Benefits and Side effects? You’ve just landed in the right place !

Moringa Benefits for Men and Side Effects

Moringa- It has three names in total; drumstick tree, the miracle, and oleifera. Moringa leaf powder is one of the most underrated and intriguing antioxidants on this planet especially for men and we love women but we have to specify the reasons behind this article. 

This famous tree is known for providing people with nutritious leaves and purported medicinal properties. 

Moringa is native to Northwestern Indian, and this plant has been used to treat more than 300 conditions in nearly every part of the world. It’s amazing how there is so little talk about so grossly underrated antioxidant supplements online that we could be consuming to boost our immune system fast. 

A lot of people say that “Moringa benefits are only limited to test tubes and animals,” but in this article, we will figure out every single thing regarding Moringa Benefits. 

Moringa is providing numerous benefits to men, and we are about to list the mainstream ones that are backed by research and amazing studies. 

Here we go!

Moringa benefits for Prostate Health

Moringa seeds and leaves have anti-cancer properties because of sulfur-containing compounds known as “Glucosionalates.” Always consult a physician before trying any supplement but we have some remarkable content below. 

According to atest tube study, it is clearly shown that Glucosionalates helps you to block the growth of human prostate cancer cells, but remember - this is a test tube study. My favorite studies personally are in clinical trials of actual human beings. 

It is also stated in research that Moringa can help you to stop the growth of benign prostate- A condition that can make your urination difficult. If the data is correct and 1 in 3 men will get some type of Prostate Cancer then we need to start focusing on what is out there that can keep you healthy naturally. 

In a mice study, Mice were given Moringa for four weeks, and the researchers have noticed the “testosterones” levels increased significantly. This is even more significant if you are feeling lethargic or not in the mood to do anything and can’t seem to build muscle. 

Additionally, the extract of Moringa leaves has been shown to reduce the levels of “Prostate Antigen” as well. High levels of the antigen can lead you towards prostate cancer.

What’s more, another study has revealed that “Moringa Leaf Powder Extract” can also increase testosterone levels in mice. In humans, less testosterone level means “Low Sex Drive,” and that can lead you towards depression and loss of lean muscle. 

Moringa Benefits for men plus side effects

In short* We need a lot of human studies to determine whether Moringa is beneficial enough to use for the “Prostate Treatment” however, it is an amazing antioxidant for testosterone benefits. 

Let’s now move towards the next benefit.

Does Moringa Help with Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile Dysfunction is becoming one of the most common concerns in America and other parts of the world too. The normal seems to go see a doctor, take a prescription and be on your way, but what if there was a natural way to prevent ED. 

ED means the inability to get an erection that firm enough for sex. 

This condition often occurs to those who are facing problems like “High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and high levels of fats in the blood.”

Organic Morgina Leaf Powder contains many compounds that can balance the “Blood Flow” in your body and decrease blood pressure naturally. 

What’s more, Moringa Leaf Extract contains important enzymes that can help you get rid of the ED condition and decrease the production of nitric oxide.  

Another study demonstrated that Moringa seeds extract relaxed the smooth muscle in the penis of the rat and improved the blood flow in that area. 

However, we have not seen any study being conducted on Humans. This is the reason why a lot of people question “Moringa Benefits linked to humans.”

Let’s now move towards the next benefit. 

May Improve Fertility

According to the latest report, 40% of the men are causing or contributing to the problem known as “Infertility.”

It is because “reduced sperms production and problems with sperms motility” has become common in the recent decade. 

Moringa leaf Extracts are an excellent source of antioxidants as well, and that means they can contribute to Sperm Production and repair the damage of Sperm DNA. 

Studies in rats have shown that “Powdered form of Moringa leaves” can help you improve the production of sperms and motility as well. This specific organic moringa leaf powder is in our immune system booster. 

Additionally, the extract of Moringa can help you recover the loss of sperms caused by heat, chemotherapy, and electromagnetic rays. 

But again, the results are promising in rats and mice, but we need human research to believe. There is no human research that we know of at this particular time. To answer the question can “ Moringa extract really help us with infertility.”

Now, let’s move towards the next benefit. 

May Control Blood Sugar Levels

Type 2 diabetes is very common these days, and this condition occurs when your body can’t produce enough insulin or can’t use it effectively. 

Note*Insulin is the hormone in our body that controls the blood sugar levels. 

This condition is more linked to men as compared to women. It is because men tend to eat processed food as compared to women and store harmful fat around their abdominal region. 

But, according to research, Moringa can help you balance your blood sugar level. You’ve to use it on a consistent basis to get the results. 

The real problem starts with the consistency because of the poor taste of Moringa Leaves Extract; people tend to skip it for days. 

Again, the results are promising, and there are a few studies being made on Humans as well. We are outrageously optimistic about the benefits of moringa leaf powder extract. 

So, these are the benefits that Moringa is providing to you. Now, it’s high time that we should move towards the side effects of Moringa, it's only fair to put our bias to the side and be honest in our content. 

Here we go!

Side Effects of Moringa

Moringa Leaves have a long history of being used in medicines for treating different conditions, and a lot of people consider this plant safe. 

Studies have shown that there are no side effects in people who consumed 7 grams of Moringa for more than 90 days or the equivalent of about 400 mg of Moringa Leaf Powder for over 3 months. 

However, we still need a lot of research work to ensure its completely safe. 

There’s still no evidence that Moringa has significant  side effects, although you should check with your physician if you are on heart medication just to be safe. You can use Moringa leaf powder in a capsule  to get the benefits listed above. You are also welcome to try it on our 

The Bottom Line

Moringa is being used for medicinal purposes in Asia and widely being used in INDIA and various other countries around the world. 

According to the test tube studies and animal studies, Moringa has a lot of benefits such as; protection against prostate, ED, blood sugar control, and improved fertility.

The bottom line - The amazing benefits of moringa leaf powder extract are much more than the cons we have researched. What are you doing to get your energy, erectile dysfunction or heart health in control? We would love to hear what supplements you use?  We chose Organic Moringa Leaf Powder Benefits in our ICS Certified Organic Immune System Booster because of the safety profile.

Thank you for reading and please consider sharing this article with a loved one or on your social media page! To your health! Enzymatic Vitality

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